Let’S take it out of the box in the box. We find a nice pouch, so you can keep some of the items in there. They give you a phone holder. Does portrait and landscape mount on a tripod and it’s your standard extendable phone holder that we’ve come to know they give you a manual for the microphone a shock mount for the microphone goes through a cold shoe type uh thing there and over here they give you Two cables: they give you one for smartphones and one for cameras right there, your smartphone, cable and your camera cable. If you’re using like a dslr here, is the microphone itself very basic, just a nice small microphone like that and the jack on the back there. They also include a tripod which we’ll get into a little bit more later. They give you a light along with its own manual and a dead cat windscreen for the microphone. So let me put this together and i’ll. Show you a bit more about the tripod and how everything goes together. The tripod can fold up like this when not in use, but it also has two positions, as you see there’s, that position there. But if you close it, you can rotate the ring here and now it sits a lot lower. I’Ll put it back the other way once again right there. You can also put it in the middle like that, so it has three different positions depending on where you put the ring, as you see like that, and now what we do is we put the light on top of the tripod, and also the phone holder goes On there, so basically these two go together: okay, there’s, like a cold, shoe mount there, so you see how that goes together and then you would screw that down and then this could mount on top of the tripod, so we’ll screw those together.

Okay and one other thing, i wanted to point out about the light here. You have a button there’s three different brightness levels and it runs on two double a batteries: they’re, not included. So you will need to furnish those yourself all right. We’Ll put that back. The microphone mount goes on top of the light like that and then once we get that in there good there we are. The microphone will snap into place just like that. Okay, so now we’ve built the entire unit together, like that this will extend to fit your phone, your tripod over here and the microphone up top there. And of course your cable will go from here into the jack on your phone. So now, um i’ll show you what it looks like with the dead cat on there it may. I may need a little just a minute to get this on here, because you have to stretch it on there. We are now we have that on there, so that will help to block wind noise if you’re outside. So now what i’ll do is i’ll set this all up, i’ll put my phone in it and uh we’ll hook it up. I’Ll show you the light, how it all works and we’ll give it an audio test as well. I want to just show you from an outside standpoint what the light would look like, so the button on the back you hold and that will turn the light on.

Then you press again. It gets brighter and then your third brightness level once you press it again. It goes back to the lower brightness level, and just so you see the brightness. It provides i’ll turn it off. First, so there’s the difference with that we’ll turn it back on that’s on low medium and high, and of course my camera is adjusting for that. But it gives you the idea, so this is what it would look like with your phone mounted in there and now what i’m going to do is i’m going to tilt this back and record myself using the phone and i’ll turn the light on, and all that Kind of great stuff: okay, i’m, now recording using the microphone hooked up to the phone, and i have the light currently off. The light you see is just coming in from the window here and i don’t have any way to block that. But we’re going to go ahead and turn the light on it’s going to come on to the lowest brightness setting first and there we are. You can tell that that is most certainly a lot brighter than it was before. Let me just turn it back off, so you have a comparison yeah that makes a big difference just on low, so we’ll turn it back on, go to medium and again, the phone is adjusting for that, but it gives you the idea and then there’s high. So you can see that this will do a fine job of illuminating things, especially at close range uh.

When you have the light on and it’s, not terribly glaring to look at i’m staring straight at it and it’s bright, but it’s it’s, not anything that’s gon na. Let you see stars, like you know, back in the day with uh the old camera flashes and stuff like that, so just to show you this was the setup of it sitting just like this recording me with the microphone plugged in the light there it’s currently on High and i saw myself through the front facing camera on the phone there, i am now all around it’s, a nice little kit – definitely a nice little kit. This can, of course, you know tilt back up like that, so you can record whatever you need to. You. Can, of course, turn your phone around the other way turn the holder around the other way. You know and use it sort of like a more traditional camera with the screen in the back all around it’s, a nice little kit from square rock. If you’d like to purchase this item, leave a link in the video description where you can find it available for sale on amazon, thanks for watching make sure you click like make sure you click subscribe and take care. We’Ll see you next time.