It was rather underwhelming serving up yet another lackluster excellence, chipset and specs that were barely better than last year’s, s20 fan edition and the s21 isn’t exactly cheap, either. So it’s kind of like spunking up a whole lot of cash for a shiny, new porsche and then discovering that the sods have gone and shoved a ford fiesta’s engine under the hood. But if you are basically holding out for a proper beefcake well, xiaomi is here to sort you right out with its fresh new mi 11 flagship. This shiny, massive slab does not bugger about you’ve got that super fast snapdragon 88 platform you’ve got a quad hd plus 120 hertz display a 108 megapixel camera and lots of other premium tech that makes my crutchfield region all tingly and best of all around these parts. The m11 will cost you just 749 euros, which is cheaper even than the bog standard galaxy s21, although, admittedly it is considerably more expensive than the m11 will cost you in its home country anyway. I’Ve had my sim rammed inside of this absolute unit. For the last week i saw using it as my full time smartphone so here’s, my in depth, xiaomi mi, 11 smartphone review and from one of the latest screens. Please do plug subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. First up yeah, the xiaomi mi 11 could be politely and accurately described as a massive cut, although thankfully it’s not quite as ridiculously huge, as last year’s me, 10 t pro, which practically gave me a hernia every time i lifted the bloody thing up.

Of course, at 6.81 inches, the me 11 is still an absolute pain in the ass to use, one handed, but at least at 196 grams it’s, not an absolute brick as well. Those shiny glass surfaces are certainly slippery, but i like the frosted finish around back, especially in this bright and breezy horizon blue model it’s, a subtle gradient design, that’s eye struck and the satisfying, especially combined with the usual gentle curvature and yeah. The m11 may look all pretty like, but it’s, also tougher than a bit of petrol station beef, jerky you’ve got gorilla glass, victus plating, that front end and that’s basically drop as well as scratch. Resistance we’ve even got a pre installed screen protector on there to keep it looking extra shiny and fresh xiaomi specs were a bit more vague about the arse end of this smartphone i’m, not sure if that’s gorilla, glass victors as well, but certainly either way. The last week or so i’ve been treating this thing with very little respect, indeed banging it about the place and so far not a single scratch, scuff or chip in sight. However, it’s not all good news, because there’s no official ip rating for this big boy, so the may 11 doesn’t mind getting moist after all, who doesn’t so it’s, absolutely fine in a bit of rain but of snores we’ve been having lately or with small spillages. But i certainly do not have the hornets to actually dump this thing into a bath or a sink or anything.

Let’S, move on from the lux and android 11 is expanded and in some ways, enhanced here by me, ui 12, xiaomi’s very own launcher, which these days has a much more stock, android vibe, while still adding a shag load of extra features. Now, as i always admit, i certainly was not really much of a fan of miui at all until the more recent versions, where most of the stuff that i used to mourn about, that, the complete lack of an app straw have been sorted out, and i know That people like to throw complaints at me, ui, like oh it’s, just full of adverts and stuff. I didn’t see a single advert, the entire time. I was using the me 11 as my full time. Smartphone you’ve got loads of great features, packed in there like a customizable, always on display. You’Ve got a sexy bit of edge lighting for your notification, shenanigans and some dependable face unlock support to back up the optical in display fingerprint sensor. Both of those worked absolutely beautifully. This past week – and i absolutely adore the fact that nbui, you can hibernate the phone while you’re watching a youtube, video, a bit of netflix or anything as well. It’S, particularly handy here in youtube. If you’re listening to an audio book or a podcast or something – and you want to be out and about not actually staring at the screen and of course, you’ve got like a game turbo as well, which allows you to block notifications and pesky like that, while you’re Busy playing games, which is absolutely lifesaver on the likes of call of duty, pub g stuff like that, and thankfully all the good android stuff is still in there.

You got the likes of the dark mode, those parental controls well being tools, yadda, yadda yadda. The fingerprint sensor will also apparently be able to take your pulse at some point after an over the air update it’s, not quite as convenient as having a smartwatch but it’s a nice addition all the same one of the only proper annoying quirks. I noticed on the m11, while i was using it as my phone this week was the fact that notifications sometimes take a little while to trickle through just particularly annoying if you use the likes of whatsapp stuff like that for work uh. So a couple of times i you know i got a message come through, but i didn’t actually get notification about it for an hour two hours after it actually arrives. So that means you’ve got to constantly open up the apps just to make sure there’s. Definitely nothing waiting for you, hopefully that’s. Just some stupid, annoying quirky little bug, that’s gon na get squashed pretty damn pronto, because that is, it is very annoying, like i’m talking face, turn and be true: red temple, throbbins curse and everything. The b11 is a dual sim smartphone, both of those sim uh slots, support 5g simultaneously as well, which is great news. No microsd support, however, just like that galaxy s21 to expand the 128 gigs or 256 gigs of onboard storage. So that is kind of a shame, especially if you don’t really make the most of cloud storage or any of that good stuff, but at least it’s ufs 3.

