The cameras i’ve had a chance to test it out for almost two weeks now so let’s see what it can do. Music future crystal here and let’s talk about the future of phone service. I’M super excited to announce my partnership with visible they’re, an online based verizon owned service provider and whether you just picked up an us21 looking to buy a new device or, if you simply just need service and you’re. Looking to save some money. Visible is the way to go. It is the year 2021, my friends where you can literally get anything online with a click of a button. So why should phone service be any different now, because there are no stores you don’t have to deal with stores you can literally do anything and everything online or from your phone. This includes signing up paying your bill. Troubleshooting and visible makes it super easy with online customer support and overnight shipping, which is especially helpful during these times now, like i said before, it is verizon owned, so you get all the verizon goods, along with it like verizon 5g, at no additional cost. Unlimited data messaging minutes all for as low as 25 a month so it’s nice to know that you don’t have to sacrifice anything or go with a company that you never heard of just to save money. And if you’re wondering crystal that sounds good and all. But how much will i actually be saving? Well they make that super simple, too, just type in what you’re paying now and in seconds.

There are your savings, so if you’re thinking of switching over to visible – and you want to learn more about it, check out that link below and now back into the video now let’s break down those cameras. We get five total four on the back one in the front we have a 108 megapixel main wide camera 12 megapixel ultra wide two 10 megapixel telephoto cameras and one 40 megapixel selfie camera. No doubt the specs on here are impressive, but you also have to consider camera ui image processing and is those things combined that make a great smartphone camera and not to spoil things, but i’ve been really happy with it. So far now, before we take a look at some of the photos that i’ve shot, i want to dive into the camera app because i feel like this is truly. What makes the whole camera experience so great with this phone and even comparing it to you last year’s note: 20 ultra. There are some new things here. If you dive into that more tab. This is all the different camera features, extra added features and settings that you can use now, if you’re into the whole ar stuff there’s a whole ar zone, and this is where we get our memoji equivalent for samsung phones, and i remember they were a little scary. Looking in the past, so let’s see what they’re looking like now let’s do ar emoji stickers. You can make one from selfie okay, so i don’t even have to go and customize it it’ll.

Just do it for me position your face in the center of the screen. Once that’s done, you can customize this hair clothes and accessories fun. Oh well, i kind of got got the red hair um. I don’t know. If that looks like me, does that look like me, um yeah, i guess we got. We share some similar features. I, like the champion leggings, i like the shoes, but apparently you you do have to buy them. If you want to use them, looks like something i would wear right. Well, i guess that’s a thing but moving along. We also have a portrait photos and portrait video, which used to be called live, focus and it’s. Basically, the same thing same effects that we got before, but it does seem to be a little better in the picture area. As you will see, when we take a look at those, but right now, let’s do a quick portrait. Video portrait selfie video is probably one of my favorite features when it comes to the selfie camera on this phone, and it does seem like it’s doing a better job with edges than it was doing with the previous phones, but there’s also some effects here. You can do as you’re recording so i’m filming and i’m i’m changing them. Oh i like this one. I do remember this one, this one’s cool, but i also did this outside, so you can take a look at what that looks like i am loving this.

I wish iphone had this because i feel like it’s so perfect for instagram stories, maybe spice things up a little bit. This is looking really cool moving along if you’re somebody who likes to take a little more control over your photos and video there’s. Also, the promos pro for photos and pro video and director’s view as well, which i actually took a look at in my unboxing in case. You missed that so there’s a lot of fun stuff within the camera app and the more that you use it. The more that you discover things, but something else that i really appreciate is the use of ai to recognize what you’re shooting. So, if you happen to have a lemon and you want to take a photo of it, it’ll use the scene. Optimizer and it’ll recognize that it is a food item. Food mode turns on right away. You don’t even have to toggle it on and take the photo. It looks like it’s, more vibrant, a little brighter there’s. Also, a focus enhancer let’s see what that does with this photo. Now, if we turn to this plant down here, it knows that it’s a plant. So, in short, the camera knows what it’s taking a picture of, and this can be turned off just toggle off the scene. Optimizer. If you want more control over your photo, but usually it does do a good job at making it look better straight out of the camera, now there’s a lot of features within the camera, app that i do like, but there’s also, some that i don’t use all Too often single take is one of those which is kind of like a life randomizer that takes the best highlights or portions of a 5 to 15.

