Most flagships are able to handle the first five, but the last one is what sets a phone like the s20 ultra apart and justifies the price. The question is: did samsung do that last one and is a price justified? My name is jacqueline and welcome to the full review all right, so you’ve probably heard about the build already it’s incredible i’m, totally enamored by this matte black finish. Not only does it look really premium, but it also feels the part. The camera is definitely a statement and we’ll get into later in this video. If it has the right to be making a statement like that, and the phone is huge in the hand it’s. Definitely not a pop it in your pocket and forget about a type of phone. The phone also does not have a micro sd card slot, which we’re not going to forget about, but samsung is making the option to upgrade to storage only 50, which is definitely a nice move, but it’s a bummer nonetheless, that the micro sd card slot is no Longer here and the main reason why this phone is so big is the display it’s, a beautiful big best in class display by far my favorite display on any smartphone i’ve ever tested period. It still is a little curved, but it’s definitely less than past years and it’s, a dynamic refresh rate display, so that plus a 5 000 million power battery leads to excellent. You don’t need to worry about it type battery life.

I can easily get a day or two of use, and i know that when i take it off the charger i’m gon na make it until i get back to the charger. The in display fingerprint sensor is a little bit larger this year, so that, ideally, would make it easier to unlock the phone and it does kind of i’m still not a huge fan of in screen fingerprint sensors they’re, not as good as physical. But in a world where facial recognition is getting kind of rendered useless, with all the mask use it’s nice to have that biotech way of getting into the phone. But right now i want to give you guys a live front facing video and microphone test, because i feel like a lot of people are just not talking about that and there are a few important things to notice. And while i give you this live cast i’m ready to tell you about the smart ring, that’s been on my finger so many times now i love it. Thank you so much to aura for sponsoring this video and supporting me. It means a ton. So this ring has changed the way. I look at my sleep and my health, basically it’s a smart tracker that you can put on your finger in the most unobtrusive way possible and it will not only track your sleep but also the quality of your sleep. So, as you guys know, i often pull all nighters to get these videos done.

So in the nights that i do sleep, i want to make sure that i’m sleeping well and this ring will tell me that and it’s actually told me many things that i’ve done that haven’t been good, so i can improve. For example, you ate dinner too close to bedtime, or your room was a little too hot or it seems like you were moving around a lot in your sleep it’s able to tell all that another one is the heart rate tracking and heart variability, which is a Super important metric to make sure that your heart is healthy. It also has activity tracking and it syncs all this data with an app. So you can easily go through all of it and look at trends over time, and it also does all of that. While looking super fashionable and low profile, so if you want to check it out, you can check out the link in the description below super sweet. Thank you guys for supporting me, as always, let’s talk about this front facing video, so many thoughts definitely feels a lot better than it has in the past. I still think that it struggles a little bit if you’re in, like a lower light environment, but for regular, normal lighting, it’s, really good. That was super impressive performance also super impressive. This is one of the first us flagships to have the snapdragon triple a trip, and it shows it’s super fast and smooth, and the software this year also feels great samsung.

Ui is still not like my favorite software ever, but it’s definitely getting better and cleaner, and there are some areas where google is now able to be integrated a little bit more seamlessly also out of the box it’s a really good experience, but the customization is definitely Here, if you want it, you can have dark mode and a multitude of other things that you can find in the settings app all right. Let’S just do it let’s dive into the camera i’m, going to tell you the main things that you need to know whether you’re an enthusiast or an average consumer. So the first thing is that the color tone amongst the lenses is much better this year, something that used to happen a ton on samsung phones is that the ultra wide color tone and white balance would be radically different than the regular sensor. It seems like they’ve. Definitely improved that a lot most of the time, they’re pretty consistent, now number two: this phone still has incredible: zoom and a hundred times zoom quality, and even though the s20 ultra 100 time zoom last year, this zoom is different for two reasons. First reason is that the quality actually is better because it has a 3x and 10x lens, and the second reason is that it’s much easier to use. So the stabilization is superior over the s20 ultra when you’re shooting something 100 times. Like any minor hand, movement will cause a radically different frame with stabilization on here.

It senses out what object you’re trying to capture and it will stabilize around that, and it makes a huge difference. The hundred time shots are actually usable now, they’re, not incredibly sharp, but they’re usable and the 10x shots are great because now the telephoto lens one of them is 10 times zoom, which means that optically you’re, just getting 10x but even 10 to 30x, is really good. Super reasonable and sharp and the 3x shots are also really good and initially, it kind of may seem like overkill to have two telephoto lenses when you have like an ultra premium phone like this you’re constantly trying to justify the price and why it’s so expensive? And this is a pretty cool feature to add that’s marketable and something to kind of like justify the price, a feature that they also added that i feel like is marketable, but not really that useful is ak, video, again cool that it has it but resolution isn’t. The only metric and video quality so don’t expect like the world from this video quality. The ultrawide can also be used for macro shots, which is super dope and with this phone, the skin tones are definitely better this year in the skin. Smoothing is better this year as well. The skin tones still tend to go to this yellowish greenish hue, more often than other phones, but it feels like a huge improvement and samsung is definitely improving their color science every year that they come out with a new phone.

And then you have like the category 6 extras, which is like director’s view the ability to switch between multiple lenses and have them on screen the best pro video mode that i’ve seen on any smartphone to date. It’S super extensive and then other random extras that aren’t related to the camera like s, pen, support, which is a cool move, but the s pen is not included, and the s pen for me is most useful on the note when i can just pop it out And take a random note and put it back away and since there is no place to put it on the regular s21 ultra it’s, much less useful. For me, if i was like an artist or graphic designer, it would definitely be useful and i can still use it for like the occasional signature on a contract, but it doesn’t necessarily like make this phone. Like a note, obviously, and then there are the other random software extras that are sprinkled in throughout and obviously samsung phones have a really good ecosystem as well that isn’t as good as like an apple ecosystem. But i think it’s like one of the best android ecosystems on the market and that all culminates into a 1200 phone. So the question is: is it worth it and i think that if you want a really premium experience like the most premium experience that android can offer right now, then it is they kind of nailed it.

They did a really great job. There are no major flaws. There’S actually incredible technological feats here and i think it’s a really solid phone. If you want to see more camera comparisons with it and how it compares against other phones, you can check out my camera comparison with the iphone 12 pro here with the s20 ultra here and subscribe. Please, if you enjoyed this video – and you want to see more because there’s a lot coming. Thank you so much for watching this one s21 ultra is awesome. Made me super happy and i would love to hear what you think about it.