8K video up to 24 frames per second and it’s, got that fantastic super powerful snapdragon, 888 processor, so there’s a lot to talk about here and i’ve genuinely enjoyed using it. The last couple of days and there’s, some things that have surprised me so we’re going to talk about all this, but before we do, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the s21 ultra first things: first it’s got a beautiful display on it. It’S got a 6.8 inch super amoled display and it looks fantastic 515 pixels per inch at the maximum when you have it on the quad hd plus resolution. This one is the only one out of the s21, the s21 plus and, of course, the ultra. That can do the quad, hd plus resolution, the s21 and the s21 plus top out at full hd, which is 1080p so that’s, one of the extra things you get with the ultra paying that extra money, because the price tag is 1199 baseline price. That gets you in the door with the snapdragon, 888, 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage normally i’d, be all about 128 gigabytes of storage except there’s. No external sd card support so you’re, stuck with what you got and normally that wouldn’t be so troublesome, except for the fact that this phone shoots up to 8k video at 24 frames per second 8k video at 24 frames per.

Second, if i remember correctly, is about 600 megabytes per minute of video, so a 10 minute video is 6 gigabytes, that’s a lot that’s a whole lot of space. So if you’re talking 128 you’ve got the operating system on there, you download a couple apps. Maybe a couple episodes of tv and you’re already going to be pushing the envelope if you really start to do some serious recording on here. So if you can, i would pay the extra 50 bucks and get the 256 model or you can pay some extra money. I believe it’s 1350 bucks to get the 512 model, but that’s a really expensive phone. I mean it is it’s a good value. I think at 11.99, especially when you look on the other side of the aisle and the iphone 12 pro max is very attractive. At 10.99 so it’s already a hundred dollars cheaper when you start moving up the ladder to over thirteen hundred dollars with tax that’s about a fifteen hundred dollar phone, do you really want to pay that for this phone it’s, a great phone i’ve really been enjoying it? I don’t want to make it sound negative, but this is just reality. Talking about the amount of storage you get it’s fixed and you cannot add on to that. So make sure you take that into consideration when you go to the shopping, cart and get whichever model that you want to get, but absolutely gorgeous display.

Look at this look at that. The fingerprint sensor! Finally works really really well! You just barely have to tap it and it works. No more of that. Putting your finger on there smashing it down applying like 50 pounds of pressure per square inch like you’re gon na force your thumb through the phone they finally got. It worked out what i need to test out. Still, though, is getting a screen protector on it and seeing how it works. Then i was largely okay with the fingerprint sensor on the note 20 ultra until i put the screen protector on and then just ruined the entire experience for me and made me not want to use it so i’m, very hesitant about it. I think i may just get the warranty on this and the insurance so that way i don’t have to worry about it. In case i get micro scratches or abrasions, because the the display is gorgeous. It feels so nice whenever you’re using it and then again the fingerprint sensor is finally it’s it’s, so good, and this is more secure than the regular optical one that they put on a lot of the other ones. So big step up really glad that samsung finally found a way to work that out and if that’s, not enough you’ve got facial recognition technology. It works that way too. Some of the things you’re missing out on this phone – and i want to talk about these before i get too far into the video, so it doesn’t have a headphone jack on here, that’s missing, so you can’t plug in your headphones.

Unless you get the samsung dongle and plug it into the bottom, so you need a usb to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you pretty much need the samsung one i’ve used generic ones before and i have not gotten to work. So the samsung one is like 13. 14 bucks it’s not that big of a deal, and i don’t even know a lot of people still sporting them anymore, but if you are that’s how you’re going to need to get your headphones to work, other thing is missing. Like i mentioned a second ago, no sd card support, you’re fixed with the amount of storage that you get on here, so that’s kind of a that’s kind of something people aren’t happy about and then with the samsung pay. They took out that magnetic signature technology that allowed you to use your samsung pay, basically on any card reader, because it used the same kind of signal as you would with the card. You would hover it over the card swipe and it would send that magnetic signal and it would activate like it’s a real card that’s, something that they’ve taken out in this phone as well, so so that’s, another level of heartbreak when it comes to this phone. If you use that and rely on it, you’re not going to be able to use it here, you can still use samsung pay with the nfc transmission method, which is pretty much universally accepted. A lot of places now, but still i don’t, think we’re quite there to where they should have taken that out and the fold 2 still has it the note 20 ultra still has it so a lot of these older flagship phones.

