Note. 9T. I actually really like this handset now i’ve been using it every day since i unboxed it last week. If you missed that video there’s a link up here and in the description, definitely go and check that out, but i think i’ve had enough time with the handset now to tell you exactly what i think about it. So, first of all, let me say: no handset is ever perfect, there’s always room for improvement, and i think mainly the camera could be better with this handset, but more on that in a bit. Let me start off with build quality and honestly, there isn’t really much to say it’s, very good. It doesn’t bend or flex when you’re holding the phone and all of the buttons feel good as well. The back is made of plastic, which has a slight texture to it, which does help a lot with grip and, even though most of the handset is actually plastic. Apart from the screen, of course, it doesn’t feel cheap at the top. Then is a noise, cancelling mic and infrared blaster super handy, absolutely love that and also top firing speaker on the left is just the sim tray which you can see, takes two sim cards, both 5g and also an sd card. On the right hand, side is the volume rocker and power button which has that built in fingerprint reader. That seems to work every time without fail. Now, maybe i’ve just been really lucky.

Perhaps but it’s worked absolutely perfect. For me, then, at the bottom is a 3.5 millimeter headphone socket usbc charging port, the mic and bottom firing speaker. The display is covered in corning gorilla, glass, 5, and actually this came with a screen. Protector installed already i’ve removed that now, but it’s nice that it comes with one fitted as soon as you take this out of the box so in everyday use. This handset has done a great job. Navigating menus, launching and running apps has all been smooth and fast. No lagging no major issues. You know everything has been absolutely fine. The note 9t is powered by that mediatek dimensity 800u chip, and that is responsible for this nice smooth experience, i’ve had launching and running apps the games i’ve played all run. Well. There were a couple of tiny moments where the phone had to think about what it was doing, but that was when i was running some of these games just for the first time after that, everything’s been nice and smooth. The hd plus display looks really nice. For me, it’s a good size as well 6.53 inches that’s, almost the same as the display on the iphone 12 pro max or the samsung galaxy, s21, plus, not quite as big but almost the resolution 2340×1080 and to me for a budget device. Well, there’s, nothing wrong with this display at all. It looks really good, so movies games, photos and things like youtube.

Videos, all look really good, but something else that adds to the experience is the stereo speakers i’m. Quite pleased with the sound you get from these speakers. They’Re, nice and loud and they’re very clear. You know something they’re, just as good as many other handsets 5g that’s, one of the biggest selling points of the redmi note 9t and the phone makes it affordable for anyone to access faster speeds. Now, at the studio here i don’t have 5g coverage yet it’s a bit of a shame, but i did do some tests in a few areas that do have 5g coverage. So you can see here that 5g definitely has been faster than the 4g speeds that i have been getting. But, to be honest where i live, 5g speeds are just not amazing, yet so in other parts of the country you’re going to see much faster speeds, hopefully over the coming months, i will get to test that some more. The phone is running. Android 10, with miui 12 on top it’s possible. I guess we’ll see an updated version of android soon on this handset, maybe but right now, it’s android 10.. Nothing wrong with that, though it’s all fine miui is a lot better than it ever has been as well. I do like the look of the icons and the menus everything’s fine, i mean it’s all personal taste, i guess at the end of the day – and i love what xiaomi are doing with things like the storage indicator, for example, which visually shows you how much storage You’Ve used with this kind of liquid animation that moves as you tilt the phone quite clever, that there is only four gig of ram that’s, not a big thing really, but six gig, maybe would have been nice honestly, though, in order to keep cost down four gig Of ram makes sense: now you get 128 gig of storage.

With this model, that’s ufs, 2.2 storage for faster, read and write speeds. The 64 gig storage option is ufs 2.1, which has slightly slower storage speeds, but for most people i don’t think it’s going to make a huge difference. If you decide to go with the cheaper 64 gig storage version as well, you can just add an sd card in the future if you need more storage space, so now let’s talk a bit about the camera. First of all, the design of the camera module is so good. I really love how this looks. You’Ve got three sensors on the back 48 megapixel wide angle, a two megapixel macro sensor and a two megapixel depth sensor. Now the main sensor is, of course, the one you’re going to use all of the time photos don’t actually look too bad saturation is okay, the dynamic range isn’t too bad either, and if you turn on ai mode it’s going to obviously adjust the camera settings to Give you what it thinks are the best settings for the picture you’re trying to take and then, if you turn on hdr as well or it’s, turned off by default. But if you turn it on in some situations that can really add to the image as well. You won’t always get great results, but again a lot of this is personal preference, and i think you really need to play around with the camera to use the settings. You know that work for you now.

The macro sensor is okay. You can get fairly close to things which can make for some interesting images, but it’s only a two megapixel sensor, low light shots, don’t, look too bad, but you might want to mess around with the settings again to get. You know a good picture for video recording. You can shoot in 4k at 30 frames per second 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second and 720p at 30 frames per second, and the electronic image stabilization is actually fairly decent. You can also shoot slow motion. Video at up to 120 frames per second now low light, video that can be quite noisy and that’s. One thing the camera does struggle with, but the video you shoot during the daytime with plenty of light. You know that looks okay. You also get that front facing camera tucked up in the corner of the display, that’s a 13 megapixel camera and the images with that they’re not bad. Finally, then, battery life, you get a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and that really does last all day with super heavy usage, that’s youtube, netflix and all the normal daily stuff, like emails and messaging. All of that stuff most days the battery would be at around 20 by the end of the day. By the time i plug this in – and i would class my usage as very high, so you’re probably going to get even more than i have and that’s really not bad.

So should you buy the xiaomi redmi note 9t, depending on which model you go for 64 or 128 gig of storage? Is it worth spending between 200 and 250 pounds on this? I think it is absolutely worth the money. Everything is smooth and snappy. You can take some, you know decent photos and video with good lighting, and i guess most importantly, if you need a handset and you want to use 5g without spending money on a super expensive phone, then why not? Honestly, i don’t think you can go wrong with this, so that’s. My review of the xiaomi redmi. Note: 9t. Really, nice handset! If you enjoyed the video or if you found it useful, please do give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already, please do consider subscribing to the channel so that you don’t miss my future videos, i’m, roger with life of tech.