This is a device that i’ve had for about a week now, and i want to talk to you in this video about all the good, the bad, but ultimately give you an honest review of my time spent with this device, because i know a lot of you Are currently thinking about buying this i’m em quan peace and blessings y’all out there, and here on my channel, i help you with technology and lifestyle that you’re, probably thinking about buying or need help with. So if that sounds like you, you know what to do design that’s a great place to start with this video, because, honestly, i feel samsung nailed it almost perfectly on the back you’ll notice that rather unique look and they call this. The contour cut camera design. Look let’s be honest. A lot of smartphones nowadays and i’ve said this in the past are looking a lot like each other, so for a flagship to stand out. It’S really important to think outside of the norm and we’ve seen this with some other flagships with unique takes on their camera bumps, and i think samsung have done the same with the s21 ultra. I love also how it merges into the sides of the body, so it looks like one piece but it’s also separate at the same time. Now as far as color is concerned, this is the phantom black color wow. What can i say it looks like it was designed with mkbhd in mind, because matte black is all going on here and i like it, the matte feel on the back is great to the touch, but it also is great at hiding fingerprints.

It is a little less grippy, so that’s worth considering getting a case. If you are concerned about that, but honestly for me, i i take the risk i like this now in the hand, despite its large 6.8 inch display, the ultra feels more comfortable than the 12 pro max and that’s, because the 12 pro max has that boxier design It’S also narrower just slightly than the mate 40 pro. The front display is a stunning qhd plus dynamic amoled two times with adaptive. Refresh rate we’ll talk more about that in a moment, but as expected from samsung, that display is amazing. Now i’ve had a good time. Viewing media playing games on that display, graphics and scrolling is smooth like silky smooth and, if that matters on a flagship which really it should you’ll, be more than impressed. The only issue i have is that slight curved display, having used the iphone 12 pro max, i personally dig the flat screens but the display on the ultra isn’t as curved as that on the mate 40 pro, so it sits in the middle as an option. Here now we have a faster ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display too, which is an improvement over last year. I still prefer the face unlock method just for speed. One last point and it’s important to mention about the display is the support. Now, for the s pen, though, as you can see here, it’ll also work with the pen that i’m currently using with my note 20 ultra all the familiar functionality is here thanks to the wacom digitizer that’s, built into the display now i’m.

Not a fan of the fact that you need a case that the pen is then attached to, but you know for some of you out there. This is certainly going to be a bonus. So this is the part where i talk about performance. This year’s s21. Ultra comes with the brand new xines 2100 chipset in the middle east. The gcc is the only option that we have in other markets. This will be available with the snapdragon variation. So, on my model, i have 12 gigabytes of ram with 256 gigabytes of storage. You can bump that up to 16 gigabytes of ram with 512 gigabytes of storage, but be aware there is no option to upgrade the storage via sd card, like we’ve, seen in previous years, so think about that when you go with whatever variation you do now, exainus In the past, the chipset has been criticized for primarily two main areas of concern. Number one has been around heat issues. Number two has been around battery performance. Let me tell you as far as heat issues are concerned, i haven’t noticed anything that’s unusual. Yes, it can get warm particularly around the camera bump over here, but that’s, really after extended periods of time, either using 8k video or graphic intensive gaming. Really nothing unusual very similar to what i might find on my iphone 12 pro max or one of the other flagships. The second point of contention about exigence generally has been around battery performance.

This is where it gets interesting because battery performance i’ve noticed when i really bumped up the spec speed i’m. Talking about you know, screen resolution i’m talking about refresh rate, i do notice lower battery life with that um. I have noticed that it’s performed reasonably well. I’M. Talking about with my intensive use with social media apps with you know the camera. While i was testing this out, i was still able to get close to a day’s worth of use, so the s21 ultra is 5g ready and though 5g coverage is still a bit patchy. Where i am on this island, it does mean that the phone is ready to be used on the networks. Something else to note is that this year, the galaxy s21 ultra is one of the first phones to support wi fi 6e, which is basically a new standard that delivers faster speeds and more overall bandwidth when you have a compatible wi, fi, 60 router. So the ultra is powered by samsung’s one ui interface – and i mentioned this in the past. Samsung have simplified and cleaned it up, but if you’re familiar with android with a bit of time, you can customize and remove or add features to get the most out of the ultra it’s still weird to see occasional ads within the software. But you know it’s much better than what it used to be so let’s talk about cameras, because i remember last year’s s20 ultra and it promised a lot in this department on paper.

The specs looked incredible, but you know in the hand it was a major disappointment. One year later – and it looks like samsung – have learnt from that experience to give, in my opinion, a serious contender to this year’s best cameras on a flagship. I mean it’s really good. Now focusing is fast and accurate, there’s no noticeable lag, shutter lag and most of all, the pictures look better than last year’s, s20. Ultra now, specs aside in the hand, i think most users will be more than impressed with the camera on the s21 ultra. There are a few points to mention, though so samsung continues to, you know, tune their photos differently than what you’d find on other flagships. Let’S say an iphone so compared to the iphone. It makes things a little brighter and the colors a little more intense. In fact, let’s play a little game, so we’re gon na compare some images taken on the s21 ultra with two other flagships. Let me know which images you prefer in the comments and i’ll reveal, which flagship was which in a moment this. This should be interesting. So when the s21 ultra really shines is when it comes to zooming, because it has not one but two telephoto lenses, you get a proper optical zoom at 3x, which makes a big difference and then samsung uses data from multiple lenses up to 10x. Samsung still has that space zoom, which some would call a gimmick, but the addition in the software side of something called zoom lock can actually improve on the shaky effect you get at the ridiculously insane zoom focal lens images are still not, unfortunately, really usable, though i Mean it’s cool as a as a feature in some respects, but you need plenty of light now talking of light low light images are also improved and that’s thanks to the ultra’s night mode, exposure, time, control and also ai, i think in low light.

There are some really good pictures to be had now back to that blind test. Here are the results. Did they surprise you? Let me know below in the comments what you think. So this is a test of the video on the s21 ultra so this year, one of the big highlights is that we’ve got 4k 60 frames per second across all the different focal lengths really smooth video throughout ever since i’ve got the s21 ultra and i’ve been Testing it out that’s one of the things that i’ve noticed. It looks very, very good in terms of video recording quality here’s. A short look at video with the front facing camera again it’ll be interesting to see in post what the front facing camera is like with video but in terms of stability. So sticking to video the s21 ultra does a very good job with dynamic range and adjusting the exposure on the fly as you move the camera through different focal lengths, and i also noticed a big improvement on the stabilization too. There is also the inclusion of a few new modes, something called the director’s view, which is something that we’ve seen on other android smartphones, but it is nice to see it included here too, and i personally i like this. It gives more perspective to the video content. Now that front facing camera sports, a 40 megapixel selfie shooter, which is more than good enough it’s great – to see samson, giving the option here also to choose between a more natural or that slightly artificial beautified.

Look that choice is now there, which is good to see. I think samsung did well this year. The s21 ultra is certainly a phone. If you’re thinking about considering, i think it’s worth considering because what’s funny for me is this. Year’S s21 ultra in many ways should have been what last year’s, s20 ultra was, but samsung have learnt. They’Ve refined they’ve, tweaked um they’ve taken the criticism from not only the chipset issues, but also the overall s20 issues around the camera, design and they’ve they’ve done well with the s21 ultra. If you want to see what the differences are between the s21, the s21 plus and the s21 ultra i’ve got you covered so i’ll see you over here.