. That is why it was decided to devote the new video to the fresh state employee from Samsung Galaxy A02s 2021 release.. Whether you could surprise me with a smartphone, the cost of which is no more than one hundred and fifty bucks you will find out in this video.. The appearance of the new smartphone is not much different from other A series: devices., The same elongated body, the same rear panel design and camera arrangement.. The model is positioned as frameless, But let’s be objective. As much as the designers try to hide the frames. They are still quite noticeable.. The back plastic panel has a special relief thanks to which the surface does not collect. Fingerprints and the smartphone does not slip out of hands., But, on the other hand, dust and dirt are clogged into the recesses which, in my opinion, is not very practical.. The screen takes up about. Eighty two percent of the front panel. A PLS matrix, is used here.. This gives us the widest viewing angles: high pixel density and high quality color reproduction, but the deep blacks as in the case of AMOLED, will not be here.. The aspect ratio of the screen is standard for modern smartphones and is 20 to 9. Resolution 1600 by 720.. I would like more, but in general, for a state employee, it is normal.. The smartphone is pretty average like the camera today.. Even in good lighting. You can see grain and noise in photos and videos.

. There is no stabilization at all and it takes quite a long time for the autofocus to work correctly. Of the advantages of the camera of this smartphone. I cannote the good quality of macro photography.. This feature is not popular with all users., But if you have vision problems then it will help. You read the small text on the label or see the numbers on the price tags.. As for performance on board the Galaxy A02s, there is an eight core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, 3 gigabytes of RAM 32 internal memory, with the ability to install microSD up to one terabyte.. The operating system is the tenth android. In general. These are not very outstanding parameters for today, but they are quite enough for solving most daily tasks. On a smartphone. You can safely launch popular applications, watch vidos and even play simple toys with simple graphics.. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G., No NFC 5G and no fingerprint reader., But there is face recognition and traditional unlocking methods are available using a pattern or digital code.. Despite the fact that the Galaxy A02s is quite thin, the manufacturer managed to cram a battery into it for as much as five thousand milliamperes per hour.. If you use your smartphone in a sparing mode, then a full charge can be enough even for several days., And thanks to the support of fifteen charging, the battery resource can be restored quite quickly.. Frankly, at first glance, the Galaxy A02s seemed to me to be Samsung’s.

Attempt to eliminate stocks of old spare parts that remained in the company’s warehouses after the production of last year’s smartphones., But getting to know this device better. I can say that the model turned out to be quite competitive.. The smartphone is perfect as an inexpensive device for work and will also satisfy the needs of children and elderly users.. You can find out more about the characteristics of the Galaxy A02s by clicking on the link that I leave in the description for this video. Be sure to write in the comments what you think about the new state employee from Samsung. Don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our channel. It’s, not difficult for you, but I’m pleased.