1, as you kind of expect from a flagship smartphone, so super nippy, i noticed when i was grabbing apps. They would literally download and install in about two or three seconds, which was fantastic, and one of the other highlights of the mi 11. Is that f in massive 6.81 inch amoled screen definitely a sound wave to absorb far too much netflix on those days where you really can’t be bothered to crawl out from under the duvet, the quad hd resolution and hdr 10 plus support combine to produce very slick. Visuals in d, that is, joy supported in netflix as well, although i personally prefer the warmer tones from samsung’s, dynamic, amoled panels and you’ve also got some video tools built into me, ui, which could be toggled on or off. Actually, while you’re watching uh the videos as well using that little drag out toolbar, i showed you earlier and that’s quite handy for some really low res content that you’ll find on the likes of youtube. We’Re talking like sub 720p stuff can help to sharpen them up a little bit. Add a bit of clarity with some stronger contrast. Some of the tools work better than others, some of them. They don’t really seem to do too much but they’re nice to have, and you can expect the me11 to pump out natural looking colors too, with a just noticeable color difference rating of 0.38, where the lower the number the better the performance. But you can also make those visuals pop, if you prefer, by piddling, about in the display settings and that’s, also where you can turn on the 120 hertz mode for a gorgeously, smooth experience and that 120 hertz mode works on the maximum resolution.

Quad hd as well, just like the samsung galaxy s21 ultra samsung finally managed to sort that one out. As for the brightness as well, no troubles there, bumper, the mi 11, all the way up to that maximum setting and it’s positively eyes here and quite comfortably, hitting that 1000 nit sort of mark. Although the auto brightness was a little bit shonky at times, i’ve got to say sometimes in the evenings. It was just dialed down a little bit too low, trying to manually bump it up a bit, and the m11 does also support one of those screens that just tilts and curves neatly over the edge, which means that occasionally, when i found i was gripping the m11 Rather tightly, my palms did intrude on that screen and accidentally press stuff. As i say, it mostly happened when i was squeezing the m11 rather tight. Generally, when i was trying to use it. One handed because is slightly terrifying using this thing with just the one bit, because it is so slippery, so yeah. Anyone looking for a smartphone that’s easy to use. One handed i’d steer clear of the me11 you’ve got a stereo speaker setup here, which pumps out decent audio when needed, but i usually have my bluetooth headphones hooked up and with the audio stream and that mi 11 once again excels. This behemoth is high res audio. Certified plus you’ve got ldac support for your decent headphones. Some music sounds really lovely, but unfortunately there is absolutely no headphone jack anywhere to be found on the me 11 gosh darn it slightly annoying when all of xiaomi’s budget phones have one.

But here, but one area where i certainly have bugger all complaints is the performance, because xiaomi has slapped the snapdragon 88 into this bad boy right here, backed by eight gigs of ram there’s, no 12 gig uh version here in the uk and europe in general. At least not just yet, but at least it’s ddr5 ram – and i certainly did not have any troubles when it came to every day of running or whatever i threw at this thing. Basically, it was all good that adreno 660 gpu, for instance, can definitely handle any kind of game out there. So gamers will be gushing with joy, even gentian impact on the highest detail. Settings was impressively smooth with only the very occasional teeny little judder. When things got a wee bit, mental online games, like call of duty, also run perfectly with the 480 hertz touch sampling rate, meaning that you’ve got that competitive edge, or these people, who are good at games, will have a competitive edge. I was just slightly less, i guess, except on these sneaky little bastards. The m11 did get rather warm in spots when i was gaming for a while. So certainly i would not want to charge and play at the same time, but otherwise the may 11’s coolant system seems to cook just fine and of course, you’ve got that full 5g support thanks to qualcomm’s x60 modem, which is integrated into the 888. But unfortunately, as i’m trapped in a completely 5g less area at the moment in a lockdown special, i had absolutely bugger all chance of testing.

