In preparing this list, i’ve tried to select from the various price ranges, so you can easily find the best product for you. Each product has been ranked based on customer reviews, price and quality i’ve embedded the links to the products in the description for more information. Please check them out now. Let’S get started with the list. In this video we are going to check out the five best smartphone projectors let’s get started with the list. Music number one best overall, venkio leisure, 3 mini smartphone projector only top quality smartphone projectors will provide you with a superior watching experience that’s why we are more than happy to let you know that the venkio 2004 lux led portable projector is in the market, its 2018 Upgraded lighting offers plus 40 brightness compared to ordinary projectors. It provides a good watching size. Additionally, this unit supports a 1920 times 1080 resolution. That being said, the portable projector is one of the best for home entertainment that’s. Why? We have brought you projectors that are compatible with smartphones. This means you will be able to watch right from your smartphone number. Two qkk mini projector 5500 lumens portable smartphone, projector qkk lcd projector boasts a high resolution, and this makes it suitable for video games and movies. The projector is also portable and therefore perfect for entertainment on the go. You can use it on a trip or during a camping adventure. According to the manufacturer, the ideal projection display is 120 inches at 3 meters.

Instructions that come with it are good. It is very durable and comes at an affordable price. You can enjoy the video quality so much. Additionally, you can also get eye protective care in this projector and all ports to connect with any multimedia cable number. Three topv is ion mini four: zero: zero, zero lux smartphone projector. You do not need an hdmi adapter or a wi fi environment to connect this smartphone projector to your laptop or smartphone. Well, this is because all you need to achieve that is a usb cable. In other words, this mini projector is compatible with laptops and smartphones, plus it works with amazon, fire tv stick, tablets, tf cards, usb sticks and tv. It has upgraded to 2200 lumens, meaning it is brighter than projectors with 1 800 lumens. It is great for watching videos, movies and favorite sports events. You can get responses from seller, amazingly fast when emailed number 4 oking 2020 upgraded, portable, smartphone projector, equipped with a decent contrast ratio and a high resolution of 1080p. The oking portable projector will provide you with 35 percent brighter images than similar projectors. It creates a premium home cinema experience that you will definitely love the projection. Display of this little guy is 32 inches to 170 inches at a projection. Distance of 1 meter to 5 meters what’s more. This video projector boasts a powerful cooling system that helps extend the bulb’s life. This projector comes in a compact size and very easy to carry.

Additionally, the remote controlling system is also very good. Number five hompow3600l smartphone portable projector, hompow mini projector, allows you to directly connect your smartphone via mhl, cable, not included. You can connect to either your iphone or android phone and share photos and videos. Furthermore, the projector is compatible with many different devices, such as notebooks wii, ps4, dvd usb disk pc tv sticks and nearly all multimedia devices. You should, however, note that this projector does not support playback of protected videos because of copyright issues. Those small speakers are loud enough for good hearing. The cooling system is also so good and does not overheat. If you need more information about those products, please check the links in the description below thanks for watching the video thanks for watching.