com and really launches new smartphones in india. Yesterday, the real me x7 pro and the realme x7. Now the redmi x7 pro seems nice, but i find the real me x7 more interesting because of its price tag. I mean 20k for a phone with super amoled display, dimension 800u, chipset 50 watt, super dot charging etc seems like a pretty good deal right, but there’s also some tough competition from the likes of the me 10. I so the question is: should you buy the redmi x7 over the mi 10? I well i’ve been using the real me x7 for 10 days now, and this is my review also. Let me start by telling you that before using the readme x7, i was using the galaxy s21 ultra and before that i was using the mi 10i now coming from all of those phones. The first thing i noticed in the real me x7 is how handy and lightweight this phone was see. I want to praise real me here because, unlike xiaomi motorola they’re, actually going towards more handy phones, the redmi 7 series was great when it comes to size and weight, and the real me x7 continues that trend here’s the size and weight comparison of the real me X7 with the mi 10i and the moto g5 g, as you can see, it’s smaller than the two phones, it’s slimmer at eight millimeters, thickness and it’s way, lighter at 176 grams compared to the other phones, which are over 210 grams in weight.

Honestly, the difference is noticeable when you hold the ax7 and the meat and eyes side by side. So the realme x7 form factor is good, and i also think it looks nice now i’m talking about the space silver variant here and not the other variant, which has this big tear to leave text, which i think is a bit too much now looks apart. There are a few things about the realme x7 that you should note. First up the back here is plastic and honestly the phone does not feel cheap, but at this price i think a glass back would have made more sense other than that there’s no headphone jack, which is something you normally find in phones in this segment. Thirdly, there’s only a single speaker here at the bottom and i found it to be pretty weak plus this location is such that every time i play games, the speaker got muted with my hands. No stereo speakers is kind of a strange move really because the real me seven had studio speakers on board. Also, the phone does not have a micro sd slot, so basically it’s, not all good with the real me x7, and especially since the meat ni has all of these features anyway. Moving on the display is a big factor on the real me, x7 it’s, a 6.4 inch super amoled fhd plus display with 600 nits of peak brightness and 60hz refreshing. So you don’t get a high refresh rate amoled here, but the amoled panel on the phone is pretty good.

It has the vibrant colors, the blacks look awesome and i did not have any issues using it outdoors, because the display is bright enough see, i think the display is great. I’Ve, always preferred ambulance over ips, lcds and i’m. Glad that real me did not put in a high refresh rate lcd instead of this, so it’s good, but i personally feel the chin at the bottom could have been smaller and also there’s, no gorilla glass here. So you probably should keep that screen protector on. I removed it though, but there are no weird scratches in the front so that’s good. Also, if you’re wondering about any wide wine license issues well, the phone has support for full hd, playback and apps like netflix, so no issues there plus, since this is amoled, you get the in display fingerprint scanner here and it’s crazy, fast and responsive. Now. Let’S talk performance, which is important because i think you know the realme x7 comes with the new demand city, 800u, 5g chipset with 6 or 8gb of lpddr4x ram and 128gb of ufs, 2.1 storage. Now the density 800u is kind of the big highlight here, because this is the first phone to pack in this new 5g chipset and that’s. The reason we are working on a separate video on the 800u, where we’ll do an extreme test. We’Ll be testing out the performance, the temperature during different scenarios, while gaming, the battery gain and a lot more.

So we are working on that. But right now, let’s take a look at the benchmark scores. So here the geekbench 5 scores of the real me x7 and the meat ni side by side and, as you can see, the snapdragon 750 g is ahead, but the 800u is very close. Now geekbench is purely a cpu benchmark. Now let’s take a look at the antutu scores which combine cpu, gpu and more and in this the 800u is actually better. As you can see, the 750g is ahead on the cpu front, but the 800u is better when it comes to gpu overall, the 800u competes very well with the snapdragon 750 g on the mi 10i, but that’s just numbers when it comes to the real world performance. I think the real me x7 is good it’s, just solid all around so i’ve been using this phone a lot because it’s my primary phone right now and i haven’t faced any weird lag or stutter beat while using different, apps or even while playing games. Now one question everyone has with mediatek chipsets is: does it overheat? Well, the answer is no. I played long hours of cod on this phone and there was no heating, so mediatek has clearly optimized things better on these new demand. City chipsets and i really don’t – have any issues with the performance on the x7. Now, apart from that, the dimension 800u brings 5g support. The readme x7 has support for 5g in both the sim slots and there’s dual standby support, too.

