Mid range android smartphone, because lately from last year onwards, in this price man of about 10 to about 14 000 uh, we had a lot of smartphones. But nothing was that exciting either the specs were not that good or they had other compromises, but the spoko m3 is very different and i’m actually unboxing this after the event. So we know the pricing uh. It actually is available in two variants. This is the storage. Is different? One comes with uh six gigabytes of ram and 64gb of storage, that’s what’s. Eleven thousand other is 6 gb of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage that’s for 12 000. But this one also has stereo speakers, and this is something that we haven’t seen in this price range. In fact, even other aspects like the ram is lpddr4 and even the storage is ufs, 2.1 and 2.2. So again pretty excited about this one. After a long long time, i think so we are getting a good smartphone at a very good price, which is a rare idea. These days and according to poco uh who’s that anuj sharmas, i was watching the launch event. He says that this one does not have ads, so let’s have a closer look at the same now so here it is the poco m3 back. If you look at it, it gives us the basic idea. It has that big battery 6000 milliamp hour and a 48 megapixel raid facing camera it’s having the qualcomm snapdragon 662 and we are having a full hd plus ips, led screen, not that 720p stuff, so let’s open it up.

And this we get – and here i think so – uh we’ll get some sim ejector tool uh. We do get a case so finally uh and some paperwork, so we are getting any something to box. Unbox this time flagships we don’t get anything so you’re. Getting this so you’re getting the phone itself. Obviously uh they sent us this blue color one. This pack is very different guys. This is plastic, no doubt it’s polycarbonate, but gives that very good feel. It said – and i don’t know about this – you guys, let me know what do you feel about this big poco logo over here? If it would have been just black, it would have looked more classier, but again i won’t complain. I will come back to the phone later i’ll. Just keep this thing to the side and uh. What else do we get these days in boxes? We are not getting anything uh, you get a usb type c: cable, that’s, nice, usb type, a to type c, and this is supposed to be a 18 watt fast charger i’m glad they are not skimping on this thing, like some other big companies, are doing these Days first impressions guys first impressions. They say this is having a six thousand milliamp hour battery. It should actually feel a lot more heavier than it is uh. The weight balance is excellent. It just does not feel heavy. Many of the phones that hover around that 6000 milliamp feel heavy.

They have done a great job in terms of weight management, weight balance, it means very balanced uh on the top uh. Oh i like that it is having an ir blaster. Even at this price point. Uh we have uh, what do you say: headphone uh 3.5 mm headphone jack uh. This is the speaker, sorry guys, because it has that dual speaker stereo speaker here is the ir blaster and i like the build quality. Yes, it’s polycarbonate kind of, but it does not feel cheap, guys uh. So here we have. This is the volume rocker and this is the fingerprint scanner come power on a button i, like it, it’s actually pretty convenient. I would say, and bottom will be, the speaker type c port. This will be the main microphone and this will be your sim. Fortunately, yes, it’s a triple slot. They had sense. So two uh. What do you say? Nano sims and i believe, uh. This also supports uh. What do you call that uh voice over wi fi and even uh dual band uh wi fi, that is 2.4 as well as five gigahertz, so that’s? Actually nice, so i’m liking? What i’m, seeing here guys back main camera is 48, then again that two two megapixel uh front is supposed to be eight let’s just power this on guys. I hope it has a charge, yes and guys by the time it actually boots up, and i set it up here – is a configuration overview.

The spoko m3 is having a 6.53 inch full hd plus ips lcd screen. It is provided by gorilla glass, 3. it’s part with the snapdragon 662 soc, which has the arduino 610 gpu. It comes in six gigabytes of ram and 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage. It has a triple rear facing camera. Main camera is 48 megapixel. Then we have a 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth front facing camera is a 8 megapixel. It also has stereo speakers and a 6 000 milliamp hour battery i’m, almost done setting up the phone guys, but i have noticed that you’re getting all this so user experience certain diagnostic personalized ads turn off didn’t, even glance for me. So these things were there. So i’m disabling it um location i’m, just leaving because some apps might require it. But hopefully we don’t see ads let’s, see what happens i’m just going to use this so guys, i’ve set up the device. So let’s have a closer look at the same now and guys i had updated this device. It got one software update, so i had applied that and uh. This is uh still miui 12, but we have that poco launcher on this one. But if you notice there’s quite a bit of bloatware that is pre installed, i didn’t install anything as you can see, some junk games etc get apps. All those things are still there. So quite a few apps let’s see if we can uninstall this facebook app.