Second clip it does a whole variety of different type of shots, and you might get something cool out of it. You might not, so i appreciate it, but it’s, not something that i use that often so the camera ui overall is clean. Easy to navigate has a little bit of something for everyone. A lot of things that i would usually go to third party apps for are included right in it. So if you’re, someone who likes to keep things simple and you don’t want to go to the hassle of going through third party apps, this is perfect for you. It is photo time, let’s take a look at those photos and i’m going to look at them on my monitor, because this display is beautiful, but it definitely enhances things it does tend to make the pictures look a little more vibrant than they actually are so let’s. Take a look on here, starting with some pictures of me outside this is just the main wide and man the dynamic range is just beautiful, like you could see the clouds. I know it was like perfect shooting conditions, but you could see the clouds so nicely in the detail: that’s. Definitely what catches my eye, obviously like the colors, all around look great, the green, the red and my sweater, but yeah that sky is beautiful. This is an ultra wide picture again, there’s like really no distorting really like that tree on the edge still looks pretty nice and straight but yeah.

This looks great too. This is a photoshop with those 108 megapixels toggled on, and it definitely gives you a bigger file size, but the picture itself when you zoom in you, definitely get a lot more detail in here. Everything is nice and crisp. Look at like the bright area of the pictures: it’s not really like. Nothing is really blown out at all. It was definitely bright and sunny on the back. There obviously i’m in the shade, but damn now, instead of going section by section with different types of photos and video i’m just going to go through my camera roll. This is exactly how my day went so let’s. Take a look at this video clip let’s see what we got here: i’m just sitting outside okay, so get a nice idea of like what that dynamic range holds up with in video it’s. Looking good, i stand up that sun in my face is still doing a great job at keeping that detail in there pretty nice pretty pretty good. It is pinecone time i took a lot of photos of a pinecone in my hand. This looks really good, though the focusing on there is nice. It’S sharp got some detail. This is, with the main, wide got those nice little bokeh balls on the back. This is not even live, or this is not a portrait picture. This is just straight up. Those bright areas in my hands are nicely exposed. Nothing is overexposed.

Everything looks balanced, the colors look beautiful, i don’t know. I just think it looks extra good and the one thing that i will say with like the colors in general, like is not just the phone’s display they do tend to punch up a little bit like this is. This looks like it was like an edited photo like the blue looks really like poppin. This is what you get straight out of the camera. These look great. This is a telephoto shot. This is just using the main telephoto, not the periscope telephoto. So this is not super super zoom or anything like that. I like how this looks: okay, let’s, ignore that i was trying to toss the pine cone didn’t work out great, oh, but i did notice afterwards there’s a motion photo setting, which i should have done, that when i was tossing that up here’s another telephoto shot again. I can’t get over how great the sky looks in these photos like you can really like. This is a telephoto lens. You can really see look at the clouds they look like they’re painted onto the sky in this photo and then switch over to the main wide camera 900. This is just a regular main wide photo. Looking great now, you start to see like the mountains peeking on the back. I love that there’s like snowy mountains and then palm trees in the same photo so crazy and then ultrawide. You see everything and again, like it’s still retaining that detail like you’re, not getting like fuzzy.

Obviously you start you lose a little bit of the crispness and the ultra wide but wow. Now this is a shot of me standing directly in the sun, so the sun was just blaring right at me and it’s nice that it still retains information in those bright areas like you can still see a great amount of detail in my face. Obviously, things do get softer, but it looks great again main wide camera and then switching to ultra wide. Looking great, i almost love the look of this ultra wide picture even more. This is a jumping action shot that’s, a great zoom in everything, looks crisp overall, like i’m jumping in the air and the fact that i’m not blurry, is really cool, so here’s, some portrait shots and the wind was blowing my hair all over the place so that’s. Why we do see some weirdness going on on the top there, some blurring, because my hair is moving so those edges and overall, the edges are not perfect. Normally, i would take a photo like this into focus on my iphone to clean up edges. So if you guys know any apps that do that on android, let me know in the comments below and here’s another video clip with super steady on. So we can see how smooth it is, while walking and again in the bright blaring sun. But it still does a good job at keeping some of the information on my face.

