Thank you once again for joining me as we take awesome out of the box. Now, if you manage to catch my gudicelli inspired unboxing on our facebook, page price tank xiaomi redmi 90. As of recording this video, but don’t worry bucasnay launched january 27, and you can check it out on the xiaomi philippines, facebook page at 7, 00 pm pair since parched and redmi 9 family. We can definitely expect this to be a budget friendly device let’s get into it by going over some of the key specs of the redmi 90. so similar not into display, which is at six point fifty three inches at full hd plus resolution new processor is a Qualcomm snapdragon, 662 and new unit appeared in the xiaomi. Philippines has four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, manchan quad camera setup and lastly, it has a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, so mejo magula, petting specs non focal m3 xiaomi, redmi 90, actually they’re almost identical, but let’s dial things back down a bit and Have a closer look at this device as for build quality, the main material they use for this device is plastic dial in expect not in the magazine or wallet friendly device at all. The m3 has a faux leather texture for its back over and so redmi 19. My texture, paren pero it’s a circular pattern coming from the camera array, and i also don’t know if i could show this to you guys, but if you notice sunbeam effect to some degree major similar than you look on cameras m3 atlanta, redmi 90 will allow you Extended part that most people commented that it looks like the cyberpunk edition of the oneplus 8t.

This is on the m3 guys, which i completely agree with, and i don’t know young camera designer m3. Let me know in the comment section down below now. You also have this big redmi branding on the bottom, not the bose, i think that’s, what the term is or imagine the halo bunch is a back over now. As far as i can tell given my limited time with the xiaomi redmi. Ninety okay build quality. Now unibody chassis and i don’t know if i can show this properly better when the chassis meets the display there’s a bit of a chamfered edge, now usually pagan tuning design and smartphone must smooth you transitioning again since pero since unit language, xiaomi philippines. I am not sure who samashan jelly case out of the box: m3 included redmi 90. anyway for a quick tour of the button and port layout. You have the volume rocker on the right side and a side mounted fingerprint scanner, slash power button on the left side, dunatun magita, young access parasite triple slotted, sim tray on the bottom. You have a usbc port speaker and microphone and up on top, you have a headphone jack, another microphone that was my isafang speaker and what looks to be an ir blaster. So this is another part where you can see the similarity between this phone and the poco m3 by the way, congratulations on refresher palace click on the link on the corner of the screen.

I think it’s here or here, but yeah check it out. Of course the similarity doesn’t end there, but how long did you display naga metalla again it measures in at 6.53 inches full hd plus in resolution yeah so 1080 by 2340, so yum pixel density is at ‘5 pixels per inch and ips lcd panel, young gamma deladito Picture quality is okay, given ion panel going to be okay for watching your favorite youtubers hit that subscribe button. But what i like most about the display on the xiaomi redmi, 90 and actually most of xiaomi smartphones – is that they’re widevine l1 certified, so none! So if you’re not familiar with the term, that means netflix or redmi 19 hd quality. Unlike one of the last phones i featured on the channel, which was the lenovo k12 note, that also has a full hd plus ips panel little l3 lagging certification. So you can only watch netflix at standard quality, so netflix that’s. Another reason why you should consider the xiaomi redmi 90.. Like i said at the start of the video, you also have a qualcomm snapdragon 662 under the hood of this device, and i guess the question you guys might have is: okay bang performance than fonato since major nuke is m3 honestly it’s still too soon. For me to tell since again, first impressions, video and i just opened the mystery box they sent over recently, but apps open and close relatively quickly. In my opinion, with my short time with the device, there was no noticeable shutter lag when i quickly tried out the cameras, enco mahili chaos benchmark results were getting around the same scores as other devices in this price point that have a similar processing package.

Of course, in the buchanan korean mag nba, 2k 20, and as long as you lower the settings, you can play this game smoothly. So for things like mobile legends and wild drift, i’m sure or i’m, pretty sure for the battery again, six thousand milliamp hours with support for 18 watt fast charging, and i think this is easily going to last me two days since 18, watt charging and that’s one Thing i think we can look forward to some of our budget phones this year faster charging tech for budget friendly devices this year. But it is on my wish list so brands and i hate sounding like a broken record. But you set up nasa m3, except for one thing, so it has the same main camera at 48, megapixels at an aperture of f 1.8 and a supporting gas of a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel camera the biggest, and a very welcome addition to This setup is an 8 megapixel ultrawide, so at least we know namas maraming, shooting options on xiaomi redmi 9t for selfies it’s. Also at 8, megapixels now let’s take a look at some sample photos, Music and i think that’s pretty much it for this quick. Look at the xiaomi redmi 90 again. This phone is officially being launched here in the philippines tomorrow january 27, and you can tune into the live stream on the xiaomi philippines. Facebook page at 7pm, i’m, pretty sure my mom, probably for this device, so stay tuned again, guys no official price, yet rumored price meron, hopefully total hindi, mentions stream anyway.

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