But why is the s21’s back made out of plastic and where is my micro sd card slot? What, ah, i should just give up and buy an iphone, but there are four iphones to pick from what oh, my god, i heard these will support the s pen, but it’s only for the ultra. Why are there three galaxy s21s, where two of them are? Basically, the same i’m. Sorry. I’M. Sorry i give up. I don’t want a new phone. You ready, yeah, oh yeah yeah! This is the samsung galaxy s21 and this is the samsung galaxy s21 plus. What is the difference? Which one should i buy good question? I am here to answer that. Maybe probably we’ll see let’s talk, commonalities. First, you have the same snapdragon 888 processor inside or an exynos 2100. If you don’t live in the usa, can you make it any more complicated samsung anyway, we have the same processor. The same amount of ram, the same storage options and the same cameras, the differences. Well, this one is a bit beefier it’s, almost as big as a galaxy s21 ultra, and this one has a plastic back instead of glass. So basically we are looking at the same phone. So let me just make a quick review for what you get with these so what’s the most important thing in a flagship, smartphone yeah, the camera. So we have a 12 megapixel main wide angle: camera a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and the 64 megapixel zoom camera notice.

The wording there is no telephoto lens here. Instead, samsung uses that high resolution 64 megapixel sensor and crops in so technically it’s digital zoom or they call it hybrid zone so how’s the camera quality well it’s, basically the same as last year’s galaxy s20, which is not to say bad. They are fantastic, here’s. Some samples they have outstanding sharpness and fantastic dynamic range. Their colors are a bit cranked up in saturation, but they are close to reality. The only downside is that there’s, a slight magenta cast over the photos, but nothing to rant about now. Samsung did say that the night mode has gotten immensely better, but i wouldn’t say there is much enough upgrade over last year, it’s as good as on the s20 series. Now, if you’re upgrading from an older phone, though yeah these cameras perform great at night, the 10 megapixel camera on the front is also great you’re. Looking at some mug shots right now and as you can see, there’s tons of detail in my beard and around the wrinkles of my face, thanks for the reminder samsung, i guess these can record 4k video at up to 60 frames per second. However, do note that if you want to record video in hdr 10 plus, you are limited to only 4k at 30, fps 4k looks great and delivers all the good stuff from the photo section. High dynamic range great details, great color, i know i know i may sound a bit dismissive here, but look here’s the deal.

Samsung. Camera phones have been fantastic over the past few years to the point that it’s almost getting kind of boring. Now trust me: these are great cameras. Then you have the option to record 8k video at 24. Fps come on samsung. I don’t even have a computer at home that can play an 8k clip, yet this phone can record it and play it no problem. Now it doesn’t look fantastic now forget about the quality, post, processing or stabilization recording at 8k, but hey you can do it. I guess now how about performance? Well, the units we have here are with the exynos 2100 processor and they run really really great. We run all of our regular benchmarks on these and they kind of blasted through all of the tests, especially on manhattan by gfx bench. We got some really high fps, which i’m still not sure how that happened in general. Rest assured gaming on these is great. These screens are your typical samsung affair, beautiful amoled panels with vibrant colors, deep blacks and sharp looks what’s that they’ve been downgraded. Who cares? Yes, the galaxy s20 phones had qhd plus screens. These are fhd plus, but look you still get more than 400 pixels per inch on both of these phones. I dare you to find a single pixel with the naked eye, and yes, both of them have 120hz refresh rates, which is my favorite new feature. To look for when buying a new smartphone, i know i didn’t talk about the design, so here goes it’s just the icing on the cake.

The way the camera blends into the frame is so so pretty, and these look crisp all around. I love the duotone. Look on this lavender model we have here, i kind of miss the curved edge displays, but apparently most people hate them so samsung has finally given in and gave us flagships with flat screens. Fine, i guess um. What do you think about them? Okay, so great design? Great screens, good cameras, fantastic performance: what are the differences again uh, this one’s bigger, i kind of feel like the galaxy s21 – has a plastic pack on purpose just so it can kind of maybe give the s21 plus something of an extra and yeah. Of course, if you want a bigger phone, get the bigger phone i’m not about to netflix, shame you or anything, but then, if you think about it, just 200 extra over the s21 plus and you get the galaxy s21 ultra, which is the major upgrade this year. It has a fantastic camera. Its focus is finally fixed by the way it has two telephoto lenses, a gargantuan screen and it’s all around a great phone it’s. Just that the way the s21 plus is positioned right now is kind of weird to me. So let’s recap: if you’re thinking about the galaxy s21, but are kind of worried that you might miss out on something that the s21 plus has don’t be. This one is the full package in a smaller body.

If you want all of that, but maybe a bigger screen, yeah sure the s21 plus will serve you just right, but if all you’re thinking about right now is camera, camera, camera camera and spending the extra 200 dollars is not that much big of a deal.