, We arrived at the most advanced model of LG’s new series of smartphones. The K62 is known in some countries as K62 and arrived here, costing over R 2000. What’s, so advanced about the K62 successor that made it so expensive That’s. What this TudoCelular review will help you find out and we’ll also see what changes to the traditional K62 and whether it’s worth paying extra for it.. If you saw our analysis of the K62, then you will find that everything sounds a bit repetitive and it is not for nothing. After all, the two intermediaries of LG are identical on the outside and very similar on the inside. To help differentiate. The Korean brand bet on different colors for each model., While the cheapest came in shades of dark, blue and red. The K62 bet on the colors light blue and white.. Another small difference is on the sides. The K62 has the same color throughout its housing, while the plus version features chrome paintwork, but make no mistake since all models in the line have a plastic body.. This same chrome paint is also present in the rim surrounding the set of cameras at the rear.. The plastic at the rear has a matte finish, which reduces the accumulation of fingerprints, especially in white.. Military certification is present as in the rest of the line, and even with its strengthened strength, we still have a gift protection cap in the box.. The fingerprint reader left. The rear and is now integrated with the power button on the right side.

. He is at a comfortable height that will not make life difficult even for lefties.. Digital recognition is as agile as on the K61.. Another change in the rear is in the layout of the cameras. Previously organized horizontally. We now have a block robbed in the cooktop style that took over the cell phones of all manufacturers.. The flash is bigger and helps to illuminate better in dark scenarios.. In the front part, we have a slightly thinner frame around the screen and the hole for the selfie. Camera came out of the left corner and is located in the central part, as we have in Samsung cell phones.. In terms of technologies. There are no changes. The K62 remains without NFC and gyroscope. At least. Bluetooth is not of the old generation like the one found in the K62.. Now, for the first disappointment, the screen., The panel grew slightly, but the resolution dropped from Full HD to HD.. This reduces sharpness considerably and you can assemble a little bit of aliasing when looking closely. As much as the display used by LG is not bad. It was expected to see a higher quality screen for the price charged after all in the range of R 2000. We have good options in the market with Amoled screen.. The format is more stretched to better enjoy movies and even games.. The brightness level is decent and does not hinder visibility outside the home, while the contrast could be better. The sound part also disappoints.

. There is only one outlet at the bottom that even delivers a reasonable volume, but has a strong focus on the treble. Featured voices can make a difference on videos on YouTube, but for movies you will have slightly distorted sound when the K62 tries to play bass.. There is a headset in the box that helps to overcome the limitations of the speaker and comes with 3D sound, which promises greater immersion.. It is nothing more than an automatic equalizer via software that tries to identify the type of content for a better experience. Just don’t expect miracles. And on the inside, what changes between the K62 and the plus version? Well, the most expensive model has differential only come with twice as much. Storage. LG continues to reheat the Helio P35 for generations, and the multi tasking performance is close to that of the cheaper version. Just as we are performing at the level of the predecessor. For the price we expected a Snapdragon 662 or some more powerful chip from MediaTek.. There is nothing special about benchmarks. You’ll, get the same score as others at LG. With the Helio P35. In AnTuTu. You will see results in the range of 100 thousand points, while rivals from Samsung and Motorola achieve much more than that.. The good news about seeing the screen resolution drop is that the predecessor’s sluggish problems have been eliminated.. The Helio P35 does not have a powerful GPU and handling many pixels really complicates everything.

