Yes, this is a an upgrade to the v8 smartwatch. Yes, it comes in a rectangular shape case. This is it. This is a very color inside this is a gold color inside is either gold or brown, so this is how it is so this is the unboxing. Is it once we open it? This is the first time we say the manual comes first, this is the manner the manual comes in both chinese language and english language. The manual is very easy to go through and it comes in blue battery. Yes, this blue battery is better than the black battery. Is a blue battery that lasts better for usage? This is a power cord usb cord whereby you’ll be able to charge the watch using an abductor adapter or you connect it to your laptop. Yes, this is the strap. The strap comes as a removable strap. You can change this silicone strap to another type of strap. Yes, you can decide to go for the go for um a ladder, strap and just get the leather stripe from anywhere and now fix it to it so and the strap. It is very easy to to remove and fix back yes, this is how the strap comes, and this is the watch itself in gold color. This is it. It comes in a round face one button here for going back. This is a camera there’s, a camera, and this is a mouthpiece, so the back the black, the back is round and shaped too flat, and this is how you can open it.

This is it so this is where the speaker is. The the sim card will go into here by pushing it back. Then you raise this up inside the sim card micro sim card, lock it back by drawing it back. This is where the memory card is, and this is where you insert your battery, putting it this way make sure this chip is touching these very three connectors here once it is touched here, then you can cover it by doing it. This way, when once it is clipped, then you can just put it on this way. Okay, let’s just fix this okay, this is it when it comes on. I will have to off it back, and i need that to for you to see how it comes out. Okay, let me fix in this. Let me fix in this please Music yeah. This is okay, fixing this okay, it just clicked now, so this is how it comes, so we are switching it on again by pressing this red button here. So this is how it comes. So the interface is just like the um, the v8, but then this is an upgrade to it. So it’s, okay, the bluetooth, is on. That is why it is uh trying to connect so let’s just go and put off the bluetooth. Let’S go blue put on off. Okay, so it is off back now, so we can now go back by pressing yes, so this is the calling area whereby you will be able to make calls and receive calls save message and save contacts, synchronize contacts.

This is you do everything from here. So these are phone book settings memory, everything they go back. This is where you get your. Your diet calls. Yes, we have dived some numbers here and uh. This is a inbox messages, write inbox messages, drafts, outbox messages, sent messages and service messages, sms settings and cool. Everything is here so for me to now go inside the uh, the menu of the phone. You just have to click it this way. So the first thing we see is this: the first thing we see is this there’s a dialer, the message phone book and call history. You get your call list straight to this very place. The next page is the bluetooth, the remote camera, the qr code scanner and the settings. This bluetooth is um, where you will be able to connect it to your bluetooth, headset or you connect through the phone. This remote camera is when it is connected to your phone. You will be able to um snap on your phone with this smart watch. Yes, you can just do a selfie by placing your phone somewhere else, and you use this very remote camera too, to set it. So this is the settings area. You can set your profile to be general silent if you are emitting and yeah. This is just like a normal phone, so the next option is watch settings. You can set your your date and time here, your language, if you are, if you do not like english, if you are the type that uses uh the chinese language, french language, you can pick everything you feel like you want to pick here.

Yeah, it comes in just french and okay. These are the options, so you can just go back yeah your preferred input, which is a capital letter, small letter, cap and co. So the next is notification settings. If you want to get your notifications, like sms notifications, call notifications, the rain game type, you can set everything here. You can set everything here. So the next option is connectivity. Yes, this smartphone actually browse yes, it’s browsers yeah i’ll be making a short video on how to use it for browse. If you go to google, you want to check your facebook, but then this is a small face. Watch you might not be able to um to enjoy it as a normal phone, but it’s actually browse. You can go online to check things most, especially if you can use it for a quick check. If your phone is not with you the same insight and there is internet and the same so it will do everything you want to check for you. So the next thing here is a security settings. You can actually uh password your phone, your smartwatch, yes, your password. It doesn’t want anybody to uh pick it and use it. You can password it, and this is a store factory, the waste of actually a. I actually do not know if one one two two will work for this. So uh, you start your phone. I think it works, so there is stuff actually settings for this is still one one, two two just like the v8 smartwatch.

So this is a quick scanner area whereby you’ll be able to scan this to download the application for your on your phone. So once you download this application – and it is connected you’ll – be able to control your phone with this watch or you get um, you fix it with the notification, so you’ll be able to get your sms notifications call notifications, facebook, whatsapp all your social media notifications. In short, so for you to go back for this, just click on this, so do it this way, click here! The next is the camera. If i, if i click on this very camera, now you will see uh where it will. It will actually camera something here. So let’s just put it this way and click on this very camera. Here you see it is v. Okay. This is my hand. This is it say it now that is a camera, so let’s just go back see. So the thing here is a um. If you want to view your images, images view click on this place. There is no memory card, so you you won’t, be able to view any images. This is it again. So the next option is your remote camera. If your phone is connected to this watch, you’ll be able to snap on your phone with this very your remote camera. Just click on this remote camera. It will snap on your phone, and this is a music area whereby you will be able to play the music on your phone or if you have a memory card you play music from here.

So the next option is sound. Recording you can actually use this for to um to record people’s voice as long as you like. Yes, this actually does that for you, but as as there is no memory card inside you won’t be able to do that now so on. My next video i’ll be making a video um i’ll, be making a review on how to use all these applications that need memory card or sim card to use, just like the um, the the browser and the pictures. So this is the alarm whereby you can set your alarm for you to remind you or wake you up so it’s. You give you the notification when it is time, so this is calculator. Yes, this screen is actually bigger than the the previous v8 whereby, if you are pressing any button here, you won’t make any mistake of pressing. Yes, the the the buttons are so big to the essence that there is no need for you to be afraid of pressing doing mistakes or pressing numbers or letters. So the next option is pedometer. You can you can time your um, your steps, this is it. It works for step um counting. Actually this is not accurate. Still, it is not still accurate, but then it is okay to use for now. So let’s just go back. It says sleep monitoring. You should count the amount of time you sleep. This is a sedimentary put. It on start working, this is until lost.

If your phone is locked is missing. You need to find it just come here once it is connected to the phone press on it. It will find your phone for you by making a notification sound, or you can use your phone to find this very watch here. So the next option is power. Saver. Yes, this power server comes this way. If you don’t want it to yeah. If the power consumption is just too high – and you want it to last more just click on this power saver, it will dim the uh very screen a little bit, though you are saying it to dim it a little bit and if it is on back it To come back to normal, this is file manager whereby you’ll be able to uh view everything in the memory card. Yes, you can view everything in your memory card through this place. Yes, this is the area whereby you’ll be able to check your website check. Google check facebook if you click on this uh. My next video i’ll be showing you that this is a facebook, twitter and whatsapp. You can only get notifications with this smart watch. Please take note. Yes, generally, honestly, i i really do like this watch because uh it is a very cheap watch. There is a sim card and you can get all these um all these applications work inside. This is smart watch. That is very, very okay for the price yeah yeah.

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