Today we got the opporino pro plus. What up my beautiful people? This is your boy kevin back again with another video. First of all, i hope everyone’s doing good, and thank you for being here today. I got another flagship phone for you guys in front of me. I got the new oppo reno 5 pro plus this phone costs around 800. If you guys remember, i did a review on the oporino 5 pro and that was an amazing phone. What we’re going to do today, guys we’re going to be doing the unboxing on this phone we’re going to see how’s uh the quality on this phone? How does it perform? How does it look like we’re going to go through the whole thing, but before we start this video guys make sure you smash that subscribe button and there’s a little bill right in the corner? If you want to press that so every time i make a new video, you get a reminder, so let’s unbox this guys that’s how the box looks like this box actually is way bigger than the i operino 5 pro. Actually, this brand has uh three versions, so you can get the operino 5 or you can get the oporino pro version and you can get the pro plus. This one is running on snapdragon 865, and this is a beast. This is like flagship guys, and this phone is an 8 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte that’s how the box looks like let’s take it out.

I told you guys one thing right now: i’ve done a lot of reviews on a lot of phones and i had a lot of phones. In my hand, honesty, operino five is one of the best displays i ever seen ever on a phone because it’s so bright and it’s beautiful, bright, colors and it’s, just amazing oled display. So let me open this for you guys let’s get this out. So you get a booklet case right there and they give me uh two uh screen protections for it: that’s nice of them, and this one comes in 90 hertz, refresh rate guys. Let’S put this away. First let’s see what’s in here you get a 65 watt, supercharged uh wall charger, you get cables and you get headphones and you get a case and you get this uh sim key right there silicone case it is nothing special. I think it’s better to buy your own case something good shock proof, because this one, i don’t, think it does a really good job, but we’re gon na try it in a minute. You got beautiful, quad camera set up in the back, and this phone comes with fingerprint scan on display and it comes with face unlock and if you guys can see, the screen’s got a little bit of curve on it, and this phone is uh. 6.55 inch display. All it do is sim. Look at the back guys if you guys can see it’s got a curve in the back too and if you guys can see the color, if you put it in the light, i don’t know if you guys can see it, but i can see it it’s, like A rainbowish color you go like this: it will change colors such a beautiful design, and i love the way they put the oppo sign right there and he got all aluminum framing all around.

So if you drop it, you should be okay if you drop it straight, but if you drop it this way the screen is gone now, let’s try the case on it. So yeah, i told you guys already. The case does not do a good job on it. You guys can see it does not protect the camera all the way. So, overall, the phone looks really nice. You got snapdragon 865 under the hood on this. This thing is a beast: 4 500 milliamp battery. I can go on and on about this phone, but now let’s go through all the specs and uh we’ll go see how’s that display do a gaming test on it and see how’s the camera on this phone. So let’s go! Do all that now let’s go through all the specs on this phone display 6.55 inch 1080 times 2400 pixelless. You got 90hz refresh rate hdr10 chipset, snapdragon 865 running on android 11 color os 11 phone has a nfc, no headphone jack with on display fingerprint scanner and face unlock for memory. You can get this phone in eight gigabyte 128 or you can get it in a gigabyte, 256 gigabyte for camera for the rear. You got 50 mp, 13 mp, 16. Mp, 2 mp. This phone can record 4k 60 and you got 32 mp for your front and for battery you got 4 500 milliamp and you got a fast charge of 65 watt and he got reverse charging.

Okay, guys this phone comes with fingerprint unlock and face unlocks let’s. Try them both let’s try the face unlock first wow, see how quick that is. I just have to click it look at this boom boom boom, so fast let’s. Try the fingerprint boom see how fast this thing is: it’s very fast, very smooth, fingerprint and face unlock. Okay, guys right out of the box, once you open this phone, this phone does not come with google play store. You have to download google play store, it’s very, very easy. You just go online, you just type on top here, apk google play store, it’s the first one download it that’s it that’s how fast you get the google play store and this phone comes with a lot of chinese apps like all this, you can delete all of Them because most of them, you don’t, need them, it’s, just games and some other stuff, so you can delete half of the apps that come in this phone. So if you guys can see, i got my google play store right there. If you guys know this phone comes with 90hz refresh rate right now, i have it at 90.. Let me show you guys: go to settings. Go to display. You come down all the way you go to more. You go to refresh rate, you can put it at 60 or 90.. So let me show you guys what 60 looks like that’s 60.. So if you guys can see it’s a little bit more slower settings, let’s start from the top, so you got your wi fi mobile data, silence, mode, bluetooth, flashlight, location, airplane mode, auto rotate.

