In this video we are going to share our full review of these earbuds and let you know whether you should spend your hard earned cash on them, or should you consider something else in this price range? So do watch this video till the end and if you are new to this channel, then consider subscribing by hitting the red subscribe button. Don’T forget to press the bell icon so that you don’t miss any updates Music. The oppo enco x are small and light. Each earbud weighs just 4.8 grams. They come in two colors in india, black and white. We have received the white color variant and it looks very premium. The metal finish on the edges circles around the charging case. You will also notice a metal finish on the charging tips of the buds, both buds and the charging case come with glossy finish, which doesn’t necessarily make it a fingerprint magnet, but they do get scratched easily. Speaking about the design of the earbuds oppo has gone ahead with a dangling stem design on the enco x, unlike previous models, specifically compared to the encore free, the new enco x sports, a completely different design, while speaking about the internal design that’s, where we probably have To thank dyn audio, the oppo audio partner has designed a relatively complex coaxial. Dual driver system. Oppo has designed encoex to be a snug fit and rather easy on your ears. They are said to be comfortable, wear for long durations, but then these earbuds tend to fall from our ears, especially the left, one, no matter which ear tips.

We tried small, medium or large. Well, they don’t stick around for more than five to ten minutes. We had to keep adjusting them, which was quite annoying, and sometimes we accidentally initiated some of the touch controls like changing the song or ending calls Music. The encox comes with an 11 millimeter, triple layer, dynamic, audio driver and on the top of that is a six millimeter. Balanced membrane driver handling the higher frequencies, while the rest of it is carried by a primary driver on the inside dyn audio is given free reign, which is wise on oppo’s part. Dynaudio have impeccable track record in creating hifi circles. Speaking further on the specs part. Earbuds are supported by bluetooth 5.2. It has a frequency range of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, notably, there are various audio codec supports, including lhdc, svc and aac touch. Gesture controls on the all new encoex are probably the best experience we have had on any tws earbuds. They just absolutely work for us every time. All the time we have used the enco x with the renault 5 pro iphone 10r and macbook air, but unfortunately you don’t get to change the gesture controls on ios or mac, whereas for android you have to download the app called hey melody. But if you are playing through any oppo smartphone, then you can easily customize the gesture controls. So you get the option for five different gesture controls, which is a double tap, triple tap, hold long hold and swipe up or down.

But unfortunately, there is not much room for customization. For example, the triple tap only allows you to enable google assistant and for regular hold. You can only switch anc mode. This feels like an oversight on oppo’s end. We would like to use the triple tap to skip songs, but we don’t have that option. It’S, not a deal breaker, but it certainly limits the gesture controls to default. This could easily be rectified via an ota update. I hope oppo is listening to the user feedback, while oppo limits the customization of gesture controls. The gestures themselves work really well now, guys in terms of battery life. We have no complaints. You will get up to 4 hours of playback time on a single charge, with active noise cancellation switched on. This is extended up to 20 hours. With a charging case with anc switched off, you can easily get 30 to 45 minutes of extra playback on the single charge for charging the case you can just plug in any type c port. You do get wireless charging support, but quick charge seems to be missing in terms of audio quality. Once again, we don’t have any complaints with the oppo and co x. They are really good. They offer you a really good audio experience, especially when it comes to balance frequencies. These earbuds are very good. You get good bass good treble. Overall, you will not have any complaints. The bass remains strong and clear without being overbearing.

Same goes for the treble. Do make note that these earbuds will not beat any fancy headphone experience, but are surely going to be sufficient for your streaming or call usage over smartphones or laptops, keep them paired with two devices and switch between by long press on either earphones stem. Notably. This has been enabled in settings now. Let’S talk about the elephant in the room, which is active, noise cancellation and, once again it is very good on these earbuds. We have no complaints with the active noise cancellation feature uh. You will get a very good experience from the oppo inco x. We have also used the samsung galaxy buds live and for comparison we found the enco x equally good when it comes to noise. Cancelling. We can safely say that these earbuds have impressed us a lot when it comes to noise cancellation, in fact it’s a great feature to have, especially while you are traveling in flights and need some quiet time all by yourself for people concerned about the codex support like Aac and lhdc, we are happy to report that there is no discernible difference between the two unless you are a hardcore audiophile. All in all, it is an excellent pair of earbuds as far as audio quality and anc support is concerned, so guys in terms of connectivity. The oppo encox feature bluetooth 5.2 support. I think these are the first pair of earphones in india that come with bluetooth 5.

2 support. We did not face any issues while connecting with different devices but uh for the first time when we connected with our macbook air uh. The connection was unsuccessful, but after the second attempt we were able to easily connect it with the laptop in terms of call quality. We can say that these earbuds are very good with dual mic support on each butt. You don’t have to worry about whether the person on the other end of the call is able to hear you or not, even while wearing the single butt. The other party was able to hear us loud and clear. Oppo has excelled at call quality over the time. Since introducing their first tws earbuds, so that’s it guys, this was our full review of the oppo enco x, which are priced at 9900 rupees and for the price we can safely say that these are the best sounding earbuds they’re, very good. When it comes to noise cancellation, the battery life is also really nice on these earbuds. But if you do not have the budget, and if you want to try something else, then you can go with the real me budzier pro, which are priced at. I think uh. Seven thousand or eight thousand rupees uh we’ll mention the exact pricing in the description of this video. There are some differences between the oppo and co x and the real me buzzer pro, but then for the price you get what you get anyways.

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