So yeah you can uninstall, so luckily you can uninstall a lot of junk, not all, but as you can see the style funnel whatever you can uninstall some of the junk that is installed, and i feel that is important, because what we have is the base variant. 64 gigabytes and let me actually show you the storage. If i go over here, how much do we get and if you go about the phone, as you can see, it’s running on the miui version 12, which is still android 10 guys it’s, not android 11 and roughly uh about 18 gigabytes was sort of used so Out of that 64 gigabytes, 18 gigabytes is sort of used, but again it has the dedicated micro sd card slot. But again, if you’re sort of a heavy user install a lot of apps and games, then i feel that the 128 gigabyte variant would be a better option it’s available just for about 1000 rupees more, which is a fair pricing. I would say – and if i go over here, if you can see all the specs all variants come with that six gigabytes of ram, and this is that snapdragon 662 soc, while setting up the phone initially, i saw some minor jitters. But again it might be because it was updating in the background uh, but it should handle this phone fine. For the most part, i would say – and this is typical me ui guys and good thing – is wi fi it’s – connecting on both the 2.

4 and 5 gigahertz band that’s. What i like – and this is typical uh me ui as i’ve – told you guys, and we also have the me remote app because it has that ir blaster, as you can see that me remote up, but again, a lot of me apps are also pre installed. So you have to agree to the terms and conditions so be careful about it, because, while i was just setting up the phone, i didn’t invoke anything. I got this mojo or something just popped up like that. So be careful about it. What permissions do you give to apps and stuff let’s see it’s too early to judge if i will see ads or not on this uh poco claims that this will not get ads, but we have to see that uh we have. This get apps still install. I hate that app because it keeps prompting us for a lot of third party apps. So this is there let’s look at the fingerprint scanner it’s over here and if you press it it’s even the power button. So if you press it, it unlocks and fairly fast. It’S not the fastest, i would say but fairly fast, and i will simply not complain considering the pricing of this smartphone, as you can see i’m, not even seeing and it’s unlocking so it’s pretty reliable, but not the fastest. I would say now let’s also look at the camera on this one i’m.

Not expecting that much but again, the good thing is that the primary camera is a 48 megapixel. Then we have that 2 2 megapixel for depth and macro and front facing is just 8 megapixel uh. So uh, let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots with this one and again, as i saw that it’s slightly on the slower side, i’m. Just going to allow it and sell it: okay, so again, xiaomi app and the shutter is fairly fast it’s, not the fastest quarter of a second delay. But i like the screen quality on this one, though it’s a sort of a budget oriented phone i’m liking. The screen quality, what they have done – it’s a full hd plus – not that typical, hd plus so and the viewing angles are fine on this one. So we even have the portrait mode and yes in real time, we can see that, and this is the front facing camera. We have the beauty mode and all those things as you can see, beautify filters and all this thing just disable it uh. So let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots around my office. These are shot with the rear facing camera and artificial lighting, and i would say it does okay job. But again the contrast levels are not that good. So you got to be careful while taking snaps and indoor lighting condition. As you can see, the contrast is not that good.

This is the portrait mode, but when the lighting is good, you can get some decent shots, but this is my other part of the office. Again, as you can see, these shots simply did not come that great. In fact, the pictures are very soft. I was expecting a lot better going to the front facing camera. The color accuracy is not that great and it’s a pretty average camera so guys uh that’s. It for now for the unboxing and first look at this poco m3. So what do you guys think about this poco m3? Do, let me know, in the comments section, certainly a pretty good smartphone for the price point of about 10 or 11 000. I would say, but what do you guys think about the same? Do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys if you are still not subscribed, hit that subscribe button.