Premium phones are becoming more premium with a premium price tag to match, and if you want something more premium, samsung has the s21 ultra, but today’s. Video is all about the galaxy s21. It comes in at 7.99, which is 200 cheaper than last year’s s20. I think it’s only fair to grade on a curve based on price, as this phone doesn’t have all the same premium, materials and specs that you’ll find on a phone this year for one thousand dollars. First let’s talk about these compromises and get that out of the way the phone is made from plastic and it’s, not plastic, that we’ve seen in the past. This plastic is smooth to the touch fingerprint resistant and it’s durable. There also isn’t a headphone jack as expected, and no sd card slot. I stream music and my pictures are backed up to google photos which i love and, yes, those things do cost money. Lastly, one trend that i can’t get behind is the removal of the ac adapter that plugs into the wall apple. Did it first in samsung, followed and i’m sure other companies will do it too? Yes, you can use your previous charger, but i think if you’re paying this much money, you should get an adapter with the phone. I said that about the iphone i said about samsung and i will say it about whomever. Does it next let’s talk about how the phone feels in the hand day to day at this size, it’s, not one handed friendly, all the way, but it’s very easy to use and it’s comfortable? If you do want a larger experience, you can go with the s21 plus, which is essentially the same phone internally as the s20, with a few small differences.

I think samsung as always makes a beautiful phone and they even find a way to make this camera module. On the back look pretty attractive, the on screen, fingerprint reader, has gotten better it’s, actually larger and easier to hit. But i still like face to unlock, i will say it is nice to have both options, because when you’re out and about you’re, obviously wearing a mask so having the option to just use, your fingerprint is really nice. You know the two tone: color design is a great change and the colors that are available for this phone are unique and fun. Of course, if none of those colors tickle your fancy, my sponsor d brand can give you a unique look for less than 15 bucks. These vinyl skins do not only provide a different texture, but they can also give you a unique look that you won’t, find anywhere else hit my links below to d brand your device. So this phone does have the latest specs that you can expect from a galaxy device internally. It has a snapdragon 888 processor, which is the newest one available, eight gigabytes of ram and 128 or 256 gigabytes of bass storage. The screen has adaptive refresh at 120 hertz full hd plus. I know some people would see this as a compromise as last year’s phone was 120 120hz and it was quad hd, but not at the same time. This year there is no quad hd option.

I think, if you’re looking at specs on paper, you can see it as a downgrade, but if you’re using the phone full hd 120 hertz was better all around so they’re. Just sticking with that setting samsung is right up there with the best screens available. It’S super bright, vibrant and oled, so the black levels are superb. You can also fine tune the screen to match it to how you, like, i know, with samsung phones. There are a litany of settings and configurations, and sometimes it’s a bit much, but as a person who loves to tinker and customize things, it’s great to have this much control and flexibility. But it can be overwhelming to many people so that’s. Something to be mindful of now, since this phone is running the latest processor from snapdragon. I don’t need to talk about performance too much since it’s always the same thing. It’S super, fast, responsive and the high refresh screen makes performance feel even faster than before. The camera is always a big one and i’m going to spend a lot of time here. You know the point and shoot cameras are dead. Now, cell phone cameras have taken over the most viral videos that we’ve seen are all captured on cell phones. So people want a good camera to capture that memory. Music, the s21 and the s21 ultra have different camera setups. So i will talk about the ultra in a completely different video, so up front.

We have a 10 megapixel camera and that’s capable of doing video from 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second, one of my biggest criticisms of samsung’s front facing camera is when you take a selfie, it brightens the skin. So now, when you open up the camera app, it tells you do you want bright, or do you want normal looking selfies? Do you want something realistic or do you want it brighten, your skin a little bit? I think the natural looking selfies are better, but of course you now have that option. You know it may struggle a bit if someone has a lot of hair like on my son. Sometimes it cuts my ears off, but overall, unless you’re, pixel, peeping and zooming in, i think it looks really good. It separates the background from the foreground and the picture is very sharp and detailed. Overall, i am happy with the front facing camera. Just hopefully, next year gets a little bit better. The rear cameras there’s a lot going on here, but i’ll tell you that it’s exactly as the same as the galaxy s20. So if you love that camera you’ll love this one, there is a triple camera setup. On the back, with ultra wide wide and telephoto. You know using the perfect scenario: ultra wide can be a useful tool and something that’s super fun to use. The wide angle lens, which is the default camera to me, is the best lens on the camera outdoors.

I love the image that it produced with hdr enabled you know this. Camera is just my favorite as an outdoor camera. This camera also has a 3x hybrid zoom, which i think is really good. Taking pictures from 3x away, it doesn’t lose any light or any image quality. I have nothing bad to say about it. Then we have the space zoom, which is 30x on this camera it’s using software trips and optics, and all these things to zoom really far. You know it was used as a party trick last year as the practicality wasn’t there, but this year to me i think it looks better and it’s usable subjects are far away like a building or trying to read a sign that’s where it works, but not so Much for people there’s a lot of things that i said about this phone and for good reason. This is a super solid phone with some great features for 7.99. This is a solid value and you can actually get it for even cheaper. If you trade, a phone in now, many people will get hung up on things that it does not do, but for the things that it does it’s great. This phone is a great compromise. Yes, you give up things, but you save two hundred dollars on improvements and everything across the board: kevin the tech ninja.