Okay, you just click the button it’s going to make a noise and then it’s going to send a little notification to your phone, and all you want to do is you want to say, add now: hey guys, sock here from sake tekken in today’s video, we are Going to be talking about the samsung galaxy, smart tag that you see right here now. As you know, these are trackers that are designed to locate missing items. You do have to attach this to an item that’s important to you. It could be your car keys. Your handbag, your laptop case, your laptop or whatever, that you want to track in case you lose it, and then you can use an application in your samsung phone to track the exact location of the tag and of course the smart tag does actually work with the Battery, but i do want to let you know that the single battery in the smart tag does last you months of use. Samsung says it can last you up to 300 days, while it is active and connected to a smartphone, so that’s a great battery life, and you can change the battery once it’s dead so anyway, let’s dive in and see exactly how this thing works from start. To finish i’m, going to give you guys a full tutorial all right, so let’s uh open this up and set this up and see how it works so i’m, going to just cut off the edges here when i pull it out.

We have this galaxy tag. Smart tag right there in the back, we have a quick start guide, so you can read this quickly to get this set up i’m, going to show you how to get it done anyway. So here’s that smart tag – and i do want to let you know the smart tag – does have an actual button right over here. Okay, that button is going to be pressable and it’s, also going to give you additional functionality so i’m going to show you that in a second now one thing you need to know with the samsung galaxy smart tag is that it uses bluetooth 5.0 technology. To talk to your smartphone and the maximum range is 120 meters, so you can locate an object within a proximity of 120 meters using your smartphone. We have a little hole here, so you can put this on a keychain or attach it to basically whatever that you want all right so here’s how easy it is to set this up. Okay, you just click the button it’s going to make a noise and then it’s going to send a little notification to your phone, and all you want to do is you want to say add now it says: samsung galaxy, smart tag: 8172: a new device has been Found do you want to add this to smart things, that’s the application, the samsung app that you’re going to use to manage this guy so i’m going to tap on add now you want to give it instructions, so you can actually use your location.

You tap on agree, okay, it’s, getting everything ready and look at look at it. It’S ready, it’s good to go. Let’S get started with your smart tag, tap on start connecting to your smart tag, press the button in the center of the smart tag so again that’s the button. You click on it. Almost there, your samsung smart tag is being registered to your samsung account. So we’re almost here, okay success. Now you give this guy a name now. Let’S say this was something you want to attach to your keyring. You would just say: keering! Okay, if you want to attach this to your pet, you just put your pet’s name so it’s very customizable. In that sense, i’m going to tap on done, it says connected. We should be good to go. Then you get to see this window and again use with smart things. Fine that’s, the application i’m going to show you in a minute so tap on next ring your tag to help you find it, so you can actually ring the tag to help you find it. If you cannot locate it visually so tap on start, okay, it says, update your tag now, every now and then it’s going to get a brand new firmware update. So let’s do that right now, i’ll be right back once it updates. Now it is doing the update and also give me a couple tips now. One thing i will let you know this button here can be used to actually turn on or off any smart objects in your house, such as smart lights.

Not only can you use this as a tracker, you can press the button to turn on and off lights that are connected to your smart home, that’s, just amazing, and if i swipe over, it says, find a phone or a tablet with the tag. If you cannot find your phone or tablet – and you have the tag attached to them, you can make it ring by double pressing that i’m going to show you that in a second as well. But i want to give you guys a full experience of the initial setup, especially if you’re out there to buy this thing and are trying to do some research. Okay, so the update is complete i’m going to tap on start now. Let me quickly exit the application. I’M going to relaunch the application, so you guys can see what we are working with so i’m going to go into. My smartthings finds application. Okay, that is going to be pre installed in every samsung, galaxy, smartphone or any other samsung product. You click on this guy it’s, going to launch it and then on the top you’ll see the key ring now at the bottom, you’ll see everything else, you’ll see a map and if you have some smart lights in the house, you’re going to see the smart lights Right over here, okay, but let’s, go to the actual keyring i’m going to tap on it i’m, going to show you guys all the features that are possible, so status, it’s nearby, and then it says you can view this on a map.

