In fact, there are far too many to simply list them all off so here’s. My pick of the very best fresh new smartphones that we’ll be launching in the coming months, so we’re talking the first half of 2021 and it’s, mostly the major premium shiny, expensive stuff, but i’ve thrown in a couple more affordable options in there as well. And for more on the latest and greatest tech, please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now one of the biggest upcoming phones of 2021. That gets me as giddy as a schoolgirl. Every time i think about it is the sony xperia one mark iii. 2020’S, mark 2 was a big improvement over the original xperia one refining, the camera performance and smoothing over some of those rougher edges to deliver a bonerific flagship. That truly has something for everyone: movie fans, music lovers, gamers everyone here was catered for in spades. Well, in 2021, you can expect an even more powerful successor in the xperia one mark iii. This will be one of many premium phones, packing qualcomm’s, fresh snapdragon, 88 chipset, which delivers cutting edge performance and built in 5g support, while a 60 hertz screen will be boosted to a magnificent 120hz panel, just like the xperia 5 mark ii. Rumors also point to a bigger battery this time around, while, of course, the fan favorites like that gorgeous stunning 4k oled display will be back in action. I’Ve already spat out a video taking a look at some of the tastiest rumors doing the rounds on the interwebs about the xperia one mark iii just go check that out for all you need to know, and hopefully we won’t have long to wait before sony’s big Launch it’s, normally around sort of february time, uh, so we’ll, hopefully be seeing the xperia wall mark 3 flagship, then alongside a handful of other phones, hopefully new xperia 10 mark iii and a new xperia l5 budget, handset there’s, even chad, about a new sony.

Xperia compact phone launching in 2021, but i wouldn’t get your hopes too high again i’ve done another video on that score. Check that out next up is the oneplus 9, which will hopefully pop out of its metaphorical womb around march april time, alongside a super sexified pro version early rumors show that the standard smartphone will be rocking a 6.55 inch oled screen with full hd plus resolution and A 120hz refresh rate, while the probe bumps that up to a 6.78 inch display with quad hd plus resolution oneplus, has apparently stuffed that snapdragon 888 into both of these smartphones, as well. Just like that xperia, but there’s. Also talk of oneplus launch and a fresh new light version of the oneplus 9 as well, so it’ll actually be a trio of smartphones, not just a pair, and that will probably be using the new snapdragon 870 chipset, which was launched again just a week or two Ago and that’s, a minor step up from the 865 just bumping up that performance, not quite reaching the giddy heights of the 888., not let’s, say we should have more than enough grunt to do everything you need it to, and the pro model will no doubt serve Up a handful of other advantages over the standard, oneplus 9 as well, including the usual options for more memory, more storage and probably a slightly souped up camera as well that’s. One area where pete now admits oneplus is sort of lagging behind a lot of other smartphone rivals.

So it sounds like they put a lot of time, money and effort into the camera, r d and here’s hoping it pays off with oneplus 9 series leaks. So far on that front have been quite slender, but it looks like the standard. Oneplus 9 will probably come back in a triple lens setup, with a 48 megapixel primary sensor, an ultra wide angle lens and a standard telephoto lens, while the oneplus 9 pro will pack four lenses, hopefully not adding a crazy ass chromatic lens that can see through people’s Clothes as for the price for those oneplus 9 smartphones should serve up that tasty bit of snapdragon 888 action on a much tighter budget than the doubtlessly mega expensive, sony, xperia, 1 mark iii, but that’s not to say they’re, going to be super cheap or anything. The oneplus 9 is likely to start at least 600 quid. So if your savings account is currently looking about as healthy as a fried lard sandwich, then you might be more interested in the upcoming pixel 5e smartphone from google instead now i wouldn’t expect to see this one launch for a good few months yet, but google has Been absolutely nailing its mid range mobiles these past couple of years. The pixel 4a is still one of the very best phones you can grab for under 400 quid offering the same great primary camera tech as that fully fledged flagship. The pixel 5. plus you’ve got smooth performance, a stock android experience and a pleasingly compact design to wrap it all up in here’s.

What, when the pixel 5a is more of the same, although it’s, still very early days, so only time will tell now one of quite a handful of chinese manufacturers who start to make a bit of a stir here in the uk is real me with their great Value propositions and they’ve already announced two new smartphones to be launched in early 2021, the realme x9 pro and the realme race pro the race pro is the most premium of this pair. Despite having a name a bit like a generic kids toy. This beast is once again powered by qualcomm snapdragon 888 and up to 12 gigs of ram, while the enormous 6.8 inch oled screen boasts a quad hd plus resolution and 160 hertz refresh rate, while the 5 000 milliamp battery can be filled in no time at all. Thanks to the insanity, that is, the 125 watt fast charging. Meanwhile, the x9 pro swaps in mediatek’s new dimensionally 1200 for that snapdragon chipset it’s, a bigger six nanometer chip with a less powerful ultra core setup, but you still get that integrated 5g action and again up to 12 gigs of ram. The 6.4 inch oled display scales back to full hd and to 120 hertz, but let’s face it. That still sounds proper tasty. Well. The 4 500 milliamp battery uses some still pretty nippy 65 watt charging tech either way you’re getting the real me ui, 2 launcher slapped on top of android 11.

