I have already done a speaking case, video for the s21 already, so this is basically the same video, but of course this is the ultra version same as before the first one is liquid air. This case is thin and flexible, easy to put on and is a basic black case. The back do have triangle textures on the back. You can feel it if you poke your fingers on it, but generally, if you’re brushing your hand over it, it feels pretty smooth the power button is textured as well, so you can actually press it or know what you’re pressing without looking and all the buttons on These cases are really responsive on the sides. You do have a different texture. I would say you do have a better grip on them, since it does feel a little bit more grippy than the back. I would say it does have decent drop protection. It can handle almost every day of casual drops from afar. It does look like a basic matte case, but, as you get closer, you can see the triangles. Some people may not like this or think it’s ugly or it’s just too much. So there is a different option and that option is the rugged armor. The rugged armor is basically the same thing as a liquid air, but with a different design and the design is very classic. You can find a bunch of pretty similar cases on amazon, so it’s a very common looking case.

The plane part on the back does feel really smooth it’s, pretty identical to the phone itself. Both the liquid air and the rugged armor do have a small lip on the front. So if i do put the phone face down the surface, won’t touch the glass screen next up is the thin fit. This one is the skinniest or thinnest and offers the least protection, but i would say for me it does offer the best grip. So this is why it’s my favorite one this case looks very basic, it’s, pretty much all matte black with no crazy designs. So if you do want something minimal, i would say this is the one here. The ultra is a really big and heavy phone. So if i do drop this case with a thin fit, i wouldn’t be confident anything higher than my knees. But the grip on this case do help a lot when you’re holding this phone, especially if you have smaller hands and the phone feels pretty much overly big or gigantic in your hands. So it doesn’t feel like it’s going to step out. Next up is the ultra hybrid. This is the clear case. The back is made out of plastic, so it’s super clear. You can actually see from one to one ratio and on the sides it’s cpu. So i do offer that better grip. As you know, i am not a fan of the plastic clear backs because over time they do get oily and greasy and very slippery.

Of course you do build up a lot of fingerprints as well, so it’s pretty high maintenance. I am a big fan of the matte finish on ultra and sniping this case on makes it look glossy again and with all the fingerprints it just kind of destroys that look for me. The best thing about this case is the tpu sides when you’re gripping this phone – or this case it doesn’t – feel like it’s gon na slip out of your hands, because it does offer a lot of good grip against your skin. The next case is the new hybrid. This is like a combination between the liquid air and the thin fit, since this is like a two piece case. The plastic frame do have the same finish or grippiness as the thin fit, and it does have the thickness or flexibility as the liquid air. The back do have a textured design for me. I do prefer this look over the triangles and again it does feel pretty smooth as you brush your fingers over it. But if you really pick at it, you can feel the texture from my experience of dropping cases for this case, since the sides do have that plastic frame. If you do happen to scuff it it’s going to be there forever and you can feel it so that’s, probably one of the only cons you do happen to drop this case, but luckily it does offer that nice, grippy texture and of course you do get the Extra thickness of flexibility as a liquid air for the better protection.

The next case is the slim armor cs. This one is not my favorite it’s, really thick it’s, really smooth and the whole mechanism of putting your cards in it’s, not the best. You really have to put it in an angle, and if you want to get it out, you would really need to have fingernails to try to just pick that one card out and for me it’s kind of annoying, rather than handy for people like me, who have Smaller hands gripping this case is gon na be hard because, yes, that tpu sides do help with that grip, but that plastic side it’s super smooth, it’s gon na slip out of my hands like no tomorrow. From my experience as a wallet case, you want to have good grip all around, because you are really moving this case around your hands a lot so having that really smooth plastic back does not help at all, and the last thing i want to do is drop This really expensive phone. The last case is a tough armor. This one is the bulkiest, the thickest and just having in your hands. You already know it feels super protective. There is a kickstand on the back. I would say it’s pretty useful whenever you’re watching something but it’s really flimsy, and i would say that anybody can break it. If you brush against something accidentally it’s going to snap off, i would say that’s. The only biggest con about this case is the really flimsy kickstand.

It is a two piece case and the plastic frame does offer that same grippiness or about the same grippiness as a thin fit, and since the edges are more cut, it feels to me that it sits better in my hands the side. Buttons are really big. The power button is really easy to press it’s digged down more versus the volume buttons where you need to push in a little bit more, but it’s still not too hard, and you would have to know yourself if you want to get this case, because if you’re Super clumsy or you just drop a case, a lot.