When i was young, the only thing we had to communicate with was two ten cans and a long piece of string. So i hope you enjoy this review on this phone, these newfangled things that run without any connections no wires or nothing so uh we’re going to get a good looking lady up here. That can really explain it really good for us, and we can understand more about it, so get ready and sit back and get ready for a good show, oh by the way yep you guessed it time for another joke. What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair, dark brown, artificial intelligence Laughter, so without any more waiting? Let the show begin and don’t forget to like subscribe and share and, of course, make a few uh good comments below see you next time on the renaissance, channel, Music, okay, hello, everyone today, i’m, the one who will do the review i don’t know if i can Do it right or wrong i’m not used to it it’s my husband, but he wants me to make a review of a smartphone smartphone right, a smart iphone, yeah smartphone. This is uh. I have a kodigu all the time because i can memorize everything. This is an x6 x 60 bro cell phone cell phone iphone, smartphone smartphone. Then it has the back cover we’ll open it. First, then we will tell you what’s in there what’s the package what’s the package inside.

I have the manual that i don’t understand. They got free what’s, this it’s the headphone right headphone. Then it comes with free memory card. We contact the seller. How to put this one. He said that you have to open wait. Lung have to okay, i’m gon na open it. Now you have to open and take the paper first open, the back side. First to opposite, you have to open the back side to put the memory card and it comes with the charger with the charger it’s in the house. It has a charger tools in the house. I got how many four right four well. I will read that one later what’s this four here what’s this four in their love. Oh, come lens. You got four camera camera lenses like expensive camera, but this one is really cheap camera. It only cost us four thousand two hundred ninety pesos that’s around equivalent one hundred dollar but it’s, very nice. You have to pull this one pretending because we already open it like early, then the on and up button is this side right here you have to prolong press this and it come on. It is a touchscreen right touchscreen, you push that one like that, and it open up. The sealer already put a lot of hold on icon right. What you call this apps in there already, so we don’t need to put the apps. They already fix it up. They beautify it up whatever they already download everything in here.

We have here everything. Almost everything is in here and wi fi you can, you can use wi fi on this one or you can use a load to be online there. I guess it comes everything. Then we already tried the camera come and see. It’S, really nice, really nice cream right come here. Come here on mine, we’ll see what’s what’s, okay i’ll bring it there, see that how, in the close up sinclair good, see it’s really nice camera, you can do it like. This also see how clear is the video or the or, when you’re taking a video or when you take a picture here’s some example that we already tried earlier not that once looks like a big glitch. We try the video sierra here there. She is the only only problem. Is the volume is kind of low right, the volume, but you can use heat set if you want that’s, why, i think comes with a headset and you can hook up in the computer. Also, okay that’s the back button right there and you can scroll. I try. My big lips see it’s, really clear, right, clean, okay, that’s it for the quality that that’s that’s it for the quality of the video what’s. The resolution to the camera wait like i’ll check. The description of the ceiling because i can’t memorize everything: okay, i’m gon na read you the description of this yeah. I forgot to show you something: it comes also with a funky funky, whatever funky, punky, pinky, really sharp, or that really sharp kinda pointy.

Pin you push this one here on the top right here and this one will pop out this. One is a dual sim card: come you have to buy it? Don’T eat income free same card only come with a free memory card, so we have to buy a sim card for this or use our old sim card put in here. Oops people in the wrong way. Okay, there, where is that thing, never lose the pin. If you want to buy this one, it comes. We we buy this one. This one is online, so if it comes in don’t never lose this. Unless you have a needle, i think needle’s fine, but it’s good to have this to your handle and if you use the needle make sure you bought the hand don’t leave it sharp. Oh yeah, if you use a needle, if you lose this one and you use a needle break the tape of the needle because it may break inside and you can get it out, no more or maybe it’s too sharp, and you can puncture something that’s why they Come with this it’s, not pointy, but it’s kind of what you call this one huh blunt, my husband’s it’s, blunt it’s, blunt that pointy nice sharp, is blunt. Okay, i have to open the other cell phone to see the description. So you know what’s uh what’s really in here, because we just got this one today, we don’t really know how how this one works yet model after the vibram.

My husband coached me because he’s the one who ordered this yeah he’s the one who already ordered this cell phone. I told him to make a review, but i don’t want it: i’m, not good at it. In the back cover, have three curved glass plating where’s. The this one made of glass lighting, so the back side is made of glass plating it’s covered three times. Three things covered layered. Okay, then chip how to pronounce it cheap, cheap, okay, cheap uh. It got empty mt6875 octa core that’s, bigger small it’s, big okay, it’s nt 6875 octa core. My husband said: it’s big, cheap, then network standard got 5g goal card. I can see it’s got 5g dual card standby nano sim card; what’s that mean love. What does that mean? Listen the network standard, it has 5g dual card standby, nano sim card, what’s that mean it’s, a nano sim Music Laughter, you old mind, can’t, wait and wildman have no patience. Okay, now we’re going to the screenshot our screen size. I mean sorry screen size. The screen size is 6.6 inches. This is 6.6 inches. Ah it’s water drop screen so waterproof. What does that mean? So it’s water, it’s, 6.6 inches water drops screen. The resolution is like the water point like that. Well then, the solution – okay. We are under resolution now my cell phone tried to block me. The resolution is really high right: it’s, 1200 by 2640 pixels. The operating memory ram it got 12 gb was that 12 g, 12 gig 12 gig that’s, big, okay, the body, the body, memory, rom or rom rom.

It got 512 gb and then the support smart. Wake up you got face recognition. They recognize your face, wait, wait! When you make a picture, you know you can walk or unlock your phone. Oh okay, you can support wake up, face recognition, fingerprints, unlock and add that’s the thing that on the screen, okay, it got fingerprints unlocked on the screen; it got wi fi, it comes with wi, fi, bt, fm gps, what’s, a what’s, an fm, a radio fm ready Right and the bt i don’t know what’s a beating gps, i know with gpe is the new location. Okay, then the charging board is type c and uh yeah. What does that mean? That’S? What i said i know i read in the manual also earlier that this is a very sensitive camera when you order the parts that you want to put in here, you have to order to the sealer, because you may destroy your camera. Then it comes with 3.5 mm standard, headphone jack what’s that mean jack what’s that mean as normal standard only the the headphones, your standard headphone, the plugin and the okay where’s, the plugin, okay here’s, the plugin for the headphone beside the charger right here in the bottom. Okay, the rear air come rear in camera. It comes with 32.0 Applause million, hd high definition right, it’s big. It comes with 32 megapixel, the the rear in or the back camera. I think that’s it. Then the flash memory comes with 12 gig and 52 a 51.

I mean 12 game 12 gb plus 512 gb flash memory, what’s a flash memory. That means the cell phone alone and the cell phone alone and the cell phone alone. Not with the hard drive i mean the card where’s that free card i lose it. I hope you like, i hope you, like my review, i hope it’s not missing it’s, not missing or call that one. I hope you understand my english that’s it because i don’t know how to speak tagalog because i am a visaya. I am a visaya. My tagalog is not that good, so i hope you like my english, my english. I know because it just makes fun. Okay, that’s it for now, and thank you for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe our channel for more reviews and other videos that we download in there and give us a thumbs up.