Good afternoon, i’ve just received this uh s95 series: uh phone from uh amazon it’s a doogee one um. This one is a ruggedized phone, but it’s also got six megabytes of system ram and 128 megabytes of user ram. It seems to come fitted with a screen protector which you can remove the film from once you’re happy with how it’s fitted in this little cardboard envelope. Here is the uh instruction booklet, which looks quite useful and the types reasonably easy to read: there’s a warranty registration card and there appears to be a spare screen protector. So should the first screen protector become damaged, you can uh, replace it and then finally there’s the pin the sim pin and you’ll notice. This one’s got a pin to release the sim holder and also a little hooky thing on the end that’s, because uh, the uh sims, are behind a waterproof cover. The sim trays are behind water with cover and they need to be pulled out a bit before you can fit the sims but i’m going to go and charge the phone up before. I start fitting sims and things to it because they do so. You should charge it up before putting it into use, so we’ll just put all this slot back together for a minute it’s supplied with a charger which is a uk plug charger, which i’m sure it does come out of the packing yeah there we go it’s a Bit stiff um and also you’re supplied with an a to c lead which comes in these rather handy little plastic clips.

So you can keep it like that and just unreal as much of it as you need to charge the phone up so i’m, going to take the phone up and connect it to my um charger upstairs. I think no, maybe i’ll, take it into the living room and use this one. You know i’ll use the charger that comes with it to charge it up initially and we’ll, see how it goes. Also. I understand this phone is supposed to be um, wi, fi chargeable. So i will test it with my wi fi charger at some point, but to start with, i just want to get it charged up ready for use covers for the sims. Obviously, you need to put them back in after use and here’s the cover for the um charging port. Again, you need to put that back in after use to ensure the phone remains waterproof if you’re planning on getting it wet um and on the side. You’Ve got a fingerprint sensor and you’ve got a power key and volume switches and then there’s a programmable function. Key on the side here now so the phone’s now fully charged and the charging leds change from red to green to. Let me know that it’s fully charged it’s quite nice to have a phone with a charging indicator on it again, i’m. Just going to put the first sim into my um ruggedized phone i’m, going to put it in sim slot 2 because it’s my work sim, which i don’t use so much these days.

If i can get the thing to open that is there, we are so that’s open the side there using the sim pin tool to do it, and i need to push the sim pin in to release the tray. I think it goes in here. Does it there was a thing in there there’s nothing in here right, so let me go to release the tray. There that’s released the tray now to get the tray out. You need to use the hook on the end here to just pull the sim tray out, and this is the one that’s either a tf card, or a sim so i’m, going to put the sim card in like that it’s a little tricky, because you’ve got to Hold the waterproof cover out of the way when you get the sim to slide into the slot there. We go that’s better that time, so all the way in and make sure i push it all the way home which i’ve done and now i need to refit. The waterproof cover securely because the waterproofing of the phone depends on these seals being in properly it’s all ready to turn on. So now that it’s all ready for the first time i’m about to run the thing through the setup wizard, which involves obviously turning it on and going through the stuff, but first of all, taking off the screen protector. It’S, a good idea when you first lift the corner to put a fingernail on the corner, because otherwise it starts to lift it off.

I have managed to stick mine back down, but just a little tip for you. There um there’s also a screen protector on the camera on the other side which you’ll need to take off. So once you turn the camera on um, you confirm the language, and the next thing you do is to connect to your wi fi, which is i filmed up to that point on my other um camera phone, and then i needed to use it to get the Wi fi password – and i thought my camera was also videoing, this sequence, but it wasn’t so i’ll just talk through what happens, which is basically you go through a wizard. You identify the phone you want to transfer from and then all of your apps and most of your data get transferred across automatically. Some of the apps you’ll then need to log into to transfer the data, but it was as simple as that, really and after that, it’s merely a question of pairing, your various devices and getting your data across like your smart watch. For example, the flashing blue light on the s95 is the notifications light. I just pop it off the cradle for a minute. It really is nice by the way, to have a phone with the notification light again pop it back on. Then the red light comes on to show me that it’s charging so here’s a sequence of three photos taken from exactly the same position, wide angle lens, then the normal lens and then finally, the telephoto lens, showing the uh range of sort of positions you can get To without moving so there is my new little um box filter here are three very short film trips during daytime during night time and finally, showing a trick.

This can do filming underwater apologize for the size of this image. I made a mistake with the way i did the screen capture, but anyway, this is just showing it working as a satellite navigation and it seems to be following us along quite accurately, and all the voice prompts and so on were good.