You can still use that feature. So maybe this might not be the one for you if that’s a really big sticking point, also there’s no charging brick in the box. It’S, not there there’s no headphones in the box. You don’t have that either. So there are some decisions that samsung has made to kind of cheapen some of the stuff that goes along with the phone. It just seems like they keep taking a little bit by little bit away from the phone, but thankfully they’ve lowered the price point. The samsung galaxy s20 ultra last year was 13.99 for the baseline 128 gigabyte storage model this one 11.99, so they found a way to lower it 200 bucks. I can kind of get on board a little bit with some of this stuff, since they did lower the price point. I still would like to see it closer to the 1099 dollar price point, but i don’t think we’re gon na get there samsung likes to throw too much stuff in there and they came out swinging with the adaptive refresh rate on here and also the 120 hertz Display that’s something you don’t get with apple that’s, something that you don’t get with a lot of other phones, especially on an oled panel and 120 hertz and it’s got an adaptive refresh rate. The refresh rate is how many times the screen refreshes in a second, so 60 hertz 60 times in one second, that gives you that nice smooth effect whenever you see video, if you’re, watching an action movie, if you’re playing a video game and sometimes things get a Little blurry or choppy or you can’t, make things out that refresh rate helps refresh the screen faster, so you can see better.

It also gives you that really smooth scrolling effect whenever you’re using the phone so like using twitter using instagram. Whenever you take the feed and you scroll, it really fast and it looks really blurry it’s, just some nice things. I really like it, and i like having it turned on one major improvement on this over the note 20 ultra is putting that extra 500 milliamps of battery back in the s20 ultra. Did it right it had five thousand milliamp battery which would get you through the whole day. It was really good, then they went to the note 20 ultra and the battery went like. I was struggling to get four and a half hours of battery out of my phone. I know see some people say that they had excellent battery life. I had terrible battery life. I had friends who had terrible battery life and went through multiple phones. I even made a video about it. This one right here i’ve had no problems with the battery, even breaking it in through the first few days, i’ve been averaging about seven hours of screen on time, which is really impressive. I don’t have adaptive brightness turned on. I have the display turned up as high as it will go before it gives you that little warning and it automatically turns it back down when you get done using it. I don’t have any power saving features on whatsoever. I just don’t, and i have 120 hertz adapter refresh rate on seven hours of screen on time on a behemoth of a phone and behemoth inspects behemoth in size, because it is very, very large.

But it feels good in the hand it’s still slightly more ergonomic than some of the other phones and it’s got that very subtle curved edge display on it. So it still has kind of a rounded effect when you hold on to it: it’s, not big and boxy. Like the note, so i really like the design on this. I think that they did a good job. Ergonomically i’m, not crazy about this built in camera bump on here, and just so you know, if you put it down on the ground or you put it down on the table and you’re typing on it. You can probably hear that tapping noise down there that’s because it’s lopsided, because you’ve got this big block right here and then it drops off here. So it does this number when you have it on a flat surface, to alleviate that you can put it in a case now i have the official samsung silicone case with the s pen and i got ta say i like it a lot. I honestly like it more than i like the note i don’t like the design on it, because it creates this wedge over here. That makes the phone fatter and then also i’m, not crazy about the silicone material they use, because it picks up literally everything, literally everything dust debris, crumbs, fuzz, whatever, if there’s something that can get stuck on this it will. So i really don’t like that. I hope they make like a leather case or some other options.

