They have a little tiny camcorder, which i did a little little review on and they have these cool little uh, fpv style cameras and the fpv style cameras. I actually are quite fond of. I use their little ep7 a lot of times whenever i need that kind of look, because i just i love the convenience. I think the quality of the video is good. You know it’s it’s a great little little camera for especially for the price um, but they actually sent me it’s like a little little christmas little christmas card, which is which is always nice little just a little late, but it comes other side of the planet. So i get it look a little little merry christmas and a little uh. Thank you for cooperating with them. That’S night been been a difficult year of 2020. Thousands of words gathered into a sentence. May you and your families be healthy, safe and all as well? Friendships. Last forever best regards la la la from from orjo very cool, and they they sent us. They sent us this, which is which is always nice. I had no idea was coming, but it’s here and that’s that’s very cool, so they sent me this it’s, the ordro vlogging, video kit, compact and portable. This is actually it’s. I wanted to show you guys if you guys are interested uh. This is this. Is it on uh comes in about 100 bucks, but, and, and mine came with, they sent this it’s a live streaming cable.

Now i don’t know it looks like just a mini usb to uh full size, usb it’s long, which is good, not sure how this gets incorporated to it, or if this would be something that normally comes with the kit, but i figured i’d open this up. So you guys can take a look at it because it’s cool this is this: is it here vlogging video kit and that’s and that’s the website right there vlogging vlogging video kit? It comes with a light all right. It comes with a whole little whole little kitten. Kabooty caboodle kitten whole bunch of kit, stuff, yep, all right guys, we’re gon na take a look at what comes in this box right away, coming up: okay, wardrobe, so this is one of their. I don’t know if i’m saying this, and i may be completely wrong. This is one of their first, i want to say, like video kits, that actually doesn’t come with any kind of camera, it’s, just all the accessories which i kind of like, because even the last camera that i did a review of, i was like man. They come with so many accessories in this. The camera is one thing, that’s that’s kind of neat um, but they kind they come with so many accessories. So this on the back has a little microphone led light and tripod right and on the top here, microphone led light. Tripod camera sold sold separately. What does it say over here? So you get the ls1 ls the ls kit, one i’m with you.

Okay for food live so yeah, i’m curious, i’m, curious. How or if because they’re talking about these live outdoor live. Ecommerce live, entertainment, live nothing’s plugged into a actual, oh maybe maybe this is used somehow to power the light or something, because there is a cable going into that one i’m not that’s going into their phone, though it looks, like i don’t, know, i’m gon na say It i don’t really know, but i guess i guess you and i will we’ll find out shortly right slr. What is this? No that’s, just your mic, like micro usb, so it does come. This is micro, usb cable, i’m, curious. What the micro usb cable is for. All right, let’s open it up: i’m, yapping too much okay. This comes up this way, it’s always cool to get new stuff for sure, a little weird that the cable came outside, but that’s i’m i’m, not complaining all right and the cables. So this was a micro in this. No sorry this is a micro. This is a mini. I wonder why they gave us two, i don’t, so this might be extra. I don’t know uh user manual all right, so you do get a little user manual, which is which is excellent. It does show right that a lot of the accessories, of course you can use if you, if you so want to on, like a standard standard camera. You know because it it just mounts: it comes with, looks like a little shock mount there’s, your different.

Does it come with both cables? I wonder hmm curious now very curious, all right, okey dokey and we get a little. This must be something maybe for the light. Is it yeah? This is for the light. Is there english on this yeah this side? Here we go so all right, product dimensions, etc, etc. You guys i’m sure this information is on their website. If, if you want it now, let’s look so we get, we get the the micro cable in here i got a mini cable as well. You get a little phone clamp handy with a little tripod on there right, a little tripod hole on there, which is good. So you can mount it either way, tripod on both sides good size spring. Let me just see i’m curious. Is that going to be big enough, for this is like a 6.1 inch phone? Oh yeah, that’s, good that’ll that’ll hold that good. We get this! Oh that’s. Actually, that’s actually fairly heavy duty, that’s all right and it’s even got oh. I like that check that out. So you got this for tightening it’s got like a is that, like a quick release plate or something this screws it in? Take that off, i don’t i don’t even understand it’s a plate, but not a plate like this. This comes off i’m with you. This goes here. Okay and it’s got a little spinner, which i i like it’s a good size, spinner too, maybe it’s, just nice and padded, but that’s feels heavy duty for sure.

I like that this it’s a nice nice movement, it’s just plastic, but it seems like heavy plastic, and then you got your legs. The legs are actually have some metal reinforcement on them see that some metal right in there, which is cool. What is this? Oh and the legs extend oh, i like that’s, the first ones that i’ve seen that have these extendable legs. You can get that even higher or if you don’t need it, maybe it’s, maybe there’s like a rock or something you can be like let’s just slide that, because it’s got like little notches, did this lock in these little notch notch points you guys see that, like Boom little notch, you guys can see it here, probably on that camera there’s little notch marks. So if you you have like this, you can be like oh that’s that’s, a nice set of little legs actually and it’s. Just got a little like a little push point here, so you can just slide that up when you slide those up. Oh, i like that one that’s nice – and it has this which, whatever there’s your little tiny mic, that’s a little mic, but we did a little mic review uh a couple days ago and it’s about the same size as that one wardrobe. Cm100. What i would do is, i would look around for cm 100s, just to see what it, what what it is, so that that’s cool i like that’s nice.

