Besides, of course, the ever expanding selection of booze that i’m throwing down my gullet to make it through yet another tedious week, ah happy slightly fuzzy memories, but all the same, if you’re willing to share in absolutely everything about your everyday existence with the rest of the World then the good news is: you: don’t have to splash out a huge amount of cash on a really good camera phone. These days, i’ve reviewed, absolutely heaps and heaps of budget friendly, smartphones and here’s. My pick of some of the best that you can get right now in early 2021, with a dependable camera for shooting everyday photos and videos and from one of the latest greatest, please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now, one of the best camera phones Around right now is definitely google’s: pixel 4 ear, which costs 350 quid and yes, fair enough that’s, not quite a budget asking price right there that’s more mid range. But honestly, if you can stretch to 350 pounds, then the google pixel 4 here is worth every single penny. You seriously won’t find better optics anywhere there’s lots to love in general about this compact wii beauty from the gorgeous oled screen to the perfectly smooth everyday running. But it is that single lens rear shooter that really elevates the pixel 4 above its rivals, which is of course, that 12.2 megapixel rear camera boasting built in optical image stabilization and a super fast autofocus.

The exact same tech you’ll find on the pixel 5.. All that you’re really missing on the google pixel 4a compared with that pixel 5 flagship smartphone, is the secondary ultra wide angle lens and, to be honest, you’re not really missing. Much like the iphones. This is a simple point and shoot effort. Minimal effort is required to get great looking photos even in fairly testing conditions, although google’s dual slider tool does really help out with the hdr shots, so you can get a clean, bright snap of your subject without over saturating the background skin tones and other colors are Naturally, captured while photos look sharp and proper nice when blown up onto a big display and yeah. You don’t get a depth sensor, but google software smarts can reliably add a bokeh style background effect to your portrait. Shots and the best bit is definitely still that night sight mode which again offers impressively natural results, even when the scene is incredibly dark, it really can’t be beat even by some phones twice the price, oh and as an added bonus, google didn’t feel the strange mysterious Need to chuck an absolutely pointless macro lens onto the back of the google pixel 4a. So frankly, they deserve a pat on the head and a gold star just for that swap to video mode and you’ll grab some good luck in 4k. Footage again with minimal effort. Audio comes through loud and clear, and the picture quality is still good, too, with reliable focus and once again, natural.

Looking results and yeah there’s an eight megapixel selfie cam up front, and if you actually want to take photos of your face and post them up for the world to stare at then it’ll more than do the job you even get helpful hints for taking better looking Selfies and of course, the same portrait mode smarts as that rear cam right, so the google pixel 4 is a fantastic option, but if you can’t quite afford that 350 quid, your budget is tighter than an octopuses ring piece, then what are your options? Well, the good news is that in early 2021, you’ll still find some perfectly respectable camera tech slapped onto some smartphones that cost just around 200 pounds for one there’s motorola’s moto g9, plus, which, like the pixel fourier, serves up a stock android experience. But this time in a much bigger package, there’s lots to like about the g9 plus – and that includes the quad lens camera, specifically the 64 megapixel primary sensor, which can capture some sexy. Looking everyday snaps motorola’s ai smart can reliably suggest the best camera mode to use at any given moment to get the best possible shot, and it can also straighten up any wonky shots when needed. Definitely good news if you’re shooting any photos after a four pack of stella shop contrast is usually handled pretty well by the g9 plus, so you won’t get any over saturation unless you’re trying to shoot against the sun or something and even moving subjects.

Didn’T prove too much of a problem for the g9 plus unless they’re proper flapping about the place, while the portrait mode really helps your fam to stand out with a pleasingly neat, bokeh style effect, indoor snaps can look a little soft, but when light gets low, you Do have a pretty decent nightboard to fall back on which brightens up the still and keeps those tones reasonably realistic, it’s, certainly one of the better efforts as far as budget blowers go. You’Ve also got an ultra wide angle lens on the g9 plus, but this often produces quite grainy shots with slightly washed out colors, so it’s, not amazing and as you’ll, soon find like with pretty much every other budget smartphone in this roundup. You also get a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens, which seems to be an obligatory feature that you have to slap onto every affordable handset these days, like oh, what you’re stuck at home all day. Well, why not go take lots of interesting photos of those dead, wasps gathered around the window, sill that’ll make the afternoon fly by, and the moto g9 plus also does a decent job with your home movies, capturing sharp 4k video with clear audio. The focus can once again handle moving subjects, no worries and the image stabilization actually isn’t too rubbish. So there’s lots to like about the motorola moto, g9 plus, but undoubtedly still one of my favorite budget smartphones around that 200 pound mark is the poco x3 nfc you’ve got dependable performance.