It just does clip a little bit there, but all in all, colors look good the green, the blue. In the background, yeah. The only thing i would say is like i wish. I could change the exposure, a little which you can in the pro video mode, but this is just auto with super steady on here’s, our first selfie and when i took this and saw it for the first time on the phone. I was really impressed because, while i was taking it, the viewfinder is a little deceptive, because everything was super blown out overexposed. You couldn’t see anything in the sky, but then, when you click on it after and look at it all that post processing kicks in and the sky comes back and it looks amazing again bright sunny day on the back and you can see all the clouds back There here’s an ultra wide selfie again same thing: super impressed with the sky. Overall, there is some overexposing going on in that bright area, but overall the picture looks great and i’m holding my hand up for that self. Timer countdown. I absolutely love that feature with samsung phones. I wish every phone had that where you don’t have to click the shutters. This is a self timer but it’s easier to toggle, with just the movement of a hand and again the main thing here is: you don’t have to actually press the shutter button to take a selfie or have to toggle on the self timer every single time you Just hold your hand up moving along always have to have a flower pick in there and this isn’t pro mode or anything just auto.

So you can definitely tell that seam optimizer is doing its thing, because that pink is popping. Looking beautiful, we got bokeh for days and here’s a picture of the snowy mountains using super zoom with a second telephoto lens and we’re so zoomed in that it doesn’t. Even look like this was shot on the same day, it’s crazy that we could see this far. Don’T know how often i will pick this up or use this feature, but it is cool to see and appreciate, because if we look at the next photo, you can get an idea of just how far back i was and how much is zoomed in. If you just like zoom in manually, you can see there’s no way, you’ll get nearly as much detail as this i’m, not sure if those are trees or rock, but it’s crazy, that we can see that far now. Let’S take a look at another super zoom example. Standing in the exact same spot that i took that mountain picture here is this little birdie that i’m gon na zoom into so this is just you know, regularly just digitally zooming into a photo and now super zoom mode. This bird looks so scary zoomed in that much but yeah you can. You can even see the little dots on its feathers. The little pointy beak. That bird looks like you could do some damage honestly now, my friends. This is what i would call the shot the shot that makes me want to carry around this phone just to take pictures with it, because it is that good, like everything about this photo just looks perfect.

The sky is backlit and is still doing a great job. At keeping everything beautifully exposed, the grass looks beautiful and detailed again ultra wide picture and still maintaining its crispness. Obviously, if you zoom in you do see a little bit of softness in my face, but the picture as a whole looks so good. I have a whole bunch of these to show this one is even better exposed. Everything looks super balanced, colors, look great yeah! I just love everything about this photo now here’s some photos as the sun was starting to set a little bit everything’s getting a little darker temperature. Wise things are looking cooler, but still such a beautiful shot. The trees look like a beautiful silhouette with the sun on the back. I walked up a little bit to get the three different lens perspectives again, so this is the main wide camera, the ultra wide camera, beautiful and telephoto zoomed in a little darker. But still the sky looks great here’s a series of photos of me trying to balance on that little bridge to get a nice photo and i eventually just decided to sit on it and there is a shot. I believe this is a shot that i edited the heck out of in motion, leap and light leap, so i’ll show you guys that i went a little extreme with the editing, but it just gives an idea of what you can do with these photos. You can really push it to its limits and get something cool out of it.

Here’S some more little bridge photos – and i feel, like the ai – is really kicking in here, because it almost looks even brighter it’s. Still the same time of day where that sun was going down – but this looks like earlier in the day, which is crazy, looks great exposed, everything’s beautifully exposed. We have some more portrait shots with that blurred background. The sun was a little less intense than in the first ones that i showed still doing a great job with detail on my face again that little bit of softness going on edge is not perfect, but all in all a great picture and some of those background Effects it’s like that black and white look, i love that it looks great with the red and the black and white here’s a good example of the amount of detail that you get with these photos. I almost thought that this was a 108 megapixel shot but it’s not and it’s cool, to know that you don’t have to shoot with that to get a great looking photo here’s some quick, rapid fire, some of the other cool shots that i got this one. In particular, i really like, because you can see the little baby plane in the sky – well, it’s, not a baby plane, but it looks like a baby plane but yeah again, the amount of detail you get is crazy. Now, if you’re wondering what a shot from the s21 ultra looks like next to a higher end, camera like the a7s3, which i mainly use for video.

But i do like to use it for photos from time to time and this isn’t a super scientific comparison or anything like that. It’S, just a quick photo taken on both so here’s what they look like side by side Music. So, overall, this is definitely going to become a phone that i carry around with me just to take photos and videos with because i’ve had so much fun, shooting with it over the past two weeks, i’m excited to see what else i capture – and i also will Be leaving some high res versions on twitter if you guys want to get a better look at some of these photos, but also, let me know in the comments if you want to see me, compare this phone to any other phone or a dark mode version of This video but that’s it for now. Thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you later Music, just enjoying the great outdoors.