The impact will not be this serious. So if you say you guessed fingerprint republic, meaning you have a stranger than your phone, the implant will not be dissipated. That is a very nice idea me why? Why are you using your phone, hey, what’s, going on guys, kelechi here and welcome back to my channel so now you know that screen guards and screen protectors play a vital role when we have them on our smartphones. In fact, it is really very very important because we can never be careful and conscious always me i was, but i just lost my smartphone and that really hurts anyways. Smartphones are expensive and you wouldn’t want to spend that much to buy a smartphone only to end up with a broken or scratch screen screen. Protectors are practically mandatory. So long as you have a smartphone bid, ips panel amoled or super amoled display in fact, most smartphones. Now are toughened with high scratch resistance, but it still does matter to have a screen guard on. So imagine what happened to me actually happens to someone out there. It is very, very important to have a screen guard on your smartphone and they’re, really not expensive at all. Take, for instance, it cost about 50 dollars to replace your broken screen and that’s. Almost 20k screen guards are less than 5, see how much you would have saved if you had a screen guard or screen protector on your device. So screen guards are very, very useful, except you promise to be extra careful with your smartphone dca2021, but i highly recommend you go get one for your smartphone after watching this video, whether your screen is made of gorilla glass or not so here’s.

A typical screen guard it’s the shape of a clear plastic to clip to your smartphone screen, and it is always cut to fit the shape of your device with spaces or holes for either the front camera or the earpiece and the sensors. And that is why you have different screen protectors for different phones. So how do you fix a screen guard perfectly to your smartphone? First anytime, you buy your desired screen protector. Look out for this extra envelope inside. It is very important and that’s where you start from: they are microfiber, clothed or soft wipes one is wet and the other is dry, so take the number one to get the weight wipe with that. You gently clean the screen of your smartphone. Now what that does is to clean, excessive delts on your screen, because the wipe is wet. It will easily pick up the oily stains as well. Yes, exactly what i mean, then next, you till open the dry, wipe and that’s number two and clean your smartphone as well to get rid of the liquid on the screen. After that pick up your screen guard and peel off the wrapper behind and place the protector properly in position, so it fits exactly normally. You could just pick up your string guard and place on your smartphone and move, but that’s very wrong. This whole cleaning and carefully placing is to ensure you don’t, have any on site bubbles or cracks appearing under the protector.

So you end up with a plastic shield on your smartphone and if your smartphone should or would be scratched or damaged, it is the screen guard or the screen protector that suffers and you can easily replace the plastic that replace your phone’s screen. So what do you think? Do you really need a screen protector or a screen guard on your smartphone? Imagine if that was my new samsung s21 ultra that fell off. How much is that phone safe? Oh boy, man, you really need a screen protector for your phone, but if you think differently, please let me know in the comments below so we can talk about it. Thank you so much guys for watching this. Video was sponsored by officer lino officer who give this game a lesson. This guy is full of energy and he will crack you up check out his channel from this video description and guys if you’re new to my channel before you leave, please kindly touch the red subscribe button to join this family and don’t. Forget the bell icon.