I am hoping to review the regular s21 and s21 plus models later on in the future, if i have time to do them, but let’s start off today’s video by samsung galaxy s21 ultra version of s21 series let’s start off by talking about its display. By this time, samsung basically has the best display on smartphones ever with its dynamic amoled display, with 120 hertz, refresh rate, of course, and its size is about 6.8 inches and it’s covered with gorilla glass vectus, which is currently the strongest gorilla glass out there right now. I believe it is equipped with android 11 with samsung’s one ui 3.1. Its chipset is qualcomm snapdragon 888 for usa and china version let’s. Now talk about the front facing camera it’s, a single, simple camera, with 40 megapixels with f 2.2. It can record videos in 4k with 30 to 60 frames per second. It is also a wide angle: camera now let’s move on to the the main character, the main cameras of this device it’s massive it’s massive. So we have 108 megapixels of wide camera with f 1.8, we have 10 megapixels of prescope telephoto lens with f 4.9, and we have 10 megapixels of telephoto lens with f 2.4 and we have 12 megapixels of ultra wide camera with f 2.2. Its battery capacity is 5 000 milliamps hour with fast charging, with 25 watts capability. It also has a fast wireless charging with 15 watts and usb power.

Delivery is 3.0, starting with this model. Samsung has decided to also now let you use your s pen on the regular galaxy s series, but the pen is not included with the phone, so you either have to purchase it extra or if you have a tablet pc at home, that’s also from samsung. That has an s pen. You can use that as a pen on galaxy s21 devices, it is released in five different colors and samsung likes to use the phantom in front of all the color names this time. So we have phantom black phantom silver phantom, titanium phantom navy and last but not least, we have phantom brown. I personally think ever since uh samsung say galaxy s9 series or s10 series. It was basically perfect smartphones, so i don’t really see a room for improvement because you can’t go beyond the point of perfect right, so there’s not much wow factors of galaxy s21, ultra or just s21 series in general other than the fact that it’s fast with faster Chipsets and everything it’s just great in general, i don’t know how people nowadays will differentiate phones based on its performance and stuff like that, but in my opinion at least phones smartphones have gone over a point of being perfect nowadays, i don’t know how people can think Of this ideas and stuff like that, but it’s just great you can’t get any better than this, though you’ve reached your limits, so it’s kind of sad to see how smartphone manufacturers are putting their focus on cameras.

Nowadays, smartphone cameras are sometimes oftentimes better than regular. Dsr cameras out there for sure um, but smartphones are smartphones back when iphone first iphone was released. Camera was just there because it was there it could. You could barely see yourself in your camera, but like look at it now, you can even see a little bit of you can probably see a cell from your uh smartphone camera it’s, just so great nowadays but that’s. My opinion it’s a great phone well built um on the next video, though i will try to finish the textile series, because i shouldn’t have taken it this far or this long, but i’ll try to finish that on next couple of videos so bear with me. If i don’t upload the regular s21 series reviews – okay, thank you so much for watching today.