This is a long video about the only c15 versus the vivo. Y20 is Music 21. So guys let’s get started entry level, which is the fifo y20i at the real estate super gooseburn battery let’s start with the battery. The real ec15 has a bigger battery with six thousand milliampere battery versus the five thousand milliampere battery of the vivo y20i, which makes the realme c15 better in these specs. Real me c15 can give 20 more battery power than vivo y20i. So guys let’s proceed with the cpu of this two smartphone. So first, the real pc15 has two variants, so metal charge. Magitek hell, you g35 gaming. Processor variant is not qualcomm, snapdragon, 460.. So, first let me explain to you the helium g35 gaming processor of the real receive, so the helio g35 can plug up 2.3 gigahertz, which is way better compared to 1.8 gigahertz of the vivo y20i, which uses the snapdragon 460.. But therefore the real messy 15 has also a variant of snapdragon, which is the same chipset of the vivo y20i. So we expect the same performance of this two smart phone, so guys let’s proceed with the camera. Ryobi c15 comes up with one camera serial pc 15 scoring pina camuro smartphone, numerous camera, which is the 13 megapixel main sensor and the 8 megapixel ultrawide angle lens that could capture 119 degrees. It is also supported with a 2 megapixel portrait lens of 2 megapixel macro lens, but when it comes to vivo, y20id only have triple camera, which is velocity ultra wide angle, lens mirrorless, 30 megapixel makes sensor 2 portrait and 2 macro lens, which is important.

Ultra white angle, lenses, perfect angle, someplace, which is what i don’t see: vivo y20i, so guys damage resistance, smartphone at all, so seriously, c15 has a damage. Resistance glass, which is the corning gorilla glass hero, indiana mentioned don’t, come on classic gorilla glass shop, maybe one two or three hello. When it comes to vivo y20, i hindina mentioned screen. You know scratch free. So therefore, gorilla glass, which is for this specification, mas magenta power, Music Music, not supported thai vivo y20i, so guys let’s, do this guys screen size, smartphone number. So when it comes to screen size, the vivo y20i comes up with 6.51 Music screen, which is 0.15 bigger screen size compared to 6.5 screen size of the realness. So when it comes up in vanilla, it’s, mass magazine, vivo y20i, which has 193.2 gram compared to 209 grams of the real mean, so the vivo y20i is better than real me c15, because it supports the wi fi 5, 800 to 0.11 ac. So this wireless works on the 5 gigahertz frequency range. It offers higher transfer rate, improve reliability and improve power consumption. It provides the advantages for gaming and hd video streaming, so guys smartphone this 2021 before makari mutton guys. The real me c15 has a price of 6890 40 gram, 64 gig internal and the vivo y20i has 40 gram, 64 internal variant, also with the price of seven thousand four hundred. Ninety nine, so guys are the best.