This – is the samsung galaxy s21 camera. So this is a camera review for the samsung galaxy s21, and this is in fact the front camera on the galaxy s21 um. I think i really like the footage coming from this now. There’S no make sure everything was turned off tones and any kind of filters, because by default most of my samsung phones come with those filters on uh. So, but with this video i tried to get them all turned off. Like i do every time i float up on the camera and make sure this is just the footage coming from uh the device, so this this phone shoots in 4k, 60 on the front and the rear. It also shoots on 8k on the rear, and so i think that’s impressive, maybe i’ll – do an 8k video people, don’t really use 8k, so it’s kind of pointless. You could only watch it on a computer or an 8k screen and it’s upscaling on a computer screen. If you don’t have an ak monitor which most people don’t so um, i want to go ahead and test out these cameras, and i think i like how it looks for a vlog right now, just a little bit of artificial lighting just to get it a little Bit brighter in here, but it is daytime, so i could open this window. You can kind of see the shadow back there on the wall from the light shining through, but we’ll try to close that out.

You still see a little bit of shadow but uh. There is natural sunlight i could use, but sometimes artificial light works a lot better because i can get in situations where you can really see more detail for certain things. So let’s switch it over to the rear, but first let’s go ahead and take a look at the photos that i’ve taken uh same photos always take around the house. So let’s take a look uh all right guys. So there you have it. That is footage from the front camera some photos uh and now this is the rear camera closing out the video on this rear camera we’re gon na actually talk about the ultra for a second also, but but first this camera. Now i watched the the footage to the playback, and now i think what i’ve learned nowadays that remember what sony did back in the day with the xa ultra, i still got mine. Remember how good that front camera was and how ois and the rear camera didn’t, or they were focusing on vlogs and things like that and i think that’s definitely what samsung’s doing while this rear camera fetch looks good. I think the front camera actually looks pretty dope. I think it does i’m impressed um i’m really impressed with the front camera, and i get a viewfinder and it’s 4k60. So there’s a lot to like about vlogging with the samsung s21 uh devices com, especially the s20 cameras folks garbage they were garbage.

I i i’ve said that a million times they were freaking horrible. I bought my. I got my s20 for free, thank goodness because i traded it for 800 to get my z fold too. However, um man, the s20, if you have an s20, i would say, if you’re into cameras, you could just switch over to the s21. I personally feel like these cameras heavily beat up on the s20s cameras from my experience, there’s some people that said the s20 ultra the s20 and s21 or excuse me s20 line. I would say the s20 line had fantastic cameras and i think they were trash. I think they got beat up by phones that were a hundred dollars. I think they were just that bad um, but uh with the right lighting. Okay, they could be okay, but every time i tested the s20s cameras, i was completely disappointed uh, except for the 20 note. 20 line is fantastic, but the s21 for sure in the camera department and in my humble opinion, experience in real hand first hand use. The s21 is a serious upgrade in the camera department from the s20. So if you’re a photo taker or a videographer type person or you just like doing videos – and if you want not even about specs and all this like internal processing ram, no, no just cameras alone, i think that’s a huge reason to switch out and trade in Your s20 for this device, because they’re going to give you a lot of money for your for your uh for your s20, so i think you probably probably should just take advantage of it.

It was. It was a garbage device and uh and i shouldn’t say it like that it wasn’t a garbage device. I was disappointed in the cameras. I’Ll be fair because the software on that thing was good. The phone overall was good. I just said i’m i’m passionate about the cameras and, if i want to vlog – and i don’t want to take a camera with me, my phone should be able to handle it, and that is where the s21 comes in. The s21 has great cameras. Man, i mean just look at the footage. This is the device sitting on a tripod, the rear cameras right now talking to you with it, no microphones, no, nothing! I just have the doors to my office closed and that’s, it i’m just sitting in the room. So i think these cameras are to be reckoned with. I think they are fantastic for video again, photos can be questionable because people edit in posts and things like that and you can edit video and post, but i just prefer to give you the video as it’s, coming out of the device and then put it on Here, so you can look at it. I think that’s the best way to give consumers not tickets. I think that’s the best way to give consumers a look at what they’re purchasing if they’re waiting on pre order or something like that or they just undecided or whether they have to want to get it or not.

Um yeah. These cameras are great. Now let’s talk about the ultra for a minute, so the reason i’m considering getting the ultra – and i want to answer a question if someone put in another video hey, what did you trade in to get your s21? Absolutely nothing? I didn’t trade anything to get this phone. This phone is 7.99, so um and to me right now i think it’s kind of worth 799 just based on the cameras, the experience i’m, getting with the cameras and the software and everything, and just overall i, like the camera, upgrade from the s20. Now the ultra. I went on record and did a podcast and said they’re, probably doa, uh, no one’s, you know if you have an s20 or a note 20 or if it’s, not a z fold, just skip it, but since i’m a man i’m worried i’m, honest um. I went ahead and bought the s21 because i got intrigued by it. I want to see these cameras and i’m glad. I got it now. As far as the ultra goes. What’S intriguing me to get the ultra is that two things i can get my old iphone. 8 back there 64 gig turn it into best, buy and get 300 300 and buy the ultra right. Now i can leave this video right now: walk over walk. You know cruise over to best, buy around the corner and grab me an unlocked silver or matte, black ultra and trade, in that that phone to get 300 right there on the spot, or i can send it to samsung and wait.

You know for it to ship to me in a couple days and uh: get 350 plus my military uh and get 100 gifts to buy cases with it as well, so that’s a huge that’s, a huge thing uh. So obviously the better deal is just wait. A few days and get it from samsung, but another reason i would consider sending it to samsung the 350 for the iphone is really good, but i can actually get a custom version of the ultra, which is something that um it takes a month or so for Them to make it four or four to five weeks. I could see my ship date and it won’t ship for another month, but i’m patient. You know i’ve waited a month for a scoop detector before so i’m cool with that and i don’t always buy nowadays. I don’t always buy at the beginning uh when it’s something new is coming out. I don’t always, you know pre order. I haven’t done a pre order. Oh man, i haven’t had a pre order and i don’t know when so for those people that said jay. You know you’re gon na cover the ultra actually i’m gon na be truly i’m gon na be upfront and honest. I do want to cover the ultra now, because i like this phone right here, i, like the cameras, uh and no, i won’t trade, this phone out just to get that because you know why i wanted to see him.

You know simple side by side, so um, but the ultra is on my radar now uh and thanks to this, these phones cameras uh. I think they’re really dope, so i’m gon na close out the video with the front camera. I know i said i was probably gon na close out with this, this rear camera, but i want to switch back to the to the front camera. To give you a end on this, you can see them side by side again, all right let’s. Do it all right, so this will just be quick. I just wanted you to see a real snippet real fast back to back. So you, if you notice any big change in quality. Uh don’t worry about what’s, showing in the background. This is where i would have the camera positioned, but nonetheless uh. This is the s21 and i’m truly a fan of these cameras. Like i, i really like these cameras, so we shall see how this works out a vlog from the phone itself about the phone. What wait, what better way to show it to you all right, well, i’ll, see you in the next video. Tell me what you think in the comments about the photo quality, uh and the video quality, and should i go ahead and pick up the s21 ultra custom or just go around the corner and get it or just wait, get my free goodies from samsung.