This is for folks who already have a budget device and are looking to upgrade, or maybe just need something, cheap and simple to use as a secondary device or work phone samsung galaxy a801. This is for folks who just need a phone for the bare basics and that’s pretty much what you’re getting here with this device. So in this video we’re going to go ahead and take a look at everything you get with this budget device. I’Ll go over the specs and features of course, i’ll talk about what’s, unique to this phone and hopefully, by the end of this video you’ll, be able to decide if the samsung galaxy a01 is a phone that you might be interested in. So when i’m talking let’s go ahead and unbox this thing just a quick side, note right off the bat. The box and packaging here are styled the same way as all the other, a series phones in the lineup, which is kind of nice, sliding off the cover. The first thing we see is a small packet of paperwork there’s, nothing too exciting here, just some warranty info and instructions. The only important thing to mention is that, unlike a couple of the other, a series devices for 2020, the a01 does not ship with any clear case included, underneath all that stuff is the phone itself and we’ll put it to the side for just a second to Take a look at what else comes inside the package now digging a little deeper inside the box at the very bottom, underneath everything is the included sim ejector tool.

Also included is the standard 15 watt usb samsung wall charger, along with a usb, a 2 micro usb charging cable. So no usbc with this phone and the last thing thrown in here to complete the package are a pair of samsung earbuds. So here is the samsung galaxy a01 and you can see that i went with a red color, which is super nice, but this phone also comes in black or blue as well. So you have a couple other options to choose from if you’d, like, obviously at first glance, i think the thing that stands out most is just how small this device is. The a01 is a 5.7 inch phone, which i guess in general isn’t that tiny, but when compared to the rest of the a series lineup for example, you can really see the size difference. Granted these phones like a11, all the way up to the a71 they’re, all kind of the same size, there’s, not that much that differentiates them just a few millimeters here there so you’re not really getting much choice, but if you are wanting a smaller device, the a01 Is technically, i guess your only option right now with this lineup, the small size of the a01 means that it’s, a pretty comfortable phone in the hand which is great one handed use, is particularly comfortable. Now i personally don’t find any like six inch device, for example, to be too tough for me, but this is a nice change and i know for a lot of other folks it’s the size that’s, really a big selling point with this phone.

Taking a look around at everything else, i think while it’s obvious this is a modern samsung device. There are a couple of things that make this phone look and feel like a budget device. The housing on the a01 is an all plastic, build just like the rest of the a series phones, but rather than a shiny glass, stick with color changing effects. You just get a plain matte finish. Honestly, though, it still feels pretty nice it’s not like a cheap feeling, plastic it’s, very solid, and i don’t really have any complaints up front with the screen. We’Ve got what samsung calls their infinity v display. This is sort of like the teardrop notch, but a little wider and obviously we’ve got some sizable bezels all the way around, especially towards the bottom. In regards to what else this phone has, of course, on the left side, you’ll find the volume buttons on the right. Is the sim and sd card tray, as well as the power button on the top left, is the headphone jack, which is nice to see on the bottom there’s, just the micro, usb port and microphone hole and around back you’ll notice, a dual lens camera setup? On top and a fairly small single external speaker cut out on the bottom left corner now, one thing you actually won’t find on this phone is a fingerprint sensor which is sort of surprising. I mainly expected one around back. I guess, but the a01 does support face, unlock, which is nice and it’s, actually not bad it’s, certainly not the fastest, but good enough and it’s still convenient having one more option to unlock the phone, at least if you want to utilize it now.

I do want to talk about the little speaker and the camera setup, of course, but first let’s go over what all is going on the screen. The 5.7 inch display on the a01 is a 1520 by 720 resolution, pls tft panel, which is sort of samsung’s version of lcd, and it packs around 301 pixels per inch, coupled with a lower resolution and noticeable black bezels all around this is a budget display from Top to bottom, so you kind of have to keep your expectations in check yeah. You can pick out the pixels and no it’s, not the brightest or most colorful screen to look at, but honestly it’s still not bad keep in mind. This is for folks who already have a budget device and are looking to upgrade, or maybe just need something, cheap and simple: to use as a secondary device or work phone. This isn’t for flagship, loving tech nerds who analyze every color and every pixel from every angle. The viewing experience here is more than good enough, and everything in the tech world nowadays is really good anyway, even at the lowest of low ends. If you understand what this phone is and who it’s for, i don’t think you’ll have a hard time justifying the viewing experience there’s some decent value here overall, when it comes to listening to your content. Obviously you have that headphone jack to use which is great but there’s, also a small external speaker around back now in general, i think the speaker itself is actually pretty good, considering what it is.

I just don’t think the placement was an ideal choice inside this phone is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 4′ processor, paired with the adreno 505 gpu and two gigs of ram. You can choose either 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal storage, but that doesn’t matter too much because, like i mentioned earlier, you’ve got an sd card to add more storage. If you need to now, i actually don’t think the internal specs here are too terrible, but there’s two things in particular, i want to talk about first off the a01 ships with android 10 and one ui 2 out of the box that’s, actually something a lot of People were surprised by myself included since even some higher priced a series – phones that were released late last year, still don’t yet have the android 10 update. Yet this 100 device does. The second thing that caught me off guard was actually just how good the overall performance was at least right out of the box. This phone is smooth and relatively quick. I actually feel like it even performs better than the a11 honestly and i didn’t notice any hiccups or glitches. When i was messing around with it, i think the snapdragon 4′ was a good choice. Two gigs of ram means that gaming is not going to be ideal on this phone, but if all you’re doing is texting, emailing web browsing and consuming some content, i don’t think you’re gon na have any problems powering this guy is a pretty respectable.

Three thousand million battery inside the thing to keep in mind here is that, while the battery isn’t pushing the limits on capacity, the small size of the phone lower resolution display and less powerful specs all means that this phone isn’t working too hard. That means that you’re conserving a lot of battery power – and you can stretch the life of this phone to beyond a day under normal use. Unfortunately there’s no wireless charging or faster charging plug, but i think all things considered there’s not too much to complain about. Finally, let’s talk cameras. The a01 has a dual end setup around back that’s made up of a 13 megapixel, f, 2.2 aperture standard shooter and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Now, honestly, you’ve got just the basics here. Only 1080p video at 30 frames per second there’s live focus which works pretty well since you’ve got that secondary depth sensor night mode, no fancy filters there’s, a pro mode, which is interesting and it’s kind of nice. But again, like i said, it’s, mostly just the basics.