If you have seen my unboxing video oppo, is stressing that this is a video centric, uh smartphone and now i have played with this. For quite a bit even traveled, with this one, so let’s talk about some of the unique video features that i found on this smartphone. That can be actually useful. Yes, don’t get me wrong, it’s, also a camera centric smartphone for static pictures. Also, it produces some very good snaps. Even i posted some of the samples in the unboxing video. You can check out that uh here. I’Ll show you some of the videos that i shot with it and the various different modes that we have and also some camera samples that i shot with. And if you look at the back, we have that uh quad camera set up on this one. The main camera is that 64 megapixel with f 1.7 aperture. Then we have 8 megapixel that’s ultra wide. Then we have 2 2 megapixel for depth and macro uh. So let’s have a look at the camera. Interface first and i’ve shot a lot of samples, guys uh. So again, watch that so there you’ll exactly know the difference and why i feel this is a very unique smartphone if you shoot a lot of video. If you look at this, this is the regular mode that we have, but oppo is talking a lot about ai. In video with this one, let me actually show you here: we have this button known as ai, and now the ai mode is enabled this works both in photo mode.

But as well as the important thing is, it works even in the video mode and, as you can see, the ai highlight it says is on, and what this does is that it adjusts the exposure, dynamic range and even colors on the fly in the video. This was very difficult, for example, what happens with video? Is that outdoor, if you’re shooting you just can’t control everything the background might be overexposed under exposed, so it actually minimizes all that, and hence the videos, look a lot more punchier. So we have this mode and i’ll actually show you some sample shots that i shot with this one and then you’ll clearly know uh how much of a difference it makes. So this is one thing, and the good thing is that this works not only in this rare of what you say, camera, but even with the front facing camera. This ai video features work. So this is very useful feature i would say – and we have seen this in a lot of photographs – that background blur the portrait mode that we call, but here we can also do this in the video. If you press this button it. Actually, this is called the fusion portrait video mode, and here, if you notice this slider by default, this will be at 60 percent. I would suggest bring it down to about 30 or 25 percent play around with this, and now, if you shoot the video, the background actually gets blurred.

So it gives you a very nice effect again. I’Ll show you the sample in the later part of the video. So this is interesting and you can control how much blur that you want. Generally. This was restricted only to what you say, static pictures, but now we can do this with video, so that’s. Actually a nice thing again. This works with both the front facing, as well as the rear facing camera. Another unique thing that i noticed on this one and in fact i also showed it to you in the unboxing video uh. We have this dual video mode in this one and if i go here as you can see, uh it’s actually shooting from the rear facing camera, as well as from the front facing camera, and you have various modes over here. For example, you want split side by side. This is red here you can have these options like this. You have rectangle. You can even move this, so this is a nice mode that we have. This is known as a dual video mode. I would say great for vloggers and stuff, and of course we have that stabilization mode and all those things also and this one another thing that i noticed is that they call this the ai color mode and what it does is that again, this works both in Static pictures as well as in video, i was surprised that it worked on video. What it can do is that background will be in black and white, but you, as a subject will be in color.

This effect looks actually really cool. For example, i just shot this picture, as you can see i’m in color, but the background is this: is the regular shot. This is in that ai color portrait mode and this works actually really well and even in the video first, you invoke the ai mode and let’s uh. Let me show you the front facing camera right now: it’s looking normal, nothing much, but if i go to the portrait mode i have enabled that mode and if you notice background is actually black and white i’m now in color uh here, actually you have to go Over here this board – and here you have to enable this and enable this filter – hence you get this effect, and this works both in the video as well as in what you say, uh static pictures. It works with the rear facing camera. Also, i completely forgot there is also this uh app that they have. This is known as so loop app and using the pictures and videos that you shot. You can actually get some very cool effects. In fact, i saved some of them. Let me actually show you: where did i save them all the samples that i have this is with just static pictures that i had shot and sound also comes so it creates mini videos like this and it’s very easy. I even created a video i’ll show you the sample later on, but let me actually invoke the app it’s very easy to do and, for example, this is great for casually posting something on instagram or even on twitter.

Let’S, say a small video. 10. Second. 15. Second, clip you want, you don’t want to do video, editing and stuff it’s very easy to do with this app, for example, let’s just open this up, and here you select a template. There are various templates, and even you have ai uh mode here. So just put the video and it’ll do the announcement, but yeah let’s just select one template i’m. Just going to select this template gives you an idea: i’m gon na hit use and now it’ll ask you to actually select some of the pictures or even videos uh. So let’s do that let’s just select some i’ve just selected this one, and i just selected this video and next. If i click it’s going to process and just created a video just like that, and if you just hit this create button, it’ll actually create a video and save it. So this is nice and you have a lot of i’m just going to exit and, as you can see, you have various templates and stuff. So you can play around and create mini videos very easily with this app. But let me actually now show you actual samples with the various uh video modes that i’ve used so that you can get a better idea about the video features and the ai enhancements done with this renault 5 pro so actually guys in pune and i’m using uh. This dual view: you can record from the front facing, as well as the rear facing camera, just walking around, to give you an idea how it does so guys, shooting with the front facing camera of this oppo and it’s, really bright sunny.

We are actually uh going towards mahabaleshwar in road. We just made a small stop here, because kids wanted to have some refreshments. This was actually shot with the ai mode, using the front facing camera and just notice how good the exposure is on my face, even though it’s very harsh lighting. This should give you a difference between the ai mode and the non ai mode notice. The background sort of overblown in the non ai mode, but in the ai mode, the dynamic range and the exposure is a lot better. One more example of that ai mode on the left, just notice again the sky and the background is well defined. Even my face is better left with the ai mode, so the ai mode certainly makes a difference. This ai mode in video also makes a difference in indoor and lighting, as you can see, my face is a lot better lit up in the ai mode compared to the video shot in the non ai mode. In mahabaleshwar, going for lunch, i heard that this bhaji corner is supposed to be good, still pretty crowded a lot of cars, so let’s see uh again testing this dual view can be useful at times as you can see uh. This video is in the ai board and i like it because even in bright conditions like this, the explosion and stuff is actually very defined, but there was a couple of more medium modes. Also, for example, you can do the background blur and i can be only in color.

Everything will be in the. What do you say monochrome? Those options are also there. So here are some more samples. This is another mode in video, as you can see i’m. Only in color the entire background is in monochrome, so this is also a very nice effect and you can do this both with the rear facing, as well as the front facing camera. This is the mono video and i’m recording with the front facing camera, and if you notice, uh i’m, just color and the entire background is in monochrome. So this is a nice feature can be done both with the front facing, as well as the rear facing. If you notice closely, the background should be actually blurred so i’m. Using that background, bokeh blur mode, even in the video and again as i’ve told you by default, will be at 60, keep it around 30 or so to get this sort of effect. These are some static pictures shot with the rear facing camera and again, as you can see, even for static pictures, it produced some very good uh results and the color reproduction was also very good. These were taken with the front facing camera and again, the front facing camera performance was also very good. Like typical oppo smartphones, ai color portrait mode works even with static pictures, as you can see, and you can get some very good results. It even works with the front facing camera so guys those were the sample.

Pics and videos shot with this renault 5 pro, and i definitely have to say in terms of video i like what oppo is doing most of the other smartphone vendors just concentrate on the static pictures. It’S not like the starter pictures are bad on this one. As you saw, the static pictures also come out really good, even what you say: selfies, etc. Come out really good, but i like what they are able to do with the video uh specific features on this smartphone, and i feel if you are a person who shoots a lot of videos, then you should certainly have a look at this smartphone.