All thanks to the dimension 800u. As for the bands, the real me x7 supports 4, 5g bands, n1, n41 and 77 and n78. Now that is great, but one thing to note here is that real me, x7 does not seem to support carrier aggregation, so i checked with airtel geo and vodafone, and the net monster app always showed me. A single band frequency, on the other hand, the meet, and i with jio, always showed me two band frequencies and sometimes even three meaning it’s supposed three ca. I also checked the internet speeds on jio. Now this is the speed i got on the x7, and this is the speed i got on the mi 10. I see the difference in download speeds. Now i tested this multiple times on both the phones with the same sim card and the same location, and i always got similar results now. I think this is something important and something you should know anyway. Moving on the real me, x7 comes with real me ui on board, and the good thing is there’s, no bloatware whatsoever, not even those hot apps and hot games. Weird recommendation folders now i did get these weird notifications from the browser app as well as the hayfun app, but i bought these so the software is fairly clean but it’s still real me ui 1.0, based on android 10.. I mean realme has promised to bring the real me ui 2.0 update, but still this is not okay, because it’s 2021 and android 11 has been here since quite some time now now before i talk about the camera performance and how it compares to the meat, i I want to give a huge shout out to our partners for this video coin switch kuber, which is one of the easiest platforms to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies.

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I did notice that the phone does saturate the colors a little more making for a more pleasing shot, but yeah a little unnatural other than that. I like the photos in daytime and even in low light. I think the realme x7 does a very good job with the exposure and the colors. Again there are some pumped up colors in some photos, and there is some noise in some photos, but overall the low light shots range from descent to good. I also did a comparison with the meat ni now, if you’ve seen a meat – and i review video you’d – know that it’s 108 megapixel camera takes very good photos and when comparing things it’s clear that the real me x7 cameras when looked individually are pretty good. But when you compare things, the meat and eye is clearly better see the x7 does well, but it can’t match the meat ni in terms of detail, as well as sharpness in low light plus the meat – and i photos just have a more natural tone that a Lot of us prefer, as for the other cameras in the real me x7, the ultra wide angle lens does a good job with the color tuning and sharpness, but yeah the details are kind of oakish and some photos have distortion on the edges, which is very noticeable. I also took a couple of portrait mode shots and i liked the edge detection and the decent details, but the color tune looked a bit too warm on the face when it comes to videos, there’s 4k 30fps support and here’s a video shot from the phone.

Now, even though there’s no ois, the stability is pretty good here and the video quality is decent, although nothing extraordinary, especially since the colors seem a bit boosted here. As for the selfies, the 16 megapixel camera does a nice job in good light. The selfies are sharp in detail, so it’s nice, but low light. Selfie performance is kind of average. Anyway, when it comes to battery the real me, x7 has a decently sized 4 310 mah battery, and i was kind of expecting decent dish performance but turns out it’s. Pretty good for medium to light usage, i got a screen in time of around 6 hours 40 minutes, which i think is very good and on a more extensive use case, i got a screen on time of more than five hours, which again is pretty good for A battery of this size now sot is apart. The good thing about real me, x7 battery performance, is that the phone almost always took me to the second day, which i think is very important when it comes to charging i’m glad that the redmi x7 comes with a 50 watt super charger, and this is fast. It charges the phone from 10 to 50 in 13 minutes, which is awesome, and the full charge takes around 43 minutes, which is again pretty awesome so it’s time for the verdict. Now the ream x7 starts at rp is 19 triple nine. So the big question is: should you buy the real me x7 over the meat ni see overall, the redmi x7 is great when it comes to display with its amino panel, its form factor and it matches the meat and i in terms of performance but other than That the meat and eye is the better phone.

It looks more premium with its glass back and it has all the features that the real me x7 lacks, like a micro, sd slot, dual stereo speakers and the good old headphone jack plus it has carrier aggregation support and even though the x7 has good cameras, i Still prefer the meat and ice camera performance a little more. So even though amoled is a big factor for me and real me, x7 is a good phone. I personally would go for the meat and i so yep that’s my verdict but i’d like to know which one would you go for the real me x7 or the meat, and i tell us in the comment section below also give this video a like. If you enjoyed it, make sure to share it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech.