So this past week i’ve been testing out xiaomi’s new, mid ranger, the redmi note 9t, and in this video i will be sharing with you guys. My thoughts so straight away i’m liking that textured back it’s made from plastic, but feels very nice to the touch and it’s not prone to fingerprints. Now this color is called nightfall black, but it looks more like a two tone dark shade of gray. Now the phone has a super fast fingerprint sensor on the side, and that also doubles up as a power button, and the phone also has a pretty good face unlock. Now you are looking at a full hd plus ips display that’s 6.53 inches in size with ‘5 pixels per inch, and you can expect around 450 nits of brightness. Now. What i like about miui is the amazing collection of wallpapers and, as this phone has a super battery life, you can go ahead. Download and install a flashy live wallpaper without worrying about any battery drain. Now it’s a decent looking screen bright and sharp, with great contrast. It’S, a full screen display with a hole, punch camera on the top left, and it is also protected by gorilla glass, 5., so overall you’re getting a good build quality for the price. Now you do have some bezels going all the way around and a slight chin at the bottom, but nevertheless it’s a decent enough. Full hd plus display great for your multimedia and games.

Now this phone also has a wide vine level, one certification, so it supports netflix in 720p, hd and watching. Videos on this is actually a pretty decent experience, especially as this phone does have dual loudspeakers supporting high res audio. So one speaker at the bottom side firing and one at the top near the earpiece up firing now. Another major feature is that massive five thousand milliamp hour battery, which explains that weight coming in at 199 grams but still manages to maintain a thickness of only nine millimeters. Now the battery performance is brilliant, as you would expect from a five thousand milliamp hour battery, you will actually struggle to kill the battery. In one day i managed to achieve two days with normal usage, but do bear in mind. It does take time to charge up that monster battery, so you’re, looking at around two hours to get that fully charged. Now your headphone jack is found at the bottom, along with your usbc microphone and your side speaker on the side. We have a power button, fingerprint sensor and volume rocker. On the other side, you have your sim card tray and at the top you have your microphone infrared port and your secondary speaker now let’s talk about the performance. This phone is powered by the mediatek diamond city. 800U, this is a seven nanometer octa core chip clocked at 2.4 gigahertz, and my unit has the four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, but there is also a 64 gig variant, which is slightly cheaper in price.

Now this mediatek chip offers plenty of power and performance you’re, getting a pretty decent benchmark score of 303 000 in antutu, and a multi score of 1735 in geekbench overall performance is great. This is the fastest budget smartphone i have tested in this price range it’s. Also one of the most affordable, 5g smartphones you can currently buy. In fact, this phone is actually going on sale today for only 179 pounds that’s for the 64 gig version, the 128 gigabyte variant will also be on sale and the sale starts today at 12. O’Clock noon uk time and i believe the sale stock is limited in quantities, so better be quick to grab an absolute bargain for a mediatek 5g battery monster of a smartphone now you’ll be pleased to know that this phone supports dual 5g sims at the same time And dedicated expansion for microsd up to 512 gigs now another great feature is the super fast wi fi. This phone took its wi fi a step further. You have four times four memo, so that means there are four wi fi antennas in this phone, giving you superb wi, fi speeds and always strong signal strengths. So i was able to achieve our typical top speed in our office every single time and from any location in the building, and you will be quite pleased to know that the internal storage speeds are also pretty fast. With 688 megabytes per second read and write speeds of 467 megabytes per second now let’s talk about the cameras.

We have a triple camera setup on the back, so a 48 megapixel primary by samsung and it’s, the s5k gm1 the same primary sensor. We have seen in the recent poco m3 and redmi 9t, so that means great looking detailed 48 megapixel shots in good lighting situation and the 48 megapixel is a wide angle lens. So whilst we haven’t got a dedicated ultra wide, it still gives you an option for a wide shot. However, low light shots are quite bad with plenty of grain. The primary sensor can also shoot in an alternative resolution of around 9 megapixel bin shots and, as you can see, the photo quality is generally good. As long as you have the lighting for it now, there is also a 2 megapixel depth and 2 megapixel macro sensor, and these are pretty much not worth using, and i really don’t know why they bother with these small sensors. I think most of us would easily trade the depth and macro for a decent ultra wide, which would definitely be more useful in the long run. Now on the front, we have a 13 megapixel front camera again: it’s a samsung sensor, it’s the s5k 3l6. So quick, look at the camera menus. We have pro mode video photo portrait and, more now, under more, you will find a whole bunch of modes that you can play with, including the 48 megapixel mode, and here is some video samples at 4k, and i believe there is no image stabilization available when shooting 4K, however, you will notice that the video quality itself is actually pretty decent it’s much better than i expected it to be.

If you can get hold of a handheld, gimbal stabilizer, you can take pretty good looking 4k video with this phone. So that was the redmi note 9t. Now a few things to mention, and they are not necessarily deal breakers, but something to bear in mind. Charging time takes two hours, which seems long but remember, it’s, a massive 5000 milliamp hour battery, which will give you two days of normal usage and even more, if you’re, a light user now, everybody’s talking about bloatware and yes, it’s, mainly two folders of apps, the more App folder and the games folder, you have a total of 14 extra apps that you probably prefer to download yourself rather than having them pre installed. For you mind you, some of them are actually quite useful, like facebook, amazon, ebay and tick tock, which i personally would have downloaded anyway, but the games folder, i totally agree – doesn’t need to be there. None of those games would, i ever play, but it’s quite easy and straightforward to uninstall those extra apps if you don’t want them now. On the other hand, the tools folder actually has some useful apps to play around with, and these apps typically come with miui. So most of them, you’ll be familiar with. This phone has an ir blaster on the top, which means you can open up me remote and follow the easy instructions to gain control of any ir device, which includes tvs, it’s, very quick and easy to connect and gives you full control without needing any internet or Bluetooth also 4k.

Video has no electronic image stabilization and the 2 megapixel macro camera is pretty unnecessary. Now let’s talk about what i liked about this smartphone and what stood out for me well, first of all build quality. I like the textured back decent display gorilla glass. 5 protection – i, like the stereo speakers and the headphone jack, and i like that the headphone jack is located at the bottom. Nfc is also a plus point. You have a decent 48 megapixel camera to take shots in good lighting bottom line. The redmi note 9t is a solid budget smartphone, offering a good performance, superb battery life, with lots of extras to keep you entertained. In fact, this is one of the cheapest 5g smartphones. I have come across this year so far and you have the opportunity to pick this up even cheaper today at the sale at 12 noon. Uk time and i will leave the links in the description box for your convenience. So if you want a great all round budget smartphone with 5g without breaking the bank, the redmi note 90 is actually a pretty decent choice, offering plenty of value for your money. Now that being said, if you have any questions or anything, you want me to test for you do. Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, if i have any updates to share, i will, as usual, update you guys in a pinned comment.