4, a budget smartphone from nokia. Quite intrigued, let’s take a look at it. Okay, guys! Here we go closer. Look at some of the specs there. They have a quad camera set up there. The 48 megapixel two megapixel depth the sensor: five megapixel ultra wide and a two megapixel macro and a 16 megapixel front camera now 6.’ inch, hd plus display powered by the snapdragon 662 and that’s 4 000 milliamp battery as well and android 11 ready. The nokia 5.4 takes off okay, google, so pop the phone out to one side, sim tray, ejector tool and in here a manual underneath there, charging block and type c charging cable, good stuff let’s go to the phone peel, this off so 159 pounds for a nokia Phone okay, let’s have a look at this back then plastic back that’s, quite a nice design that is so opted for the the blue color. You can see the the quad camera set up there, fingerprint sensor on the back and let’s feel how yeah that’s quite nice. You can definitely feel where that fingerprint sensor is that’s, really good, flashlight there. Next, to that, that’s feels like a nice size as well front facing camera power and volume rocker on that side, 3.5 mil socket for your wired headphone fans, now there’s a sim tray and there’s another button on the side. There i’m not entirely sure what that button is just yet and at the bottom type c port there speakers and a tiny microphone let’s turn this on see what we got android, one nice, oh yeah.

I think i know what that button is now on that side. Push so i think you can push for google assistant classic classic tone. It was back in the day yeah. So that looks like a push for google assistant button on the side there so hole, punch, design top left for the camera. A thick chin there at the bottom and relatively thin ish bezels around the side and the top let’s go and set this up i’ll be back shortly: okay, so i’m back! This display is whacked up to full brightness and just wanted to check out the the viewing angles and stuff like that, and it doesn’t seem to be too bad there. But when you’ve got it halfway down, it’s, not it’s, not as great, but this is an ips lcd planner. A panel 720p resolution as well let’s wipe that right up there, the operating system looks clean, really really clean and that’s. It no bloatware at all. So that’s good that’s, android 140. I suppose also notice. If you drag down on the fingerprint sensor, you can bring down the menu which is good, it’s good settings. I’Ll look through here battery 58 left, so i can say: 4 000 milliamp battery storage and there’s 64 gigabytes of internal storage, um 14 gig of that has been used come down here to about phone nokia, 5.4 android 10.. It is android 11 ready, um yep. That looks good system. Advanced android turns here.

We’Ve got systems up to date, apparently that’s, actually looking at the the ram actually doesn’t realize how much ram it’s got. This has got four gigabytes of ram in here. So four gigs of ram 64 gigabytes of internal storage, snapdragon 662. uh let’s have a look at the fingerprint sensor. Let’S make sure the the lock sounds, and everything are up. Yeah right to fingerprint, okay, it’s working yep seems to be accurate, could be a little bit quicker, but we do have that 662 chipset it’s a budget device it’s got budget specs. So we can’t expect super super fast, uh performance and there is nfc available, which is great for such an affordable device. 159.99. That is very good to see. So i want to take a closer look now at the the cameras, quad camera setup and looks like we’ve got the ultra wide setting there and the macro setting there at your fingertips. So let me take a few shots and some videos and be back shortly. Okay. I’M, back unlock, okay, so i’ve had a test on videos and the pictures. Let me quickly show the front facing uh video 1080p at 60 frames per second, what you think okay, so this is front facing video 1080p at 60 frames per second that’s, the max you can record on this, and the lens seems quite cropped in so i’m. Going to hold it at arm’s length for me to actually really fit now. I’Ve got long arms from a tall, bloke um, so yeah that’s, arm’s length and i’m only just um getting all my sort of head and face in there.

Um quality i’ve definitely seen better colors look quite washed out as well. To be honest, i don’t know what the sound quality sounds like whether the mics are any good. So let me know in the comments below or i’ll find out when i start editing the video. Let me know what you guys think, okay, so take a look at the 1080p 60 frames per second footage on the rear of this smartphone. There were parts where, on the actual screen, it looked quite jittery. Um take a look for yourself, okay, so this is rear. Video um, let me get a little bit close on some of the the subjects there’s, no stabilization on this, so i’m walking back and forth around, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Um i’m, not over excited about the quality it’s pulsing quite a bit. There keeps auto focusing the colors look dull yeah, i expected a little bit better. To be honest, you get better performance from umidigi cameras and they’re sort of about around the same price point that reminds me. I still need to do my review on this doorbell. What do you think guys? Music, okay, so the selfie camera turn the brightness down a touch on there? Does the job for a budget device it’s a sort of a no frills sort of camera really overall for the um nokia 5.4, the selfie camera? Does the job colors are okay, slightly washed out and a little bit dull, but it does the job same with um portrait mode, it’s, just a standard portrait mode setting you can’t adjust the bokeh mode at all.

It’S, just one strength and one strength – only does a good job with um blur in the background as well. So i thought, i’d try the macro lens as well picked up quite a lot of detail. This is the edge of a mdf plaque that my partner’s been working on. You can also see a bit of kitchen roll there as well um it hasn’t done a bad job. This is the proper view from the normal standard camera and i think the best thing about this nokia camera setup is the main rear camera. You do get some better shots than you would on a selfie camera and video for still images for the rear camera. Does a decent job and um again here, color accuracy is good. I can zoom in slightly there. Lots of detail does a really nice job and then this is the ultra wide. As well – and one thing i can say about the ultra wide – the colors are slightly different, so slightly washed out than the main camera, but there doesn’t seem to be any warping or distortion distortion anywhere in the image which is good portrait setting on the rear camera. Again, really good job like that. The color accuracy is pretty much spot on good detail, sharp images again, look really nice and then took it outside took a picture of the sky uh. You can see the sun just so beaming over the uh, the back of the house.

There um, i think the clouds look really nice in this picture house has become a little bit. Dark range could be a little bit better there. I suppose, but not too bad. I mean it’s 160 pound smartphone, like i said, it’s a no frills smartphone. So this is what you can expect on the nokia 5.4 it’s at 720 60 frames per second, so it’s. Only a 720p display Music it’s been zoom actually now that’s the full screen. Experience now i have seen better displays, but it’s not doing a bad job. Okay, so let’s take a look at the audio performance. This um this little loudspeaker there at the bottom, see what we get just one nice speaker, the bottom little grille, Music, Music, more powerful. You know i’m saying it’s so strong okay, so i think that loudspeaker is lacking a little bit of power. I prefer something um a little bit louder, um a little bit less muddy sounding as well. For being honest, so the nokia 5.4 it’s not blowing me away, but in its defense it’s only a 159 pound smartphone, i think originally it’s 179 it’s on sale. At the moment. If it’s not blown me away, it’s got a nice clean operating system, though, which is good it’s light fairly light in the hand, it’s manageable, it does feel comfortable. I definitely give it that the photos on the rear, camera and portrait mode are pretty strong. It lacks in the video department, though, and on the front facing camera, i think in terms of performance and what i’ve been using it for the for the few hours i’ve had it so far seems to be quite nippy, which is good and on the box.

It says up to two years: android upgrades as well and nokia are a reputable company. So in terms of customer service and support, you should be great there. But if you’re looking for an affordable device with no frills – and you just want to use it as a phone uh with the occasional sort of browsing the pictures here and there, then it could be – could be a good choice. So so any questions guys pop them. In the comments below there should be a review on this smartphone depends how i get on um.