. The K62 ran all the games we tested without a problem, or rather almost all. Asphalt. 9 is still suffering from freezing the constants on the radio and MediaTek at least PUBG ran decent with graphics in the medium, and the Call of Duty did not show choking. Lighter games run smoothly. On the K62, The 4000 mAh battery of the predecessor was maintained, but, as we now have a screen with fewer pixels to be powered, the autonomy has increased considerably.. If the K61 was already able to deliver the battery for a full day of use, the new one can pay off for a day and a half.. What is disappointing is the 10 watt charger.. It is the same accessory that comes on the cheapest line models and for the price you pay on the K62. You should receive at least a 15 watt charger, which would help to reduce the recharge time to less than two hours.. The battery takes almost two and a half hours to reach 100, taking even a little longer than the K62.. A 15 minute fast charge recovers 14 to 48, with an hour in the socket.. The K62 comes out of the box with Android, 10 and LG’s latest interface. Inspired by the rival’s One UI., The system is organized and flows well, most of the time. By default. There is no app drawer but its easy to change that in the Launcher, settings. As usual with LG. There is a button dedicated to Google Assistant on the left side of the device.

. It serves as a shortcut to speed up a search or give a command to the search giant’s virtual assistant.. The downside is that it is not possible to remap this button. So if you don’t like the Google Assistant, then there is not much to do with the shortcut.. There are a considerable number of LG applications aimed at the brand’s ecosystem, with greater integration with electronics and appliances.. If you don’t need it, you can uninstall all of them.. Lg has never been featured in Android updates, but recently updated several devices in Brazil. So we can expect the K62 to receive at least Android 11 someday.. If you were hoping for a breakthrough in cameras, then you might be disappointed to learn that the main sensor is the same as before, and LG replaced the ultra wide camera with a lower one in resolution and field of view.. The rest of macro and depth remain unchanged.. The set is the same as the K62, and with that we have similar quality for photos and videos.. The LG intermediary is able to record great images on sunny days without overdoing the saturation and HDR does its due work.. The K62 compresses four pixels into one to ensure more detail and better light control. Without devouring more storage space., It is possible to use the maximum resolution of 48 MP. However, the quality drops with less clarity and less dynamic range. In addition to devouring the memory quadruple and taking longer to save the photos.

, It is simply not worth using. LG continues to insist on its AI CAM module, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the type of scenery and make the correct adjustments for better pictures. In practice. What you will have are more saturated images, but some may enjoy the results.. The drop in ultra wide resolution has compromised quality.. Now there are noises and artifacts even in photos. During the day at night, the situation gets so complicated that this camera ends up being unusable. Not to mention that the lens correction software fails to adjust the distortion in the corners of the photos.. The K61 disappoints when shooting at night, but the new one does a better job of it.. Lg still doesn’t have an efficient night mode as much as Motorola’s and the K62 is at the level of cheaper models., But we already have an evolution at least.. The macro camera continues to do the basics.. It has no autofocus, which makes it impossible to get too close to capture details of plants or animals. Blurring. On the other hand, only works well with people and objects with faces, and even then it sometimes fails and blurs the whole photo.. A difference between the K62 and the plus variant is in the front camera with 28 MP in the most expensive model.. Does it make a difference? Well, not so much.. The cheapest is already able to register good selfies, and this one also follows the same path.. What we noticed is that LG’s, aggressive post processing ends up killing the small details of the skin, and the portrait effect has flaws.

Cell phones in the K62 price range usually record in 4K, but the LG model remains limited to full HD.. The quality of the filming is decent, the focus is agile and the videos don’t come out as shaky.. The frontal also has nice quality. Even at night.. Ultra wide will not be very useful in dark places.. The audio capture is stereo, but the quality is not the best.. Is it worth paying more for the K62? Only if you ask for 128 GB of storage since the device itself delivers the same as the K62, whether in performance battery or cameras., There are better options in this price range, like the Galaxy A21S, which is faster and has better cameras and the battery lasts. The same., The Moto G9 Power is another good option with superior performance and battery that lasts even longer.. The K62 is far from being a bad phone. The problem is that LG continues to rehearse outdated hardware from MediaTek that should have been abandoned. Still. You will have a good experience with the device battery for more than a day and good photos.. There are better options in the same price range and even the K62 can be a more logical purchase if the 64GB of memory is enough for you. Compared to its predecessor, we had an evolution only in design, but more than that is necessary to make the investment In the new one, worthwhile. Let’s hope that the next one will have more considerable changes.

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