You know clear covers uh. Silicon covers even a case cover that includes an s pen for the s21 ultra. This is tk, and these are all of the original cases for the s21 line of devices i can subscribe and make sure you hit the bell icon so that you’re always notified to whenever we have new videos on the channel first off clear, standing cover very simple. Very easy to insert you insert your phone into it and, of course covers all of the ports, everything there’s openings, obviously, for the microphones, the bottom front, speaker, the usbc and, of course, the kickstand, which allows us to actually hold the phone in multiple angles. So you can either hold it sideways this way, and it actually holds in many many angles, actually very nice and firm, so you can put it up this way open it up all the way to make it more of a kickstand stand it up further vertically and Of course, last but not least, we want to make sure that it works over on wireless charging and, as you can see right there, wireless charging works perfectly fine, so overall aesthetically uh does cover the actual camera. It doesn’t actually go far over the bump. So for the most part, you’re not really adding additional coverage or additional protection to it, but it does look very nice it’s clear and of course you can enjoy the color of your device, definitely fingerprint prone and it feels nice.

It has some protections on the edges. As well, so, if you’re looking for something with a kickstand that is simple enough from samsung, this will be a good choice. Now the clear cover is pretty simple: it’s, just a clear cover case, very much the exact same experience, so you can clip it on put it on same type of protection for the camera module in the back. It doesn’t really add uh protection that much to it. It doesn’t minimize the bump because it actually puts the case right next to it. Um everything else is pretty much. The exact same experience looks really nice. You can enjoy the color of your device, it’s very clear, very simple and, of course, just has all of the right openings. It covers the buttons, of course, but other than that it looks. Really. Nice, of course, goes without saying that it does support wireless charging directly with this case, as this is again the samsung case, we have the next three cases again, the rugged protective case, a cover, clear protective cover, as well as the silicone cover. One thing to mention is that there are different colors available, depending on the actual uh case that you’re picking up. So this one actually does have a couple of colors available. You’Ll notice that this one actually adds a lot of protection to the camera module, which is very nice. It is a silicon case, but it definitely has a lot of harder material on the inside, so it’s not as flexible, even though it does say silicone cover.

It has that softness of the silicone cover, but it definitely feels really good. We have a lanyard option here if you have a lanyard option that you like to use and the camera is actually entirely protected and the only openings, obviously that are available are for the camera modules, which, for the most part, makes it almost look like. I actually have a different color s20 on ultra, so you notice it kind of covers every part of the phone that shows up that nice new black color, that they have. And now this one looks more like a white one again very soft material openings at the top covers the buttons on the bottom. We have an opening for the speaker and the usbc, but it definitely looks very unique and very nice if you’re looking for an all around protection, free or s21 ultra and of course, it’s there’s not going to be any question and of course, wireless charging will work. There and as you can see right there now we’re going to switch over to the clear protective cover now this one has an option for a lanyard at the bottom, but also has a ruggedized cover all around, which is a little bit different than the clear cases That we saw just a second ago and what i like about it is uh. It actually accents the color. If you decide to go with the color that i have, it definitely looks really nice, so the grip on the side is very strong and very good.

We have the extra protection on the top. The camera module will definitely flush with the device there’s no more bump on the back, although not that much of a protection level. So it doesn’t really go deep enough to actually provide that much of a separation. The little lanyard option is very nice. You can actually attach it very easily it’s much easier than the one we saw in this one as this one. You have to actually loop it. This one’s already sitting there waiting for you to use, looks really. Nice covers everything. As usual opens up the right options that you’d, like and of course gives you all of the information and all of the benefits of a rugged case, and the next one is actually very similar to the way we saw with the clear one. Now. The difference is essentially is that more of a harder shell on the background and, of course, different cameras set up in the back now. What i like about it is actually makes it look like a different phone because of the way the cameras are set up, and so we have more of a linear kind of a alignment of the cameras here with the opening and, of course, two openings for the Additional options – uh everything else looks great. We have a kickstand that works really nice. Now. This kickstand does not have the same resistance as the other one, so this one actually is not really intended to be stood up as the way it goes sideways.

So this really is mostly mentioned just to hold the phone this in this format. It will not work in this format that much as you notice, right there, it just it’s sitting so much on it. I would not recommend on it. It just has a lot of stress on the actual angle. Now there is a smaller one if you’d like to make it into a smaller angle and then, of course, there’s the longer one. If you want to make it into a longer angle, so just adjust it to the level that you want and, of course use it. The way that you want now. You can also use this as a level to hold it when you’re holding the phone. So that way, you have a way of kind of getting some leveling on it, but other than that looks really nice again. Metallic look but definitely plastic, rubberized grip, all around openings for everything and, of course, wireless charging, no question and there we are wireless charging, no problem now up to this point, most of the cases that you saw right there are available for both the s21 as well As the s21 plus s21 ultra, so the selection changes, depending on the device that you’re looking for when we get to this level, though, with the s pen, only the s291 ultra will have it. As i mentioned to you guys at the beginning, there is a case combination that it basically combines the s pen.

