The fv 5g is actually the latest one, the fun edition of the galaxy x20. They had two come out last year: 2020, which was the standard samsung s20 and then later on a few months after we had the s20 fe 5g comma, which is the fun edition. We got this my partner’s um. This is my partner’s phone i’m. Just doing a quick review of it and what’s in the box, we have the lovely white box, you have the instruction booklet inside it. You have the. I got this from o2 on the on the contract, so it came with the o2 5g sim card and the phone itself as well inside it. You have the we got the black uh, the blue one. It has different colors. We decided to have the blue color. The pac they has a very powerful camera. You can see. It has three, unlike my apple um 12, that had just two. So the pictures are quite sharp and i always say to people that um samsung have very good technology in their hardware, where the apple phones are better in software, but i’m, not sure about that that’s. Just from my experience, but my husband really like um samsung products. So it sticks with this laptop. Everything is always in samsung and i go for the apple one, so what’s in the box. Like i said, you have the phone, you have the cable charger, you have the plug, the electric plug as well, and the this one is a 5g.

It comes also in 4g and currently in the uk. I think that promotion has ended now if you bought anything from samsung, maybe a samsung watch. You get 30 pounds cashback on this phone. We got hundred pounds cashback and it costs roughly about 699 pounds. So, at the end of getting your cashback back, you would have spent about 500 pounds on it, which is quite reasonable and much more cheaper than the ipo 12. The apple 12 currently is being sold at 8.49 pounds and there’s no cash bar, but, like i said, i love apple products. I was introduced by my daughter because she keeps raving about it that you need it for your creative part of the business. So we use the apple for the videos and for all the movies that i create like this one i’m recording now it’s been done on my apple pro, my apple 12., and so the samsung is, is the fun edition. Like i said they i did i i went through some reviews and the comparison between the fan edition and the standard s20 is just the make of the of the plastic, which you know, they probably say, is cheaper it’s slightly cheaper than the standard one. But if you compared it to the guy that did the comparison didn’t see anything really different, apart from the quality of the of the plastic used to to produce the fan edition. So to me, the founder edition is a bargain is quite good.

The phone is lovely. The screen is quite large, like you can see, is there is no border like the old phone that you used to do so your phone? Is you have a very large screen so it’s what you get if you say, you’re getting 6.1 inches and the entire screen will be 6.1 inches this one? Also you can sync. If you have a samsung laptop, you can sync this phone with your samsung laptop and the battery life, like i say, is very good. It’S, probably about six hours or even more, is much better than the battery life on the apple phones, the samsung, as if um the fan edition has very lightweight it’s, not as heavy as the previous ones that they had and it’s just beautiful, it’s really really nice. The pictures we’ve taken a lot of pictures for instagram from this phone and i prefer the ones taken on this phone to my ipo. But the videos, like, i said, is always very powerful on apple phone, so the samsung sc, the samsung s20, is good. It comes with 5g and 5g means you can download movies faster, whatever you’re doing on wi fi with 5g. It goes a lot faster than 4g, so and eventually, like my son, is into technology, keeps saying that it’s best to invest more and get the 5g, because eventually, all the things that are going to be happening in the technology world are gradually moving towards 5g.

So if you’re buying a new phone costing you about 600 pounds it’s best to just add, maybe the remaining just the 100 pounds or the 50 pound difference together instead of getting the 4g to get the 5g, so the samsung one is quite good. I love it. That’S, what you get the nice white box, the phone itself very nice – and you also get the charger and the us cable. This phone can also work well with any headphone, but we’ve got it to match with the apple and the samsung air board, which is quite good as well um. I don’t think there’s much to say anymore, except that if the the storage is different, you have it in 64, 128, like 256, depending on your usage. If you are doing a lot of movies, it’s best to invest more and get one that has bigger storage, so that’s all i can say about this phone. All i wanted to use. All i wanted to say is that i love it it’s. Quite nice it’s, not mine, it’s, my partner in the business and it’s, very, very good as well. Thank you for watching my channel and i hope to see you again soon.