i’ve covered realme ui in a couple of other videos go check those out. If you need to know more, you’ve also got a triple n setup on both of these really smartphones as well. Although it’s a 108 megapixel primary sensor on the x9 pro and the race pro, has a 64 megapixel primary sensor so expecting realme to globally launch these absolute whoppers any week now pretty much in here, it’s hoping that they emerge here in the uk with a more Affordable price tag than a lot of 2021 flagship phones and speaking of great value, flagship phones that still pack a proper beefy bit of tech, hopefully xiaomi should be doing its global launch of the me 11 flagship phone any day now as well. Xiaomi has slapped a gorgeous looking 6.81 inch screen on the mi 11, boasting a quad hd plus resolution, just like the real me race pro for razer sharp visuals, plus a 120 hertz refresh rate to keep things super smooth, it’s, an hdr10 plus certified panel, which reportedly Tops 1500 nits on top brightness more powerful than samsung’s galaxy s21 ultra. You once again get that snapdragon 88 chipset packed in there, so you can expect top end performance without splashing too much cash, and apparently that display supports a 480 hertz touch response rate as well. Great news for gamers, so basically as soon as you swipe or poke that panel you’ll see an instant reaction, so in my case i’ll be able to turn around just in time to see some bloody 12 year olds.

Sniping at me from the corner. The me 11’s 4 600 milliamp battery won’t charge as fast as those real me phones with 55 watt charging support here, but you’ve also got 50 watt wireless charging support, which is a bit bonkers and the rest of this badass blur sounds just as beefy from the Hormone cordon stereo speakers to the 108 megapixel primary camera, so it certainly sounds like the xiaomi mi 11 and that real me, race, pro, are going to be bitter rivals when they finally do launch here in the uk really looking forward to seeing both of them. Having to play, and hopefully i’ll be able to get side by side comparison on the go for you guys, as well as a full review. Some more upcoming smartphones that are well worth tracking are the huawei, p50 and p50 pro, which should be revealed in full. In march 2021., as far as the hardware goes, you can expect some of the same tech found in those slickers and not as ballsack huawei, mate 40 phones from last year, including the powerful kirin 9000 chipset and a gorgeous oled screen, but it’s huawei’s camera tech. That always gathers lots of interest, and the new p50 series apparently introduces some snazzy new liquid lens tech from huawei, which apparently delivers insanely fast autofocus. Certainly, if the rumors doing the runs on the interwebs are correct, so that’s great news, if you spend lots of your spare time, desperately trying to snap good looking pics of your kids off their tits on fizzy haribo.

But of course, one of the biggest questions is: will huawei stick its much anticipated harmony, os on the p50 phones or stick with a more stripped back android experience lacking in google services, we’ll find out for sure when these beasts go official and i’m, especially looking forward To the p50, because those entry level p series smartphones, they always seem to have a nice slender compact form factor, but still packing a lot of great tech that you find in that pro model. Now oppo is another chinese manufacturer that i’m expecting to see a lot of smartphones from in 2021, starting probably with the reno 5 series. This is a trio of handsets only two of which have officially seen the light of day so far, the 6.43 in torino 5 and the 6.55 inch pro model, but it’s, actually the oppo fine x3 pro that i’m most excited about after the ridiculously good fine. X2. Pro was unexpectedly, one of the absolute highlights of 2020 and yeah in general 2020 sucked harder than a pimped up dyson, but i’m talking about tech here and of course there are a lot of great smartphones launched last year and the 5×2 pro was definitely right up At the top of that pile, the find x3 pro is said to be launching in march, though, very little is known about it. So far you can expect a snapdragon 888 chipset to power. This beast, while oppo’s dual battery tech should mean crazy, fast recharging speeds, plus there’s talk of a properly implemented under display selfie cam after the less than stellar pilot version found here on the zte axon 25g.

Sorry there’s my personal pick of the upcoming smartphones of 2021 that are getting me super moist, but there are quite a few others that deserve a quick shout out as well. These include the vivo x60 pro, which has already launched china side again, just like the mi 11 and a few others here, but it’s set to hit europe any week. Now. Sadly, you’ve got a samsung exodus, 1080 chipset, rather than one of qualcomm’s platforms, but the 6.5 inch oled screen is another hdr, 10 plus 120hz beast and you’ve got a quad lens camera, including a five times optical zoom, telephoto lens and it’s. Happy news for blackberry fans. As well as blackberries new owners have confirmed, there will be a new branded smartphone launching around sort of summer 2021 time with a full qwerty keyboard treatment, here’s hoping they come up with a better name than the priv and i’ll be interested to see what happens with Honors vue 40 smartphone as well, which only just launched a couple of weeks back as well. That actually makes it to the uk, and if it does, will it have full google services as well now that honor has broken free from huawei’s us sanctions, so that’s it for my favorites. But did i miss off your own personal pick of the best upcoming smartphone of 2021 that’s? Got you eagerly and vigorously rubbing your thighs for one? I purposely didn’t mention any gaming smartphones because they could take up an entire video all by themselves likes the black shark.

For the red magic 6, all coming up soon and hopefully again be bringing you full reviews of all of those bad boys should be an exciting year. Indeed, but definitely let me know your own personal favorites down in the comments below.