Functionality with an suv flip cover that one is a little bit on back order, so just keep in mind if you’re looking for that case, i will make sure to link that in the description below once it becomes available, so you’ll be able to check that out. But the essential experience is going to be fsu flip cover with an s pen, and now we have a separate case here, which is the silicon cover that does also include an s pen cover here. So, first off we’ll start off with the s view. Flip cover pretty standard uh the case itself encloses the entire phone all all inside of it. So you can definitely see it fits perfectly in there. It does not fall in it holds it very nicely and of course, once you close it, you get this extra feature in here, which essentially is the s view flip cover so you’ll notice. Right there. I have a notification from instagram. I have a notification from google feed and get the time the battery percentage and, if you’re playing a media song or something like that as a music, it also gives you the ability of controlling some option as you’ll be able to actually do some touch. So if i touch the actual notification that says please open the flip cover to actually get it as i open it, i have to unlock my phone. It does not automatically unlock it, but if i close it, it takes it back into here now, as you can see here, there’s a two dot option: that’s present on the right side.

That means i’m actually doing something at a second page. I can swipe up – and here we have our media controls, so it works really nice with media controls. It is touch, responsive and, of course, works great as a case. The other option that comes with the sp at the s pen again makes the case a little bit thicker, so it’s ever so slightly thicker this way, because the s pen is housed in the inside part of the actual case. So it becomes very nice and very stylish and easy to carry with you now. As far as the coverage on the back you’ll notice right there. It covers the entire backing of the camera and actually gives a nice little carbon fiber, uh kind of an accent to it: that’s, not part of the actual phone, of course, an open back since we have no buttons on the left side here, it’s, not a big Issue because all of our buttons are covered on the right side, opening for the microphones opening for the bottom and, of course, goes without saying you know: wireless charging compatible and, of course, there’s a nice little animation here that comes up once it starts you’ll notice right There you can see it uh the charging, speed and well essentially how long and what you have left. So you can see all of the notifications that are present there. So a very nice option here s view flip cover opening at the top.

So you can answer your calls without even having to actually open the case, so very nice, very stylish uh made specifically for actually more than one version of the s21, so this is not unique to the s21 ultra. The next case that we’re going to check out here is again the silicon cover with s pen so same same material as the silicone case that we saw before very hard back the same covering for the cameras on the back. So they provide us the full protection there. Of course the buttons are covered, and you know you just have basically an insert for here and again there’s a lot of protection there difference, but that is that there’s, an opening here for this s pen, this s pen, somehow does not need to be powered, which Is the weird part of this it doesn’t seem to be drawing power from anything. I’Ve tried connecting it to my tablet. Seven plus it doesn’t seem to need that. So the only thing that you’d probably need to just remember is that it is going to be a little bit wider on the left and that’s because of the s pen, so it’s. A symmetrical concern for me mostly because, when i’m holding it i’m noticing a bigger thickness here on the left, but again that’s purely done for the s pen itself. So accessing the s pen is very simple: you grab it, you take it up, uh. The only thing that i’m worried about it is for right handed people.

You always end up having to do this, so the phone you have to put it on your left hand, hold the pen pick it up from this side and then, of course, start doing to be able to do like screen off memos. So you know here: hello yeah: it works really nice there’s, no question that it definitely works. But as far as the experience itself it’s going to unlock the phone, the s pen itself works the the exact same way. You expected all the shortcuts everything works great and then, of course, when you’re done, you put it in there and it stays with you and it doesn’t actually fall. So it actually has a very nice mechanism where it holds the s pen all the way down to the bottom, and it only provides you that little nice opening there on the left again. It feels like it’s supposed to work this way, but again for right handed. If you are, this is going to work where you have to hold it. In the left hand, pick it up this way and then initiate it. They do provide us with replacement tips, which is very, very nice and, of course, access to the display works. Pretty nice wireless charging, no question this isn’t again a case from samsung, so it should have no problem working with wireless charging and i’m really looking forward to checking out that case. That combines the s pen and, of course, the sv flip cover, because i feel like this is a little bit more intuitive because it only protects the front.

It also protects the back so from an all around protection standpoint. I feel like this provides the best, although not magnetically, closing each case has its own characteristic. That enables us to customize our experience on the s21 line of devices in its own way. Keep in mind that the one with the s pen only works on the s21 ultra and again there’s the separate case that’s going to be sold. That enables you to actually have the ability of using the s view flip cover with the s pen, which means it makes it even more functional because it covers the front as well. Now. The leather cases that i mentioned to you guys during the video are not available yet so, unfortunately, i didn’t have that on hand for this video, but for the most part it looks exactly like the silicon case, not the one with the s pen, but with the Leather covering on the back, so if you fancy something like that, definitely check that out the overall experience i feel, like you, know, samsung’s, providing us a lot of different cases for different experiences on their devices again, keep in mind the s pen option is only for The ultra, but the rest of the cases should be available for all of the s21 line of devices. I hope you found this video helpful and, of course, you found a case that works for you like and subscribe as usual.