But what, if you want tripod shots that aren’t necessarily on the floor or even on flat surfaces? Well, that’s, where the rhodizi octopus tripod comes in handy, flexible legs beyond belief and feet that can grip let’s, get into it and find out what makes the rodeezy octopus mini tripod, although not so many great okay. So this is the rodeezy octopus style tripod stand now. What you get with this one of the first things, it’s quite cool, actually, especially if you’re a vlogger you’ve got a bluetooth recorder, so you can press this by using ios or android. You can use this for starting your pictures or starting videos, which is really really helpful if you’re doing any kind of vlogging or interviews and stuff or pitch for holidays. This can be really really really good. You actually get two of these and you get one of these a screw in. So if you’ve got a gopro or action camera, what you can do is you can put your camera in slot it in these gaps here and then you just screw them in like that. So that’s for your gopros and action cameras. Really nice little touch there as well. So if you want to go on doing travel videos, that kind of stuff it’s really helpful, you get a nice little cloth as well to wipe your camera with or your lens that kind of thing, but now moving on to the actual tripod itself. So this is the red easy tripod.

The legs are actually really really long, that’s about more or less the length of my forearm and they’re really really strong legs as well. Super super bendy super bendy, as you can see, and apparently it’s premium metal. I actually don’t know what the hell that means so i’m, just presuming it’s something very strong and super flexible. It doesn’t feel like it’s, going to break at all doesn’t feel brittle or anything like that and what’s great about us as well is you’ve got this compact sort of foam so it squeezes in and that helps it grip on all sorts of surfaces as well. So if you’ve got um, you know slippery surface or something that’s, just not rough. This will really grip onto it and especially, if you know like, if you’re out and about and you’re trying to put this on, rocks or branches. That kind of stuff which i’ll show you in shortly it’s a really helpful little tool to have and at the end of the legs, you’ve got these rubber feet as well, which are really helpful for keeping onto a slippery surfaces like a table if you’re doing like Cookery videos, that kind of stuff or getting cool angles and short films you’ve got a phone camp which comes with it as well, which is really really stretchy. I don’t know if you’d fit something like a 12 pro max in there, but if you check out the website for them, you can get something pretty decent in there.

My iphone 8, which i have now um, fits in there really easily, and this is one of the exciting parts of me it’s the ball head. So not only can you film at different sort of angles, with the legs putting on different things and bending the legs into different shapes, but you can also use this screw here, loosen that and you can turn it if i just move this slightly into 90 degrees. Really easy really smooth if you want to lock that you just tighten that up and that’s not going anywhere it’s really really sort of sturdy material. This and obviously, if you want to put it back, you can screw that and it moves the full 360 as well. So you can maximize the angles that you’re getting on this now without further ado. Let me show you exactly how you can use this out and about this very bendy, very flexible, very strong, mini tripod. Now, one of the great things about this octopus tripod by road easy is that you can put it literally anywhere. So if you want to film outdoors whether you’re, vlogging or making short film, you want to get some unique angles or you’re somewhere and it’s. Just not the right place to put your camera, you can use this tighten that nicely up and instead of having it sliding falling off, you can wrap the legs like that and then because it’s got a ball head mount, you can turn the ball head mount to Face where you want it to face, you can slide it up and get the balance that you want.

Also, with these really flexible octopus style legs, you can hook it onto fences as well. So if you get those back legs or anything with holes in, you can hook them behind opposite side to you and then get that front leg and lean into the fence on the opposite side. So that way, you’re getting a nice rigid grip onto something you wouldn’t. Normally be able to attach your smartphone onto, and this way you can get shots anywhere. You can get nice close up shots as well with it at certain angles. So, with the ball head on top you’re able to get something quite unique and unusual here, whereas normal kind of tripod you wouldn’t be able to move it around, but with the ball head, it allows you a lot more versatility in what you’re going to film it’s Great for b roll as well, so, if you’re, someone who makes more narrative films like i do or holiday videos, this is really great to show sort of passage of time. That kind of thing, as i say, with normal tripods, you just can’t – do that it will just slide off and you’ll break your phone. But with this it allows you to film anywhere at any time on anything and the grip is superb and it’s great for travel. Sort of holiday style, videos and vlogging, so it makes your production value look a lot higher than it actually is, and it looks like someone else is filming you and don’t forget as well.

You can use this to film unique angles of any kind of hobbies. You’Re doing you like to film as well so, whether it’s, cars or gardening, all that kind of stuff. This is perfect, something i realized as well when i couldn’t get a shot because the branch was too high. Is you can actually twist this and hang it upside down as well, so using the trick of having one leg going one way and two legs going, the opposite, you can really clamp it down nice and tight and get some really cool shots out and about so For this one, you could have a narrative film moment where someone realizes something’s hanging in a tree, for example, or you can do more travel, vlog style videos, so you’ve got kind of epic shots like this and having them walk off into the distance where it looks Like you’ve got a bit more production value now, i also said that you can get a straight nice clean, steady, shot anywhere with this tripod so i’m, giving you the most bubbly uneven surface possible. This is a fallen tree where the bark is all sorts of levels, but you can bend the legs in such a way that you can get such a straight shot with the ball head as well, and you’ll be able to get a steady shot on any surface. With this tripod now, under this bridge is a river which i normally wouldn’t put a tripod onto the bridge like this, but with the legs the way they can wrap around really tightly and extremely flexible and with a rubber feet, it’s really safe to get steady shots On something like this, where normally would be too risky to do so, another great benefit to the rhodizi octopus tripod is that you can actually use it as a secondary camera hold.

So if you’re doing an interview – and you want more options for angles and editing and post production, you can then fix it around any part of the tripod. You can fix it up to here as well. So you’ve got the phone here mounted and you can fix it around there as well, and that way you’ve got more options in post production on screen now, you’ll see a list of the phones that are compatible with the size of clamps for the phones that this Comes with, alternatively, if you’ve got something large like an iphone 12 pro max, you can always unscrew the clamp and if you’ve got a clamp that fits that pro max, then you can actually just screw that on top and give yourself the perfect fixture for your phone. Also, if you would like to purchase the road easy tripod, i do have an affiliate link in the description below. So, if you did want to buy that i’d, be really appreciative. If you use the link in the description, i will make a small percentage from that sale which will go straight back into the channel and, lastly, we just passed the 900 subscriber mark. So, thank you, everyone who subscribed so far, if you haven’t and you’re a regular watcher, i really highly suggest you become part of the 1k club. Thank you for watching.