5G. Hey guys, it’s, vintage and welcome back to my channel. So i am back with another review video in the shampoo tapas and you probably already saw a lot of full review videos regarding the samsung galaxy s21 ultra samsung, galaxy s21 plus and very rarely samsung galaxy s 21 review video it’s actually like reviewing the iphone 12 Mini which is this one continues. Let me just correct myself because previously on our first impressions, video, because the price starts at forty nine thousand nine hundred ninety pesos but then obviously i’m, not perfect and ayongna. It only starts at 47, 990 pesos, very slight, so it’s not like almost 50 000. here in the philippines, guys. The samsung galaxy s21 starts at 256 gig of internal storage. I think on other countries like india, meron, silang, 128 gig variant. Sadly, well nandito, we don’t have the option to get the 128 gig, but how does the samsung galaxy s? 21 fayoshi also compares ditos, samsung galaxy s20 fe. I know namake basalan generation, obviously, but they do have a lot of similarities supagus and how does it also compare in terms of sizing and camera performance to the iphone 12 mini? If you guys notice i’m, a brand nanago offering a smartphone small form factor, i samsung apple and, of course, the pixel and alumni to be honest, i’m hoping in the future, more brands will consider making you know: small phones, phones, you can hold use in one hand Like what samsung or apple is doing, although casamayor iphone 12 mini costa rigretsko, i still find it a really helpful device, especially guys for secondary, but for a you know, main device.

I don’t really recommend it anyway, etona s21. Previously, on my video i did say in samsung, galaxy s21, i’m, marrying polycarbonate plastic and like in big brothers glass, it also doesn’t, have an expandable. Storage meter needs extra micro sd card. Obviously, it doesn’t have a micro sd card slot and, lastly, it only has a full hd plus resolution or 1080p unlike last year, but to be honest, long magazine on this video and even on my previous unboxing video, i don’t see it as a reason for you Not to get the samsung galaxy s 21., you guys in the item first time i was not able to review that device. Samsung stores – and i must say now – oh ram them uh polycarbonate. It really is plastic, but the samsung galaxy s21 has a different kind of plastic. I here are explained again it feels solid and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Overall, i still find this device shampoo, more durable and very friendly to use kasinga guys 256 guys to be honest, it’s enough. These are more than enough pero again it’s enough for you to store all the applications, all the photos, the miranda so what’s up, viber and, of course, sumanga high graphic intensive games, naked store sapphone. Now for the display. Again, it has 6.2 inches a full hd plus dynamic amoled display simple s21 plus at s21, full hd plus ultra. It can go up to quad hd plus resolution than last year’s s20 series again s20 series.

It can go up to quad hd plus resolution and again 120 hertz screen refresh rate, but the problem was hindi nation, padding, pak, sabayan and quad hd, plus at a 120 hertz screen refresh rate, forcing us to go lower than the quad hd plus to 1080p. For us to be able to use the 120 hertz screen refresh rate, so yes, paris often acceptable that they went down to 1080p last year’s s 20 lineup, considering i rarely notice guys some difference non quad, hd plus resolution hd plus resolution by the way. Aside from the resolution, i also did notice the sobrang nappy shadow, see samsung for opting for a flat display, rather than having a curved display, bezels yeah very different than again the display that we have with the samsung galaxy s, 20, fe Applause and in terms of Performance demand: okay, performance along you guys. I can only speak from my experience, which is again having a device nymerion consistent out of all the three buckets encoding, samsung galaxy s21. I’M. Glad s21 plus has a corning gorilla glass. Vectos s21 plus has a larger display, but same resolution, bigger battery name around 4 800 milliamp hour than this one around 4 000 milliamp hour only but other than that same processor, same five, nanometer chipset and take note guys even the set of cameras same long. Then it is still powerful: i’m, not saying protection on corning gorilla, glass, vectors i’m, also not saying larger display, but with what the samsung galaxy s21 gave me hindi on indi, because again the performance itself and the 120 hertz screen refresh rate is enough for me by The way guys in terms of design, pala, hindi, gon na mention, by the way, guys what makes the samsung galaxy s21 cassette very similar from the samsung galaxy s20 fe is seeing set of colors 20fps.

That samsung really did listen to their consumers and la lunas. Among attack reviewers flagship smartphones, sobrang diamond color choices, s20, fe, s21 and, of course, the s21 plus by the way in terms of weight. Balance 20 fe case is a samsung galaxy s21 and the fe has a bigger display than the s 21.. Now 12 megapixels ultra wide angle, lens 12 megapixels wide camera and a 64 megapixels telephoto lens with three times telephoto zoom. To be honest, things set of cameras, numero tayo for the samsung galaxy s, 21 is really good. La liga is with the samsung galaxy s20 fe, though imagine here to choose between the twelve mini and the samsung galaxy s21 in terms of the quality, especially ultra um applications like instagram, and by the way out of this three phones. Mass vibrant, daniel pino produce na photos, samsung galaxy s21 compared to the 12 mini and the samsung galaxy s 20 fe in terms of video capabilities. Obama appreciate you know s21, because it can shoot up to 40 resolution at hindi lanyon guys it can even shoot up to 8k at 20 fps resolution hey guys. So this is me trying the front camera of the samsung galaxy s21. So far, the quality is really good since and i’m currently walking here in the studio, so my josh, so let’s try them in other settings for the selfie photos, man, i find it a bit lacking underwear but in terms of the white versus the ultra wide camera.

Actually, i’m very impressed Applause using the front camera, while using the rear, camera pedicure moment, use the ultra wide, the main camera or the telephoto lens and anki naganda dito. While you are already shooting the video pedigree between the three cameras now let’s talk about the battery life i’m. Sorry, because previously on my unboxing video again a smartphone with a 1080p resolution, 120 hertz screen refresh rate tapas based or basic battery capacity, which is 4 000 milliamp hours, and, to put it simply yes, guys unexpectedly, it did last me for the whole day without charging. It better shampoo. I have to charge it at night for me to be able to use the s21 again the next day and do take note, because i also wan na test in ilan connected on wi fi, but also young data con and naka sim card. How about the charging again guys walang included the power brick inside, but samsung did mention 25 watts s21 or you can opt for a cheaper alternative. 25 watt power bricks, a device, nato. It took me around one hour and 10 minutes and that’s, not bad other than that. The device is also capable of 15 watt wireless charging and reverse wireless charging parameters. Um accessories wireless earphones review on an iphone 12 series video. I did mention that the best iphone that you should buy among the series is definitely the iphone 12 oled incoming and i didn’t even consider mentioning the iphone 12 mini, but this time for the s21 lineup guidelines, s21 plus, i already have the s21 ultra right now.

For me, langnaman guys, this is my opinion. The best smartphone to get for the lineup is the s21. Why, aside from it guys being cheaper simply, it still is a very powerful smartphone, while again it has the same chipset numero, nung, s21 plus and the ultra, although in terms of battery life it may suck for a bit but an important, it will last you for The whole day and it’s a pass so with the s21 plus and the back may be plastic but it’s, a really good kind of plastic, kala moment class in the plastic, so yeah guys. That is it for my samsung galaxy s21 review video i’m. Just really sad! Saddening, the available young phantom pink little saturn’s the philippines, but hey magenta purple.