This is one of the best smartphone you can get out there on a budget let’s check it out, ha sony. Lady, alcatel, 3x, okay, phoney designed this simple and nice actually type c port. Then you could black at the sim card slot, then drug button into google assistant, which is super helpful and the cartes you guys will find the audio jack now let’s move on to the pre display young agar basal, okay, akata 3×3, dear full hd lcd display dengue Resolution size, tujuratus, dropload, directs, reboot and namoratos for an lcd display. It is quite good, maybe because it is created by alcatel’s, repairing company, which is tcl tcle saturday by the tv company in the basardi dunya, but because of the lcd display, okay phone, india type, that in display fingerprint sensor sodium fingerprint sensor. Ladies and gentlemen, sensor, which responds very quickly for the camera, akata 3×18 camera mpai, main camera lapan mp, ultra white, then lemon mp, death, lens cam, ready, of course, like you guys, don’t expect it to be as good as flagship smartphones tampy. They still performs well kirin yeah, kalanina, wingable, portraiture, atop night photos, bing, montague, masala, ultra wide angle, lens upon quite good, and the caterpillar are the notch style, 5mp front camera. Basically, camera features in coronda papa. The phone is somewhat super typical, so junkie take out some sample photos guys if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like subscribe and share. Thank you, Music.

That is a good performance. Vlog at that 3 acne is powered by an octa core processor. Then an umpire gb ram, then juga and numprompa gb expandable storage from our testing gear wheel, performance with mung, not bad color, the light between opening apps to point that noticeable, which is good enough to last for a day with normal usage. Personally, i think alcatel 3x needs to swipe, especially for these two categories: queso satu on top parents, yantana spam very bring it for a smartphone into a network and then goodwill for your own parents in degree. Why? I say this is because for me there are the small features painting super tuned to video card facebook whatsapp. Then you got basically everything to help. You guys keep connected sanji ambassador pitta burakuga, make it easy for the elderly at open kitchen to handle it other than that. Akateri has needs to swing to america. Yeah, look at basic features gel for a smartphone, especially since hargardio kurandari, padar and paratos, which is totally worth it. If you guys moving on to the package online, just wait for it to be delivered.