The gpe store sent me this dual 12 inch ring light and i’m gon na give you an honest review on this today. Now. Why would you need a ring light generally? It provides more, even lighting. Let me turn this on and demonstrate this is at its lowest brightness setting on the box over here. It does say stepless dimming. Now i find that this is not exactly true. I can move the knob one step and there’s a detent to stop it from moving over. This is the second step third step and so on now watch the brightness very carefully. If i move it up one step, it actually goes up two steps. I only moved it up one step and you can see it went step and then another step. So this is step one step, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. It seems like eight or nine steps and it is at full brightness. Therefore, you see, this is not a stepless dimming, but it is actually eight or nine step dimming. You can also change the color and i’m gon na. Do it as many steps as possible one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine. It seems like nine step or so, and it fully went from a really cool white to this kind of warm orange color. Now i’ve set this as high as i can just to give you an idea of how high it can go. It’S about 55 inches to the center of this ring circle thing in terms of the minimum height it can go as low as 18 inches.

I think, build quality wise of this thing, it’s pretty basic, because it’s, not high tolerance, kind of stuff. If you kind of move it like this, you can see there’s a little bit of play everywhere. It comes with three smartphone adapters and two charge ports. So if you have the third phone and you want to keep it charged, you probably need another port. Although i really have a hard time finding how i would actually need to use more than one smartphone unless you do live streams with multiple phones, there are two cold shoes on the left and right over here and just to show you you can attach something to It there there’s my mic input. You can individually control each side of these ring lights. Just push the button on whichever side that you want to control, and this becomes the brightness knob of this side and the other knob becomes a color temperature adjustment of the same side. So i can just change the color of this one and then let’s say i want to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the other one. You just push that button. It blinks a little bit, and this again is the color temperature and also the brightness, and then, if you want to go back to having both of them controlled at the same time, you push both of them and they both change. At the same time, these do come mounted on a ball joint, so you can loosen them up and point them downwards upwards kind of fold them in or down a little bit like this.

There is a wire over here that connects to the back. My first thought is that these exposed wires is just slightly unprofessional. I would have liked it a lot better if at least they put some kind of heat shrink or shroud or something around this, so that it doesn’t expose these colored wires over here, but it still works. You can just plug it in and it will light up if you compare this ring light to other ones. It seems like it diffuses the internal led light a lot better. The way you can tell it doesn’t diffuse very well is, if you can see the individual leds like little circles of brightness, but here you can see it’s pretty evenly lit. This is on the lowest brightness setting and if i turn it up all the way you can’t even tell that there are little individual leds inside this is the remote. You can turn it on and off left control, increase, brightness change, the color temperature right side change, the brightness change the color temperature and control, both of them again lower the brightness. This is like a macro 50 brightness, 100 brightness, yellow white, both colors okay, turn it off the remote uses. Two aaa batteries comment on this ac wire here, although i do like there is no ac adapter box, because that just kind of weighs things down, the cable could be a little bit longer, maybe instead of six feet, it’s 10 feet or so so, if you really Want to be able to drag this thing around in your studio, you might actually want a power extension cord.

Let me attach my phone. You can see you can just pull this out. This is as far as it’ll go put your phone in there just like that, and then you plug in your phone okay. Normally, i would use two of these really bulky studio lights. It has four led bulbs inside each one of them. If you’re trying to be portable, you have to take these down there’s a lot of setup time with these, whereas with the ring light it’s a bit more portable, you just fold them together and you’re ready to go. However, you can see it only has the smartphone adapter here, so i can’t carry a real camera. On top of this thing, this thing seems like it’s meant for a streamer that is exclusively using their smartphone now right now, i have both of the lights on and also this ring light. Let me turn off the ring light to show you what this looks like. So this is without the ring light and let me turn off the studio lights. Also, this is the phone without the studio lights. Now let me turn on the ring light i’m going to adjust the temperature to my liking. This is on the cool side. This is on the warmest side, so a little bit warm, and this is the maximum brightness. Let me turn it off and turn on the studio lights. They both function about the same, but the ring lights are a bit more portable.

The difference here is, if you look very very closely at my eye and zoom in you, can see that there are two squares on the left and right side. However, if i go and turn on these ring lights, you can see it has two little crescent images that is basically reflecting the two rings that is shining on me now having both of them on probably looks the best. Would i get this? I probably personally don’t really need this, because i don’t stream on my cell phone at all. This is especially useful for people that streams on the go.