Now today, we’re going to be taking a look at the newly released xiaomi redmi 90.. We all know that redmi is xiaomi’s budget to mid range segment. So Music xiaomi is well known for its bang for the buck offerings and they’re back at it again. The latest smartphone that they’re offering under their redmi segment is the new 90., while it’s being poised to be the new budget. King for early 2021, xiaomi’s latest will have to challenge other equally good smartphones. Some phones that come into mind are the real me narso 20 and the lenovo k12 note. So let’s jump straight to it. Comparison time under the hood, the xiaomi redmi 90 has a tried and tested core a qualcomm snapdragon 662 that’s paired with 4 gig ram and 128 gig of internal storage. There was a bit of an issue when it came to the performance of the poco m3, with apps, taking a while to open and close plus some shutter lag when taking photos but i’m happy to report that neither me or jaime experienced any of that so far. I got a real smooth experience when using this. That being said, the snapdragon 662 and adreno 610 gpu are not perfect and you’ll need to tinker with some settings to get the best possible experience while gaming, but i was able to play games and impact on it. So you can definitely play most mainstream titles on it as well. First, we compared it to the real me narso 20.

. Both phones run android 10., while the redmi 90 has a snapdragon 662, and the narso has the helio g85 benchmark. Results show that the narso is ahead of the 90 in single core duties, but only by a bit. The 90, on the other hand, beats the narso in multicore, as for pc mark the narso wins, but it is a little more expensive than the redmi 90s base model. If you even out the prices and pick the 6 gig ram 128 gig model, maybe things will be different next, we compared it to the lenovo k12 note. Both phones are virtually the same when it comes to internals, snapdragon, 662 4gb gram and 128 gig storage. But please note that the review unit that we got is a variation that is not available in the philippines locally we’re getting two variations. One is the 4 gig ram, 64 gig internal storage model and the other is the 6 gig ram with 128 gig internal storage model. So since the version that we got is so similar to the k12 note, we weren’t really surprised that we got identical results. The very slight difference could be because of the ui each phone sports, the 90 has miui 12 and the k12 note uses stock android, although both come with what is basically android, 10 out of the box. So what are your thoughts on the stats? Tell me in the comment section below let’s talk, also don’t forget the sub to unbox.

Once we hit 250 000 subs we’re gon na be doing a major phone giveaway, so you know that there’s something to look forward to and now that we’re done, comparing stats. Let’S. Take a look at what makes the redmi 90 well the redmi 90, and what sets it apart from its competition. Also, we are not going to be doing an unboxing in this video that’s because when they sent this over to us, they did not include the official packaging. But i do believe you get the warranty. Some manuals, a sim ejector tool, a usbc, cable, 18 watt charger and a silicon case, no earphones included, pero pueder en ke ogumame and tws earbuds, or you could still use your favorite wired earphones or headphones since we still get a 3.5 millimeter input right on top. I do prefer these parts on top because it does not get in the way when you’re using the phone vertically. You also get half of the speakers on top. The rest of the speakers are found on the bottom for some stereo sound, which is always a welcome feature again. This is not gon na be accurate, because we’re gon na be using a microphone but here’s a quick sample with one of my original songs, Music, Music, Music below you also get a usbc port, which is always great to see on a budget phone like the xiaomi Redmi 9t on the left, you get the sim card tray on the right.

You get. The volume rocker and the side mounted fingerprint scanner that doubles as the home or power button. When i see phones using the side mounted fingerprint scanner, because muskma deletion parasaken compared to the back mounted fingerprint scanners that other phones use, but it could be different for you now we’re going gon na take a look at the design, it’s a budget phone. So we’re not really surprised that we got a plastic body, although we get a sort of fingerprint like texture surrounding the quad camera module. This makes it grippier, but doesn’t do much for actual fingerprints or smudges, but other than that i like it. I was walking around with this phone and it felt very firm in my hand, and i wasn’t afraid of dropping it. You get an embossed redmi branding too, so you can proudly support, maybe one of your favorite brands. If you want an extra layer of protection, like i said earlier, there’s a silicon case included in the package now for the display, we get a 6.53 inch ips lcd panel at full, hd plus resolution. The only disruptor for this is the notch for the 8 megapixel selfie shooter, which i’ll show samples for later when we get to the cameras. Colors and contrast, are what you’d expect from a phone of this price range, so nothing too spectacular. We also have wideband l1 certification, which means you’re good to go with full hd on youtube, as well as on platforms like netflix.

Other budget phones sometimes only have l3 certification, so that means you can only go up to 720p on netflix plus. Here we have stereo speakers so enjoy a call of watching my shows on the redmi 9t now for brightness. Well, i took the redmi 90 out on a bright sunny day, although i was able to use it fine, some people might have a hard time using it under direct sunlight now, let’s take a look at the centerpiece of the fingerprint finish on the back. The cameras, the quad camera setup sports, a 48 megapixel, f, 1.8 main camera. Then you have the usual 2 megapixel dev sensor and macro lens, the biggest addition and something that you don’t usually see in budget phones. Is that xiaomi decided to add an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera to broaden the shooting options? Let the sample photos i took while i was out speak for themselves, but i will say that i was very happy with them Music. I was hanging out with some friends, so i was able to take some photos of them and i got ta say why didn’t instagram don’t forget to follow us there at unbox ph. Like i mentioned earlier, we get an 8 megapixel selfie camera. That also gave me selfies. That made me happy. Kait nakaz here are some samples, Music and to cap things off. Let’S. Take a look at the battery. We get a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, which is bigger than the original 5020 milliamp hours.

We got in the redmi 9., this ensures ours worth of gaming and your favorite shows and with moderate use. You can get up to two days worth of battery life charging. That battery is an 18 watt charger which is included in the box and a modern, usbc cable. All i can say about supporting usbc is dapatlang it’s 2021 guys there you have it my review and thoughts on the new xiaomi redmi 9t, but again since we’re, doing a comparo i’ll be showing you guys the price of the phone and how that stacks up to The other budget phones that we compared it to you can get the 4 gig ram, plus 64 gig internal storage model for 6990 pesos, and you can get the 6 gig ram with 128 gig internal storage model for 7990. Pesos read about the xiaomi redmi 90 and many other smartphones on and also don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe, because once we hit 250 000 subs we’re going to be doing a major giveaway don’t forget to hit that notification icon.