Why 31. family oriented it’s a completely new device and correct me if i’m wrong attorney attank vivo y321 vivo smartphone release nang vivo dita satan’s the philippines, which is a great start for vivo vivo y31, have what it takes. Parameter completes budget phones promising. So without further ado, let us now proceed to our unboxing, just like any other y series, guys yes, genital parent, it’s, blue and the white and, of course, the branding y31 and ang variant, numero nuco. This one is bigger. This is the 8 gig of ram with 128 gig of internal storage, so grab a 8 gig of ram so i’m, guessing indeed like super duper budget phone, so it’s in the middle of budget to mid range device for the price i will be putting down along All the details and, of course, the link in where you can buy the y31 books, nothing in smaller box on the inside it’s very similar. So i choreon box outside jelly case paperwork, usb type, c, charging, cable earphones and an 18 watt fast charging power brick. So we have where the phone itself – and what i have here guys is the racing black collar weight. Matte finish: meringue option to get the ocean blue, now matte finishing liquid, good thing design, your guys it has two colors and then whiteness camera setup at the back and, yes, guys major familiar young design. The design is quite similar with the vivo x50 series.

I have here the vivo x50 pro nagina as one of my secondary device, and i have here, of course, the new vivo y31 technology is some similarity when it comes to the camera. So in terms of the physical appearance meant just similar selection in terms volume, rocker and power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor on the side and some headphone jack microphone, usb type c, port and yonkanyang speaker grill, so in terms of buttons, nothing really special. No man, it is still the same with other smartphones. With this price segment, i suggest you go get the ocean blue medium, so for its fingerprint sensor, it is fast, responsive and consistent, which is good and actually unexpected, smartphones, smartphones, fingerprint sensor at the back. Now, since tapas noticed yes, instead of a camera, cut out or a punch hole, this 2021 perennial hand for a notch and then for the display. It has a 6.58 inches of ips lcd panel with 1080 by 2400 pixels resolution. Yes, guys young vivo y321, and it is already 1080p or full hd plus resolution, and i noticed, based on my usage, maganda guy, is on your experience, go in terms of its display, it’s, very appealing to the eyes, and you need them in a whole new struggle. In terms of using it outdoors, although we only have an ips lcd panel, so indignant cadillac blackstone smartphone at all, but i do appreciate namirangashan full hd plus resolution. Making it more enjoyable to use must define atmos, detailed yoga text and also it has a nice saturation to it: 48 megapixels, f, 1.

8 aperture for the main camera at 2, megapixels 2.4 macro lens and a 2 megapixels f, 2.4 aperture for the depth sensor and then For the front camera we have 16 megapixels, f, 2.0 aperture, okay, so union set of cameras number entire for the vivo y31. To be honest, okay, talagasha! I really really like that. We now have a 48 megapixels for the y series. I think first time cassette. Sadly, we don’t have an ultra wide camera. We could have at least have an ultra wide camera, but anyway, maybe in the next version, makaranna or young next y series smartphone. To be honest, i will be doing a separate or dedicated camera review for the vivo y31. As well as a gaming review, but here is my initial review of its cameras, the main camera again has a 48 megapixels main camera and guys makandanaman. It has a very good detail to it. The images turned out good as expected from a 48 megapixels main camera and don’t worry in terms of options on dedicated night mode portrait mode and live photo now for the chipset anabolic vivo y31. Aside from it having a bigger ram compared to others, it has a 2.0 gigahertz of qualcomm snapdragon 662 octa core processor, with adreno 610 gpu and again you’ll either get a 6 gig of ram or an 8 gig of ram with 128 gig of internal storage expandable Via micro sd card snapdragon 662, i think you guys are already familiar with this chipset question at the last summer budget phones in the past few days and even the last quarter of 2020.

It is this device has a bigger ram compared to those devices. Again, you get to choose between six gig or eight gig of ram measurements by gigging power, for you ebb gaze and you know vivo y3t1, but here’s the catch. Sometimes meanwhile, smartphones guys know much better in amerenshang, better or higher chipset, rather than having a bigger ram. There are cases casana mimo for our separate gaming reviews benchmark results. 189, 571.. Now for the battery, we now have a 5 000 milliamp hour of capacity with again 18 watt fast charging, the vivo y31 guys lasted me for a day and a half. This is me, testing its camera capabilities and, of course, a bit of gaming and the use of a few social media apps, which is not bad guys can say again: 5000 for two full days: kung lai to regular users, fast charging capability, number guys charging test and Inaudible, not bad for a smartphone around 5000 milliamp hour and by the way in terms of weight, you are probably wondering phone for having a 5 000 milliamp hour in dinner, man guys it weighs 188 grams only so in terms of its weight. Lastly, it already has the latest fan: touch 11, based on android 11. from the settings panning pattern. I think you control young dark theme or dark mode. It also has this screen colors option into standard professional or bright. You can also change the font size and the font style and melon, then dynamic effects, facial recognition, animation and charging animations at night light schedule if we don’t feel like using it and not arrange alphabetically applications, detail now for the notification toggle once we swipe it down.

Merengue do not disturb feature flashlight, auto, retake battery saver, airplane mode eye protection, s capture, dark theme, record screen, ultra game mode; nearby, share screen, smart, mirroring and vivo share so yeah. That is it guys for our vivo y31 unboxing and quick review video for me. It’S, a really great device really is as much magnet after for a few minutes may option to get the other color in the metro, maple garment. One thing i also like about this device is, of course, the display guideline. Nina mancha amulet display a full hd plus is a must and union vivo y31 again. Standards. 1080P resolution actually guys surprise an official family merch in collaboration with project 7 1, and i thought of why not make it into a merch. Of course, you will be getting the shirt, a pouch from project seven to one and, of course a thank you letter from me. Thank you card, and so thank you qr code. So every caller, like black marine time, is a winner. Once you scan the code, may one winner tie up her colors mystery box worth five thousand pesos, so it’s either anglalabazai. Thank you! Better luck! Next time, arcanum and congratulations. You won a mystery box from me. Oh, i am guys see you on february, 8th salazadas official last monday project, seven to one now. For our surprise, giveaway. We are giving away guys the vivo y31 hindi poet, papa giveaway brand new sealed so pano mananang vivo y 31 subscribed share this video on facebook.