A new bluetooth connectivity device by samsung and we’ll also do a brief review about it priced at 109.80 or 30. This thing is really smart and much like a tile tracker, it’s, a small bluetooth, low energy dongle. You attach, via keyring, kindly stay tuned till the end of this video to get full information about this new device. So let’s start the video. But before i start kindly subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon, so you’ll get notified every time i post a new video samsung’s new smart tag. Unboxing is quite simple. In short, you get the smart tag and quick start guide and that’s it. The tag is made out of plastic and is quite lightweight around 13 grams. The size of the smart tag is not so small. A slightly smaller size would have been better for his mobile use. The smart tag is using bluetooth 5 for its connectivity and as per samsung, it has a range of 120 meters, but i do feel it should work great below 100 meter distance. Anything above that you might lose the signals it’s using a replaceable battery and the battery life is around 10 months or 300 days. You don’t get any spare battery inside the box, but you shouldn’t worry about the battery life with this device. One major downside is that you can connect smart tag with only galaxy smartphones and tablets, but you can’t connect it with any other android smartphones or an iphone which makes this smart device limited to samsung’s ecosystem.

Also, one important thing to note here is that it will only work with devices running android, 8.0 or higher versions. It uses a small speaker for the buzzer and that’s all about the specification of this smart tag. Samsung will also launch a ultra wide band version of this device, called smart tag, plus with a slightly higher price later this year. So the important question is: how do you connect it to your smartphone? Actually is quite easy and seamless. You will have to download this application from the app store on your galaxy smartphones called smartthings, not to mention your bluetooth must be on once you open the application, it will instantly prompt you about the smart tag as a new device found. You can click on. Add now, and after allowing certain permissions, you will be connected. You’Ll get prompts about how to use it in the app itself. In fact, i got a software update immediately once i connected it now, let’s see how does it work, click on get started and then locate your device. You will get a prompt that smart time will start ringing when you tap start. This is the high volume setting. You can also change it to medium volume by tapping here, and once you find your device, you can just tap to stop it ringing. You can also do the reverse by going into the smart tag, settings and choosing let the tag find your device settings tap to enable it.

Now, when you double press on the smart tag, your device will start ringing. Once you find your device, you can dismiss the ringtone apart from ringing the device and navigating it. There is also a search nearby option, whereas you will get closer to your device. The signal will become more stronger, but i would say the ringing option is much better. Now let’s see some features in the settings. If you don’t like the default ringtone, you can also change it here in the settings. You can keep a track of your battery percentage here in the settings for more convenience. It’S always a good idea to add the smart tag to your home screen by clicking on the three dots. Then click on edit tap on add to home, screen and clicking on, add and then save it by having it on home screen will give you easy access to the application. Now, apart from being useful in tracking your objects, it can also be used for automation. You can control your devices and lights in your bedroom kitchen. You can also customize it by color control, color, temperature and so on. In conclusion, i would say that the smart tag is a welcome edition by samsung it’s, a practical device which can be handy for a lot of people. Some key advantages are ease of finding things which you often forgets or spend hours to find. For example, your car keys, your pits, your earbuds, your car, in the parking the list goes on.

As for different people, it can be useful in different situations, i’m sure, with this busy world and the value of time in our life. This device can save us a lot of time and peace. This video by any means is not sponsored by anyone, and these are my genuine feelings about the smart tag. Let me know in the comments below, if you feel any different or if you have any questions about it.