That out, i saw apologies for that at some point when it’s not illegal. For me to do so, i will head out into central london and i’ll: do a full on 5g test, with all of the flagships, to see how those speeds stack up and, of course, you’ve got full wi fi 6 support on here, as you would expect from A flagship blower so again, if you’ve upgraded your router at home, then you can expect super nippy connections now the 4600 milliamp battery isn’t as big as some rivals, but it still proved more than enough for all of my needs here on the me 11.. Even with all of the most power sapping features active here on the xiaomi mi 11 i’m talking the always on display the 120 hertz mode, quad hd, the video up scale and all of that good stuff, i’ve still found that i finished more stairs with around 20. To 25 of that battery, remaining that’s generally with around five to six hours of screen on time, the only time i actually ran it almost down to empty was when i did quite a lot of skyping and quite a lot of camera stuff, and when you do Drain the v11 completely well no worries at all. You’Ve got 55 watt wide charging support and 50 watt wireless charging support as well. If you’ve got a super beefy hardcore wireless charging pad at home and either way it’s going to be filled up again from mt in less than an hour now before i go sink a bottle of single malt and indulge in my hobby of badger, medline let’s have A squint of that camera text, starting with the 108 megapixel primary shooter using one of samsung’s hmx sensors with built in ois.

You can shoot in the maximum 108 megapixel resolution if you like, but this only slightly sharpens up your photo and the sacrifice of color accuracy. So i just stick with the auto mode, which still captures a seriously detailed photo when conditions are good. The mi 11 can slightly over saturate an image in strong contrast, although usually it handles, if he conditions just fine. What this phone really impresses is capturing. Other human beings, even small jittery ones, off their tits on haribo in particular, the me11, does a sterling job with portrait shots you get clean edge capture and a wonderful bokeh style blur, which you can actually alter after you’ve taken each photo. If you want to strengthen or weaken the effect night, shots are another strength and one area where the mi 11 beats other rivals like the galaxy s21, that autofocus works well, even in very low light and on auto mode you’ll get bright snaps, albeit with a healthy Helping of grain – and this can be dealt with, though, by switching to night mode, which delivers sharper photos with realistic tones. As for the other lenses, you’ve got a 13 megapixel ultrawide angle, shooter. That does a respectable enough job when called upon and for extreme close ups. The m11 has a secret weapon in its super macro mode, using the special 5 megapixel tele telemacro lens. However, i did still find that this often produced blurry results, even with the autofocus, unless you’re really still and super careful, so basically try using it after four pints of best and you’re buggered and when it comes to zoom shots.

The mi 11 is about as helpful as a condor machine in a nunnery. I struggled to get the lens to focus on anything when i was zooming in and the results were generally blurry or fuzzy or crap. Still. Anyone who loves recording their existence can do so. In glorious 4k resolution with hdr, 10 plus support, although once again the contrast, isn’t, quite as good as i’ve seen elsewhere still, i definitely approve of the object tracking feature which can help keep the focus locked on your sprog and crop in when needed. And if you want to you can bump up the resolution to 8k for sharper detail. I personally prefer the 4k 60fps option, which produces crisp smooth results with clear audio pickup to boot and then last up there’s, a 20 megapixel selfie snapper, which is absolutely fine and dandy for those vanity shots, especially as your wrinkles and sags are smoothed over by default. That portrait mode is wonderful, as always, and even in low light. You once again get quite sharp results. Nice one and if you want to you, can shoot a full hd video at 30 or 60 frames per second or you can keep it at 30 fps level and shoot it with a good bit of hdr action. If you want to stand around in the snow, so there is my full in depth. Xiaomi me 11 flagship, smartphone review and i got to say for that kind of money.

You definitely get more bang for your buck compared to the likes of samsung’s galaxy. S21. Of course, there are a couple of little quirks in there, such as the fact that those notifications never seem to actually pop through something which will hopefully be sorted out in an auto update very shortly. Indeed, but you know, the performance is absolutely taught. The battery life was solid enough. The camera was pretty dependable across a range of conditions and overall yeah it’s, a good egg. Sorry, my brain just absolutely turned to jelly for a second there, uh yeah, it’s, good, so that’s. What i think will be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below i have done a full side by side comparison of this with the galaxy s21. If you are intrigued to see exactly how they stack up against one another for the performance of the battery life, everything else so check that out, i should be going live tomorrow. Stay tuned for lots, more hot coverage on the sexiest tech of 2021. If you haven’t done already, please do poke, subscribe and dig that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week.