Thanks to the snapdragon 732g chipset you’ve got great battery life. You’Ve got a freaking 120 hertz full hd display for one of a better words. The poco x3 nfc is the absolute tits and that grinder certainly extends to the poco x3 nfc’s camera tech, specifically the 64 megapixel primary lens slaps on the back using sony’s imx 682 sensor. Now this shoots photos at 16 megapixels by default, with four in one pixel bin and used just to brighten up shots when needed. All the same, you can shoot at that maximum 64 meg resolution, if you like, which adds some finer detail to your snaps. I was very impressed by the general photo quality for this price point. Those colors appear natural, that is, unless you use the ai mode, to boost the vibrancy when snapping plants and the like. The focus generally cops well as long as your subject, isn’t too close, and that fast shutter speed works pretty well for moving subjects. Even in strong contrast, the poco, x3 nfc outperforms many budget rivals sure you’ll definitely see some oversaturation in very testing conditions. But this thing can pick up very respectable detail, even when you’re shooting against the sun and that 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens is handy when you need a pullback viewpoint, although bear in mind, as with most budget phones. This lens is not as effective as the primary lens for color capture and in strong lights. Things do look positively washed out at times as usual, with xiaomi smartphones, you’ve got a crapload of bonus.

Mods stuffed on there to mess around with too many of which are utterly pointless. Although i did like the results that i got from the portrait mode, which uses the 2 megapixel depth sensor to accurately pick out your subject and then attractively distort the background and as usual, you’ve got that obligatory 2 megapixel macro lens, which is completely cac and best Ignored xiaomi has also added a night mode for when things get seriously darker, though this is rather limited in its effectiveness, you will get a slight brightness boost and that’s about it. For your home movie requirements, you can shoot 4k resolution video at 30 frames per second and again, those results are solid for a 200 pound smartphone, the ultra hd mode produces sharp, finely detailed footage and can cope with challenging conditions without much picture degradation. Audio is clearly captured as well, and i was also surprised at how good that stabilization is when you’re moving and shooting, even at that top 4k level and you’ve also got the option of shooting video using that ultra wide angle lens as well. But you can’t actually switch between the primary and the ultrawide angle, while you’re shooting you have to choose one hit record and then stick with it and last up. You’Ve got that 20 megapixel selfie camera, which will make you look nice enough for your insta shots. While the portrait mode does a blinder, despite no help from an additional depth – sensor – lovely stuff, now another fabulous alternative to the poco x3 nfc that you’ll find at that 200 pound budget.

Asking price is the xiaomi mi 10 t lite the mi 10 tea lights. Camera attack isn’t quite as strong as that poco struggling with tricky light and also occasionally with hyperactive subjects but use a little care, and you will get some great looking detailed photos with natural color reproduction there’s. A wide angle lens for flexibility and all of the usual bonus bits like a night mode are present and correct. Your horn movies will look good too. As long as the lighting isn’t too bollocks. I love the rest of the me 10c light as well. Gamers can enjoy the smooth performance and that 240hz touch response rate, as well as the game turbo modes battery life is good, the display is slick and sharp, and i mean that’s awes that’s awes, and i also still really like last year’s redmi note, 9 pro as Well, which i reckon still boasts better camera tech than the fresh new redmi note 9t, which i recently reviewed that 64 megapixel primary lens uses, samsung’s gm2 sensor and even at the default 16 meg resolution, you can expect sharp good looking photos when you beam the results To a big screen, if you do want to shoot at the maximum 64 meg level, then that is also an option producing slightly more natural results. When you zoom right in, i was definitely impressed by the color capture. Here too, the redmi note, 9 port offers natural. Looking picks as long as you knock off that ai mode, leaving that on, unfortunately, tends to create rather artificial images that aren’t particularly eye pleasing and in strong contrast situations.

