Samsung has decided to grace us with an early release of the samsung galaxy s21 lineup. Three phones were released as different entry levels into this flagship lineup, and what i have here is the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, the cream of the crop and a benchmark set for other phone manufacturers in 2021, with a new phone comes a new design and when i Initially saw the phone during samsung’s unpack event. I was thinking that this is just another phone with an oversized camera bump until i got the phone in my hands. First of all, i am really liking this frosted glass back finish and the camera bump well, it’s. Still there, but i like that samsung has managed to melt the camera bump with the curvature of the phone. So honestly it actually doesn’t. Look that bad. The front, however, is a 6.8 inch amoled display and, as you can expect, from samsung, the color and brightness are great and it’s perfect for you to watch videos and even play games on it. This is also the first time that the company has implemented a 120hz refresh rate display. It is buttery smooth when it comes to scrolling around the phone, but the refresh rate is variable, and that means that the phone can change its refresh rate from 120 hertz to a lower refresh rate based on the type of content you’re consuming. And that in turn can save battery life. One more feature that samsung has given up is the bixby button, samsung’s own voice assistant.

So all your left is the power button and the volume rocker, which is technically all the buttons you ever need on the phone. It has honestly been a pleasure using the s21 ultra throughout my usage. I have never experienced any lags or crashes and that’s, probably thanks to the new exynos 2100 processor, coupled with 12 gigabytes of ram. However, there is quite a bit of bloatware on this phone, and most of those apps is to help you integrate with the samsung ecosystem. Luckily enough, they grouped up all these apps into a folder and hid it away from the home screen. It is also worth mentioning that this phone supports the s pen from the note series and you can utilize all the features such as drawing on the screen, while it’s off doodling to your heart’s content and more. However, you won’t be able to use the pen to remotely control the camera on this phone and that’s a feature that i still don’t understand. Why samsung decided to omit the company did say that they will be releasing an s pen pro which will utilize all these features in the near future? Gaming has also been excellent. Playing games like ganshin impact and asphalt 9 has been great and there’s no lags or shutters, even when playing at the highest graphical settings, the phone does get hot, but not hot enough that you actually have to put the phone down just like every phone that samsung Releases, the emphasis is put on the camera and it’s no difference this time with the s21 ultra, because there are many camera sensors on this phone.

There is a 108 megapixel main sensor: two 10 megapixel sensors, one supporting 10 times zoom and the other supporting a three times: optical zoom and a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens. One might think that there are way too many cameras on this phone, but it does show in the quality of the pictures. Details are excellent and the pictures don’t look overly saturated. It also doesn’t feel like the picture was heavily edited when the shot was taken. It also does a great job in making sure that the sun doesn’t over expose your shots. Even the night shot, doesn’t look too bad there’s, no obvious noise, just as long as you have a light source in the shot, and you can still make out the details of certain objects. There is also a hundred times zoom feature on this phone, but it’s not really meant for you to take pictures because it comes out super grainy, but it is a fun feature to play with on the front is a 40 megapixel selfie camera which shares the same Quality as the main camera, but in my opinion, the colors are not as great but it’s still decent enough for you to take a selfie Music battery life has also been absolutely fantastic on this device on normal usage of browsing, the internet, scrolling social media and watching A video in between i’m getting two days of usage, but it is disappointing that samsung decided to follow in the footsteps of apple and decided not to include a charger in the box.

All you get is a type c cable which is nice, i guess, but i would still prefer a charger. I understand that this is a method of trying to save the environment, but if you are still producing charges, then it kinda doesn’t make a difference. The samsung galaxy s21 ultra has currently set the benchmark for the best phone in 2021, but it is quite expensive, starting at 1, 200 and that’s, quite a hefty price to pay for a phone. But if you want the latest and greatest for samsung, then you definitely want to pick up the s21 ultra.