It really does help us out a lot. The real me x7 pro comes with a powerful diamond city, 1000 plus ship from mediatek, a full hd plus 120 hertz amoled screen quad rear cameras, a 4500mah battery and a 65 watt super dart charger, yes, that’s included in the box. Thank you real me, but hey those are just the raw specs, so how do they translate into real world usage? Well, this is where this video differs from the dozens of others that you’ll be watching on youtube. Today, come with me, as we read between the lines figure out how the x7 pro really performs and answer the most important question of all. Is this the phone for you? Well, the first time i saw the x7 pro a couple of things stood out to me. The first being the mediatek diamond city 1000 – plus this is the latest and greatest from mediatek a 7 nanometer 5g capable chip that offers stiff competition to everything in this price segment. Now i know some of you may be skeptical, so here’s a look at benchmarks. Yes, this is the diamond 3000 plus crushing the snapdragon 855 plus inside the real me x3 super zoom. Not only does it score higher on the cpu section, but surprise, surprise, the mali g77 mc9 actually beats out the arduino 640 as well, but hey. Why take my word for it here’s some real world gameplay footage. This is call of duty running at high graphics, with the max frame rate preset.

If we slide down and see the fps from game center, it’s hovering around the 60 fps mark and guess what we played call of duty for nearly half an hour and didn’t really notice any slowdowns so that esport great vapor cooling system from it really seems to Be pulling its weight here now i did mention two things right and here’s the second, this gorgeous 6.55 inch amoled panel that we have up front now in the under 30k segment. We either get 90 hertz amoled panels or we get 120hz ips panels. So basically, you got ta choose between those vibrant, colors or buttery. Smooth scrolling – well, not anymore. Real me quite literally brings the best of both worlds here and honestly that sets the x7 pro apart from the competition, of course, since this is an amoled panel, we have the customary inky, blacks and vibrant colors, but check this out. We can go all the way from bright enough to red outdoors to dim enough that it doesn’t blind us in the middle of the night, of course, it’s protected by corning’s gorilla glass 5.. The selfie camera that powers face unlock is inside a tiny punch, hole to the left and there’s a super fast fingerprint scanner embedded under the display. But for me the real icing on the cake here is these dual speakers certified by both dolby as well as high res audio, in fact they’re good enough that they almost made me forget the lack of a headphone jack almost but hey the good stuff.

They just keep on coming this 4 500 milliamp hour battery. It lasts you through most days with 20 percent left in the bank and then there’s a 65 watt charger. I could wake up in the morning, put the phone on charge shower and come back boom hundred percent battery yep zero to hundred percent in about 35 minutes. That’S, crazy right, what’s even crazier, is that we have a glass sandwich design here, metal rims, so you know premium construction and, as i just mentioned, a 4500mah battery but wheeze just 184 grams, like it’s eight and a half millimeter thin that’s, some black magic wizardy i’m, Telling you now, while i’m talking about battery life, i got ta, give a shout out to super nighttime standby. Is this feature hidden in real me labs guys you got to turn this on same goes for smooth scrolling too. The difference here is tangible, with super nighttime standby turned on the x7. Pro lost only two person battery overnight, so the software here it’s pretty well optimized and the features well it’s. The same old real me ui well fingers crossed, but the latter part might actually change soon, because real me is supposed to be rolling out real me, ui 2.0 to the x7 series in the near future. But what about new features? What can we expect with real miui 2.0? Well here’s, a look at some of them. There’S gon na be a lot more theming options, different contrast for dark mode and real me seems to be doubling down on security.

Of course it’s built on top of android 11 and there are a lot of new features here. Maybe we should do a dedicated video on it. What do you guys see? Okay, coming back to the x7 pro – and i know you guys have been waiting for this. So let’s talk about them cameras. The primary here is a 64 megapixel sony. Imx 686 sensor that’s been paired with a six element. F 1.8 lens, as expected photos come out. Looking excellent. Switching to the 64 megapixel mode does give us even more detail. The dedicated knight mode here is fully kitted out with manual controls and a tripod mode as well for those long exposure shots the rest of the quad camera ray well, nothing, special there’s, an 8 megapixel ultra light and the 2 megapixel depth and macro sensors that we Have come to love? Oh so much! Okay, jokes aside, let’s take a look at the snaps captured by the 32 megapixel punch, selfie shooter. At a glance, these snaps look quite good natural colors. Even the edge direction is good for portrait shots. Things do get a little bit more interesting, though, once we switch to video, the primary sensor can record up to 4k 60fps crisp footage with great dynamic range, then there’s, the usual ultra steady and ultra steady max along with an ai portrait mode video. But what caught my eye first was the ultra knight video mode, and then this realme is calling this movie mode.

We have manual controls here even for focus. The entire ui is in landscape, and basically this looks like a pro video mode. So, no matter if you’re a casual snapper or you take photography really seriously. The x7 pro has something for everyone: there’s, even 128, gigs of ufs 2.1 storage on mode, which usually would be awesome. But given the rest of the high end specs, i kind of wish we had ufs3 here or hey, maybe i’m, just being too greedy. After all, this is a mid ranger, but then here are a couple of real cons: no microsd and no headphone jack. The latter. Well, we have come to expect it, but no microsd in this segment is a bit of a bummer continuing on the list of cons. We have the slippery back. The actual color changing pattern that i quite like it’s, not a run of the mill gradient design, but the branding that’s, just not my taste. Of course we can’t really review a smartphone without talking about the phone part of it right so here’s the lowdown on connectivity. We have 5g and wi fi 6., so future proof in a sense and the regular volte and vo wi fi. They worked great as well now i’d love to wrap this review up like a nice little present with a bow on top, except that i don’t really know the official price of the x7 pro. Yet that being said, if it comes at anything under 25k or thereabouts, the x7 pro is an easy recommend from my side.

So now i’m gon na throw it over to you guys by the time this video goes live. We have the official pricing listed in a pin comment down below, so do check that one out and tell me what you think about this new release from realme, as always like share subscribe. I know turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon, if you haven’t yet and hey if i have made it this far, here’s a little personal update from my side. Well, i have been battling some health issues. Maybe i can tell it from my voice, but yeah that’s. The reason i may be missing on screen for some time, but don’t worry me and the rest of the c4e tech team are working hard behind the scenes to bring you guys.