If i click on this it’s going to show me, the map view it’s going to give me an approximate location of exactly where the smart tag is now. I can enable this feature right here. If i enable this guy, okay, let the tag find your device. So if i double press this button, it’s going to make my phone ring that’s, not bad at all, now let’s go down a little bit more use button for automations. These are additional things you can do with the smart tag on top of just using it for tracking purposes. So if, if the button is pressed, what do you want to do then let’s choose what we want to do from here. I can control devices notify someone, send them a notification perhaps, and do all these other options so control devices, for example, here’s a bunch of smart lights in my house. I can use this tag to control the light in the hallway, for example. So when i click on next and when i click on save now, we have this instructions saved into the actual smart tag. When it’s pressed it is going to turn on the hallway light. So here’s an example: i’m going to press the button right now, it’s going to turn off the light, as you can see and i’m going to press it again and it’s going to turn on the lamp that’s. How i set it up! What if i press and hold it again, i can go inside and i can set that as well.

So if the key ring is held, choose what you want to do, you can set that up as well, and then we have the volume for the smart tag. So if i tap on this that sound, i stopped it just now that sound is coming from the actual smart tag. Now this is the smart tag that uses bluetooth, so the location is not going to be laser specific, but it’s going to give you an average idea of where the actual smart tag is. So it says right here: it is nearby as you walk away further it’s going to say it’s further, but the best way to actually track is is to launch the application and then come over here and just play that sound that’s, the sound coming from this guy. Then i can locate it easier when i actually hear the sound playing, i can change the volume of the sound to high to low and also i can change the ringtone. So i have a bunch of ringtones. Look at that, so i can use any one of these ringtones to assign to this tag which it is going to play. When i press the play button – and here we have the battery, it says the battery is full. Okay, if i tap over here, it shows you what it means when it says it’s full. So if it was showing you very low, that means you only have six to 15 percent of battery left of battery left.

But remember i told you guys with one single uh battery inside here. That is changeable. The tag is gon na last you almost a year, samsung says it’s gon na be around 300 days based on their testing. Okay, so that’s the smartthings application that’s the curing that’s. How you track it that’s, how you customize the buttons and that’s how you customize the sounds and again, if i tap over here, i can edit this as i please. I can change the name change the location. Whatever okay tap over here. I can get some information on this. It tells you what’s the firmware whether or not you’re up to date or not, and all that good stuff. But again the main idea is going to be you’re gon na. Take this guy and you’re gon na attach it to your keyring, your bag, your laptop bag whatever, and then you just leave it b. Then, if you cannot locate your keys, then you go into your smartthings application right here: okay boom right here and uh it’s gon na pop up on the top after you set it up, tap it and you start to actually locate it. You’Re gon na click on the view map it’s gon na give you an approximate location of exactly where the key ring is and as you get closer to it, you can always tap on the ring at the bottom that’s going to send a tone to your tag. So tap on start and that sound is going to allow you to locate it with precision now.

One more thing i want you to remind you is: if you double tap it, you can also ring your phone, so you can use the tag to find your phone. If you want so it does have multiple functionalities, and finally, i do want to let you know. This is a smart tag, but there’s also going to be a smart tag, plus that’s going to be launching this year sometime it’s going to be 40. This one is 30 that’s going to be 40 bucks now that one is going to be using the ultra wide band technology. So that’s going to be much more precise. With this one, like i said it gives you the average location when you click on view on the map with the samsung llc smart tag, plus it’s, going to give you a precise location, because that one is going to use the ultra wide band technology. This one is using bluetooth 5.0, alright. So that brings us to the end of this video. If you do have any questions, comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know, and for now guys have a fantastic day.