This budget blower ain’t defeated either it’s rare to see any oversaturation. Although you will notice detail loss in those dark areas when things get particularly taxing as for low light situations, well, the night mod does help to brighten things up a bit, although it doesn’t, admittedly help much with the grain you’ve got plenty of other camera features to Play around with too including a nifty portrait mode that does a commendable job, helped along by that 2 megapixel depth sensor and you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, which manages to once again produce quite natural results when you’re widening the view. Oh – and you also have one of those 5 megapixel macro lenses as well great for flower fans for video, you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage with that primary lens or full hd with the wide angle effort. Although you can’t, swap between the two on the fly, audio pickup gets a thumbs up as well, as does the color capture, although you will want to keep still if shooting at the ultra hd resolution. As the stabilization in too hot and last up, i also enjoyed the 16 megapixel selfie snapper, which handles all kinds of lighting just as well as the back end. You’Ve got the usual portrait mode smarts as well again with solid results, so any insta fans will be loving it now to finish up this roundup of the best budget, camera phones, you can get in early 2021.

Let’S drop that asking price just one last time to around that 150 pound mark and one of my favorite smartphones around this price point right now is the oppo a53. Again, the phone itself is a bit of a superstar offering a smooth everyday experience. Two days of battery life between charges and all the standard stuff like nfc and expandable storage, the display is mia hd and the a53 is still stuck on creaky old android 10. But at this price it is a tidy wii package that definitely butters my buns. As for the camera that triple n setup, headed up by a 13 megapixel primary sensor, is rather bloody, spiffing. Well, as usual, you get a depth sensor and another piece of dog macro lens, hooray, hooray, etc. Everyday test shots taken by the oppo a53 are generally pretty good for this price point. Colors are occasionally a little faded, but detail levels are respectable, even if you try zooming in just to the three times level. This is just a basic crop of your photo. Of course there’s no telephoto action here, so you won’t want to push in anymore or else you’ll. Just get some fuzzy. Blocky results. Moving subjects sometimes come out a little bit blurry, so kids are naturally great fun to shoot, maybe just nail their feet to the floor and you’ll probably do all right and indoor shots are often grainy and warm, but i’ve seen far worse performance at this price.

You’Ve got the typical camera bonus modes like a portrait effort that usually works really well with little to no jank. Sadly, there’s no night mode here, however, and that’s a shame, because the oppo a53 definitely struggles in low light things get very soft and dark rather quick. There is, however, a pro mod that you can use to try and fiddle around with, like the iso levels and some of the other settings to correct some of the issues that you’re seeing it doesn’t always work particularly well, but it is another option for your video Needs you can only shoot full hd clips with the oppo a53 there’s no 4k option here, but i found that the whole movies i grabbed with this thing were perfectly serviceable. The focus cooks well with moving subjects. It just keeps things flat as you’d expect. There is some saturation in stronger lighting, but nothing too dramatic and audio pickup was good front and back it did the job nicely and last up that simple 8 megapixel selfie snapper struggles more than the rear camera when it comes to harsher conditions, often in its pants Entirely when bright backgrounds are involved, although the impact is definitely worsened when used in the portrait mode, which otherwise does a good job and at night you’ve got a screen flash feature thing which i didn’t absolutely hate so that right there is my roundup of my favorite Budget friendly camera smartphones that you can get right now in early 2021 from the likes of poko, xiaomi and good old motorola.

Of course, we’ve only included smartphones, i’ve, actually personally tested and reviewed as well. So no doubt i’ve missed out a few of your own favorites. Definitely closing down below if you’ve got a budget friendly smartphone with a great bit of camera tech on it be great to hear from you and i am hoping to review a bugger ton of more budget smartphones as we progress through 2021, hopefully with better and better Camera attack as well so hopefully i’ll refresh this video later in the year, but in the meantime please do poke subscribe hit. That notifications bell and more importantly, have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.