This is a cubot quest light and it runs android 9 uh, three gigs of ram and it’s a very cheap and rugged smartphone. Now trust me when i say it’s rugged, because this thing has fallen off my bike. My phone, i think it’s still working as well. Stop stop stop! Stop! Stop huh it’s, still working yeah! Now, what is the main use of this phone that i use it for music, podcasts, email bit of youtube and uh maps, which is something we all use? Of course, my map of choice is, google maps works, absolutely fine and it is a very decent smartphone and it’s waterproof that’s it’s, very durable and it’s waterproof, which makes it a fantastic bike, sat nav or a sat nav for your motorbike or whatever the only downside, With it um is that well it’s cheap, so it doesn’t have the best feel. Perhaps it doesn’t have an audio jack but you’re not really using once it’s fine with bluetooth. The battery life is about a day, it’s standard battery life. Not you know if you’re using it all the time of course it’s going to go down, but it will run dead in a day it’s, not the biggest phone either. So it doesn’t have the best biggest battery. But it is, it is completely waterproof and it has lasted over a year with me and my abuse really bad thing with this phone is the camera. The camera is just awful even with like the things and stuff look how long it takes to take a picture.

So let’s take a picture of this. Put that there watch me take a picture i’m pressing the button now pressing the button pressing the button pressing the button, and it takes the picture it’s. Okay, if you’re not moving but watch what happens. If i just move a little bit, which uh did take the picture there we go, i took the picture and it’s just an absolute blurry mess, so the camera is absolutely garbage, but the satellite navigation is fine and if you’re like me, someone who likes to check Schematics talk, settings and stuff quickly, googling something on the phone. In your workshop. As you can see this, this phone has even recently taken some more hits because it’s been knocked off the desk, you can see it’s got a hairline crack along the screen protector again. Luckily, these screen protectors do save the screen from cracking um all the way through. But yes, it has fallen off my desk a couple of times since me changing it and just me working around this thing. It is a very grubby oily phone that gets all sorts of tools spanners and stuff thrown in and because it is such a cheap phone and it is such a durable phone, it doesn’t matter if it gets. You know scratched and battered sort of thing, because that is what it’s going to get done, um. That is what i am just literally using it for as a sat nav. So, if you’re, looking for a cheap chinese phone or a cheap phone anyway, doesn’t have to be chinese, but this one just happens to be, of course well everything’s made in china anyway um this has this is the quest light i’ll put a link below, but remember The only golden rule is when you’re looking for one of these phones um.

You want three gigs of ram because their ram is inferior. So two gigs is not good enough. You need to have that three gigs of ram. It doesn’t matter anything about everything else. Really. So much it’s just that three gigs of ram. Otherwise it will chug and run slow on google maps um, and then you want um yeah something waterproof, but yeah i’ll put a link below i’ve had this over a year. You can still get them um they’re. Around 100 pounds so, and they are cheaper than having a garmin or something like that, and they work pretty well, especially with offline maps um. So you don’t even have to have a sim card in you can just use it as a blank phone. You can take out your sim card. You know stuff like that. Oh yes, um! It can also take 128 gig memory in there as well, which is what i think it’s uh, 32 gigs internal and i’ve got another 128 gig sd card in here. So i just don’t worry about it, and i’ve got my music on there from my computer, probably like 20, something gigs of music is on this thing, plus like another 20 gigs of audio book or something and whatever podcasts keep getting downloaded. This thing that i slowly listen to so yeah um. Oh yes, i know it’s got a fingerprint scanner as well and uh oh yeah, a torch which is also very handy um, but yeah uh that’s it any questions whatever, but yeah that’s my phone one year of use.