You got uh your dark mode, eye comfort, power, saving! Your left! You got your personal hotspot. Vibration screen record, do not disturb oppo share, screencast, nfc and sim. If you guys can see this phone does have nfc, but this nfc does not work with google pay. Now let’s go to main settings. Let me show you guys, so you got your uh sim. This phone is dual sim sim 172. Then you got your wi fi, bluetooth connection and sharing, so you got your hotspot, nfc tap, to pay and etc personalized. This is my favorite uh thing of this phone. You got your attempts right there. You got your wallpapers, so you can go here. You can choose any wallpapers, you want, you got your live, let’s go here. It’S got a lot of wallpapers and you can download so many wallpapers for free. Then you got always on display, so you can go here, choose uh the one that you like that suits. You apply it and that’s it. Then you got your app layout, your icon style, so you can go through all these and just choose the ones that suits you and set it up display. This phone has the most beautifulest display. I ever had on any phone. It’S got bright colors. This phone gets really bright, that oled display it’s amazing. So this is a hundred percent right now and you can have it at dark mode. Then you can go down here.

This is your uh screen. Timer let’s leave it at two minutes. You got your front size. Then you can go to more go to screen. Color mode, obviously leave it at vivid. Obviously, a vivid brings the colors out more makes your display looks way nicer, you’re gon na enjoy watching movies or playing games on it. Then you got your sounds: let’s go to ringtone that’s, your ringtones, right there, Music Applause, you got your fingerprint and face unlock. You got your privacy, your security got. Your bruno bruno is like uh, big c on a samsung, but this one is in chinese. So if you understand chinese, you can set it up, it does not have english, then you got your tools, your battery, your app management and storage. Additional settings let’s go to additional settings. You got your language time and date. Let’S go to language. Let me show you guys the language this phone has. These are the languages that come with it and that’s. It does not come with that. Many language software update about phone – and this is the about phone, so it tells you color, os 11 android, 11 oppo ram, is 8 128 and etc. So that’s pretty much it for those main settings. Now let’s go watch a video on this beautiful oled display and we’ll see how loud this phone gets. Let’S go do all that Music do Music, Music, snapdragon, 865 90 hertz refresh rate oled display. What else you asking for this is a gaming phone now let’s go download the game, see how is the gaming performance on this phone fight? Music, uh, Music? Yes, this phone comes with a lot of features as a camera, so you got slow motion.

You got time lapse. You got pan aroma. You got 50 mp in the front. This one can record 4k 60. You got a video stabilizer. I can go on and on about the camera now let’s go. Look at all the settings and i’m going to go. Take some pictures, some videos for you guys, so you guys can see the pictures videos. This phone takes okay for camera. This phone has a lot of features when i say a lot of features, it does have a lot of features and this phone comes in 64. Megapixel camera takes amazing pictures, so you got your flats, you got your hdr, so you got your ai. So when you go to ai, let me show you guys. Imagine you have this look at the color of this. So when i press the ai, it will make it more colorful. Look at that you’ll bring the colors out when you have that on. Then you got your filters, then you got your setting right there. You got your night mode. You got your video for video. You can bring this down right there, you can go to settings come all the way up. Go here. So maxi cannot record is 4k 60. Then you got your video stabilizer right there. Then you got your one zoom two zoom five times zoom. Then you got your photo for photo, you can go here, that’s ultra wide, and it actually does a really good job.

Then you got your one zoom two zoom five times zoom or you can go like this push it up like that. You can go like this. Ultra wide all the way to 20 times zoom, so this phone can zoom up to 20 times. Then you got your portrait, you got your more for more. You got your dual view, so you can record front and back at the same time, you got your slow mode. You got your time lapse. You got your movie, you got your uh expert, uh pro mode. You got your extra hd, your panel text scanner. You got your ai photo. You got your micro, stickers and bruno scan and for the ladies up there, this phone, the beauty on it, works really good. It will make you look really pretty it’s going to look really really pretty you go to 100 or you want to look less pretty, go less, so yeah that’s, pretty much it for the camera. What i’m gon na do now i’m gon na show you guys some pictures and videos i took with this phone Music, so Music, Music? Yes, yes, Music! My opinion about this phone for the price for the money, this phone is a flagship, is everything you need. This phone has the best features on this phone. Is that display, because honestly you’re gon na enjoy watching videos on this phone you’re gon na enjoy playing games on it, because the colors on this phone is just unbelievable.

Display is the best thing that i like about this phone and the speakers on it. They get really loud if you’re looking for a good gaming phone, you got snapdragon 865 under the hood 90hz refresh rate, so you are good to go for gaming and the battery and the supercharged charger. You are good to go the camera on this phone it’s a beast. You guys seen the pictures this phone takes and the video quality on this phone and the video stabilizer. Everything is amazing. Overall, this one for the price. It is so worth it that’s pretty much. My opinion, you guys, let me know in the comments.