A good 5G phone that costs $20: Motorola One 5G Ace review

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Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 3PCS

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Bomaker Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone Review, High quality gimbal for at a great price point

So let me go ahead and get the box open. So i get my fingers into it. It comes with the instruction manual on how to use it, so we’ll get that taken off and here’s our gimbal right here. It comes with a small tripod, see if i can get it out, so we […]

Realme Buds Air 2 Review Budget Active Noise Cancellation TWS

These are new earphones from realme and they claim that this also has active noise cancellation. So let’s have a look and guys i’ll divide this video into two parts. The first part would be the unboxing and the second part uh would be the audio analysis. What do i feel about the same again? […]

Redmi K40 and Pro In-depth Review [English]

. Today we are going to hands on the Redmi K40 and K40 Pro.. Just for the record, I dont own those phones yet, but luckily my Chinese content partners. They are happy to share the footage and testing results with me. Huge thanks to them., Please make sure to subscribe to our channels. All […]

MagSafe Wallet – My Honest Review after 4 Months!

I’Ve been using apple’s 59 magsafe wallet almost every single day since it came out, but i’ve realized that we’ve never done a review or even a dedicated video on it and i’ve actually changed. My mind about it since i’ve last commented on it in a video, so let’s go ahead and talk about […]

Moza Mini S | Best Smartphone Gimbal | Moza Mini S Gimbal Review | Ys Family N

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Nokia C1 Plus Full Review – Worthy Budget Smartphone

But this smartphone that i’m going to show you measurement specs design and price nabagaes preferences for a budget, smartphone and partida nokia, so i’m here to show you my short but full review of nokia, c1 plus Music to mark apatite for more tech reviews and updates. You can visit at a stick.ph and […]

Os Melhores Smartphones Samsung até R$ 2000 em 2021!

Outro lado eu sou thalisson Teixeira do site tudo, em tecnologia, pontocom e l, estamos no ar desde 2011 trazendo, o principal sobre, o mundo da tecnologia focado aqui, no mundo, dos smartphones, Deus t, aqui, hoje, para trazer, para vocs as minhas recomendaes de smartphones at r 2000 Da Samsung voc t procurando um […]

Snapdragon 888 VS Exynos 2100: Has Samsung finally caught up?

The us model is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 8 chip, while the international version runs on samsung’s own exynos, 2100. So after running countless tests on both phones, i wanted to show you the real difference in battery life and performance speed between the two but also dive. A bit in the reasons why […]