The s pen, though, is basically the same one that came with the tab. S6. I, like it a lot and with the note previously, whenever i was trying to use it, it was so small and tiny, and you sit there like this. I don’t care for that. So this one i like a lot – and this is probably my favorite s, pen or stylus – that samsung has made. However, you can use the regular note stylus, with this i’ve tested it out, it’s, pretty cool. You can even use the tab s7 or a 7 plus stylus, and then you can use this one so it’s very well, rounded it registers it picks up and you don’t even have to do anything. You don’t have to do any special connection stuff. It just detects it and it works. So i like that, a lot and then you get the little option bubble on the side over here to where you can open up your notes and all that cool stuff. But i think they did a good job in integrating this and making it work see there we go, it pulls everything up, so you can use it now. You don’t get the air gestures, like you do with the tablets or with the note series phone it’s. More of a riding utensil and you can hold down the button to erase stuff while you’re drawing, but i think, it’s a nice addition. I like that they’ve opened this up and allowed you to use the s pen with the s21 ultra.

I also think this is an important distinction, because the s21 and the s21 plus do not have stylus support so that’s. Another big win here for the ultra a big one to go along with the big price tag. So you’ve got the 108 megapixel camera on here, capable of shooting 4k at 60 frames per second capable of shooting 8k at 24 frames per. Second, you have a 10 megapixel periscope telephoto. That gives you the 10 times optical. You have a separate 10 megapixel telephoto zoom, which gives you up to the three times optical zoom, and then you have the 12 megapixel ultra wide, so very well built out and a lot of different great options there, and you can see that the 40 megapixel selfie Camera blends in really well with the screen, so let’s go ahead and dive in. I want to show you some of the video and photo samples Music. Okay. Now this is a really cool feature. I didn’t realize that it did this, but now it’s set up with the s21 ultra. I guess the other s21 series devices you can round from front to back while you’re recording, so this is really cool. This is something that i’ve been excited for for a long time, i’m glad. But in here i got the s21 plus and we’re going home. Cameras are very capable, take solid pictures and i think the selfie camera is top notch. You can see a couple different selfies here and i took those outside took one or two inside a couple other different photos.

While i was out doing things when it comes to my full review in the next week or so, i’ll have a lot more camera samples. I’M gon na go out this weekend, take tons and tons of pictures. This is just my 72 hour more of a impressions on the phone itself, more so than the camera i’ve really been impressed with the performance it’s super fast. This is the fastest phone i’ve ever used, and you can say that oh well, the apple a14 processor is more powerful, well it’s limited by the user interface ios feels slow. It feels laggy, it feels clunky. The animations are dated when you use the snapdragon 888 and this with the one ui when you use the snapdragon 888 in here or triple eight with the one ui software. It feels really smooth and really fast, especially because of the 120hz refresh rate. So this is definitely the most enjoyable android experience. I’Ve ever had i’ve only been using this phone for three days i’m, expecting it to get better and be more enjoyable over time, and you can game like nobody’s business on here, you can play pub g. You can play fortnite play everything that you want if there’s, if it’s in the play store and it exists – you can play it on here, so i think they’ve done a really good job with the phone i’ve really been enjoying use it. I feel like it’s much more worth the money than the s20 ultra was last year.

I was very disappointed with it like initially. There were some things i liked about it, but the camera was just. It was terrible. The autofocus was terrible, it never really got better. I know that some people are saying that it got improved towards like the end of being almost a year old. That may be true but i’m, not using anymore, because i ditched it after like eight weeks, because i couldn’t stand the camera. It just did not work for me, even though it had the most amazing selfie camera i’d ever used. So this one builds on a lot of that, takes it to the next level and i’m looking forward to spending more time with this phone over the next week. So i can do my full review, spend more time with the camera more time really going in depth on some stuff and bring that back to you. So you guys can get a realistic look at how the phone is because of course, i can’t give you a full review after using it for three days, but if you want to go out and pick one up and you wanted to hear some things about it, That’S kind of why this video exists, so you can get some preliminary thoughts and information on the device, so you know what you’re getting yourself into so i, like it i’m enjoying it i paid for it myself. This was not sent to me so yeah. If i paid 1200 for this thing and it sucked, i would definitely tell you anyway, so that’s all i’ve got on my three day: 72 hours, impressions of the samsung galaxy s21 ultra.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video. Hopefully this has been helpful and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those down. In the comment section, i will get back with you. I monitor the comment section and i always try to get back with people delay. To answer your questions.