What else do we get? This must be the light. Alright, so there’s there’s your light, and this would see there’s a shoe on here, so you can do it. Probably you can do it two ways right, so you could you could mount this low, so this would screw on and then this would mount on top of here, possibly maybe maybe yes, maybe no. No, i don’t think so. Well, it’s! No, it goes on top goes on top, so this goes here and then this slides up here and then you just tighten that on let’s. Do it let’s, do it up and it’s a nice little light and because it has its own shoe up top, you could actually, you know, put some extra stuff on here. If you have it. Oh, this is where they oh yeah right, see. I’M, not even thinking this is where you put the mic. Of course you do so. This must be the last bit of accessories right here, and this would be what this would be okay, so these are your cables depending on, if you’re going to a phone or if you’re, going to a camera, so one’s a trrs and one’s a trs, you get You get a little wind little wind, muff, it’s, not big, but it’ll do the job very cool. You get a little shock mount cool and look at that. You get like little tiny, red and green filters. Is there any other filter in there? No red and green because this one is on there already right, so you can take the white one off and you can put one of these to give it a greenish tinge or give it a reddish tinge.

All right so let’s take this, and this would just kind of go right in there now it’s, not the thickest shock mount in the world, i’ve definitely seen thicker ones, but without any abuse that should be fine. You know all right, and then you have this, which would mount you pop this little piece off. This would mount up here. Oh look, you’re, rocking and rolling. Look at that right! You got your phone just put a phone in there. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, yeah, that’s, awesome, right, that’s, okay, that’s, a fantastic little kit, and then this does this have any light to it. Oh, it does look at that right. Does it have like a battery? Oh so it has half that’s half power because it doesn’t have like a dimmer it’s, half power off and full power. Oh yeah there’s a difference for sure. Oh for vlogging that’s that’s going to be awesome because it’s not it’s, not crazy, bright, but it’s it’s bright enough, yeah yeah. You can see that well that that’d be perfect for a lot of people and it’s just it’s a nice size, and i love i do. I really do like this little this little table top tripod, because i just like it’s the first one i’ve seen that the legs extend that you can actually just take this and be like. No, i need a little longer because even that, if you want to get your hands at the bottom it’s going to give you a little bit more, you guys.

Can you guys can see that up there? Oh yes, i’m. A i’m, a fan all right, guys, i’m going to leave. You leave you there we’re going to uh. Actually, should we should we plug it in? Should we plug it in i’m, going to i’m going to plug the mic in yes, we’re, going to plug the mic in and we’re going to listen to how the mic sounds on the iphone okay hold on one sec, okay, so we’re back uh! I got had to go get one of these little tiny adapters. These are adapters, of course, for iphones. Now, if you have an iphone or uh even like a an android phone, you may need a usbc to headphone jack adapter on an android phone depending on if it has a headphone jack or not. So, just to be aware, this this we’re, looking for the trrs cable, so a trrs is going to have three rings on it, so there’s the one with the three rings. You guys can maybe see that three rings right there. So this is going to go in here cool and then this one’s going all the way up to the back of the microphone sweet deal and you’re you’re set up you’ve got the light on all right. Let’S uh let’s, let’s let’s, see what the video is like here. Shall we let’s bring up the camera spin that around all right ready and we are now recording from the front camera.

This is an iphone 8, so just kind of be aware, iphone 8, but we got the light all right. That light is that’s. Nice, it’s, good, that’s, a nice little fill light it’s fairly bright, and you guys will be able to tell what the microphone sounds. Like. Oh, it actually says on the microphone cable, it says: cell phone, cable, so that’s good as well yeah. I i like it’s. As far as what i can see. You know it sounds it sounds. It looks good the light’s doing a good job for sure it’s bright. I like the fact that it’s above the camera, because if you’re looking at the camera itself, then you’re not looking directly at the light, which is good and you guys will now be able to tell what the microphone sounds like when this is attached. Oh, yes, very cool. All right, let’s let’s go back to the to the normal camera Music, all right! Guys! There you there you go! This is there’s there’s you right there. You guys, can oh low battery that’s you right there you’re you’re a camera today, all right! My friends, that is, that, is a lovely little kit. It comes with everything and again that tripod that’s that’s that’s smoking light microphone. All you need, like i said. The only thing that you need is the little adapter that you have to supply on your own right. Um i’ll leave links down below if you’re interested in this it’s that’s that’s, pretty cool from ordro 100 bucks right now, that’s, canadian, oh, it has a five dollar off coupon that’s, good five dollar off coupon is good.

Brings it down to 94.99 and uh that’s. It that’s it today guys very cool uh links down below, like i said, if you guys are interested in this, this wonderful little setup and i’m going to leave you there like comment share, subscribe, hit the little notification bell, because we always have more of this goodness Coming up and we will see you guys next video, i still don’t – know what the usbc or the usb cables are for. It says here live streaming. Cable, i don’t, i don’t know i don’t know, maybe maybe it’s for android, maybe uh, not sure.