There are actually four 5g bands uh. This is much better than some of the brands that are just giving one 5g band, or even the me 10, if i recall, had two 5g bands. This has about four five sheet bands and uh guys uh. This is a review on it, but strangely they haven’t cut down the price. So this is what it is uh, but let’s have a look at this one and see again guys i’ll leave all the links when i know the exact pricing etc in the description. So again check that out for more than four so let’s open this up and gives us an idea. A good thing is that they have a super amoled screen and they say that the screen is from samsung and has that 64 megapixel triple camera setup, so let’s open this up, and here the box is like different okay. This is very slim. I thought it would be a case just some paperwork and what else more paperwork and that’s it. I don’t know why it should be so long, but anyways here is the device itself, and this color looks fancy. I have to say wow. I don’t know why they are like writing this day to leap or whatever i don’t know. What do you guys feel about this it’s? I don’t know they should have just left it empty. It would have looked a lot more classier, but that’s me again. This is that rainbow sort of a color, as you can see, a lot of shades of colors and the triple camera setup.

We have the real me branding just too much branding here, i feel like frankly speaking uh anyways let’s see uh, the box looks big, so we should have a lot of things yeah, so we have a uh. What is a transparent case, also it’s, not exactly transparent. Slight gray, stent that we have but nice that we are at least getting this one. So i’ll just keep that and we have the super dart charger. This is supposed to be that 50 watt fast charger, so nice that we are getting in the box and you get also the usb cable and a sim ejector tool so that’s what we get i’ll just keep these things to the side. So here is the handset itself. Let me zoom in a little bit to give you an idea, as you can see, um, and actually it does not feel heavy guys, so the weight balance has been done. Nice on this phone let’s look over here and this here. We have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and on this side we just have the power on off button again. That gradient finish is even on this end. Uh bottom main speaker, type c port, and this is the main microphone, and this will be your sim tray uh. This comes in two variants: guys six gigabytes, uh of ram and eight gigabytes storage will be 128 strangely on both so no expansion of micro sd card guys, just two nano sims that we are having on this one, and on this end we just have the volume Rocker back that triple camera setup, the main camera is 64, then we have eight megapixel ultra wide, and then we have a 2 megapixel.

That is a macro uh. So let’s just power this on guys, and i hope it has some power yeah and by the time it actually boots up and i set it up here’s the configuration overview. This real me, x7 5g, is having a 6.4 inch super amoled screen with 600 nits of brightness. It is part, but the latest new mediatek diamond city 800u chipset based on seven nanometer process. It comes in six or eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Moving to the camera, we have a 64 megapixel main camera, eight megapixels ultra wide and two megapixels macro moving into the front facing camera, it’s a 16 megapixel, and we have a 4 310 milliamp battery with a 50 watt super dart, fast charger, so guys i’ve set Up the device, so let’s have a closer look at the same now and as you can see, it has a 6.4 inch super amoled screen that we are having it’s a full hd, uh plus screen and it’s a decent quality screen, guys uh. But again it does not have 90 hertz or 120 hertz it’s a normal 60 hertz and because it’s a super amoled uh. We also have this in display fingerprint scanner on this one and, as you can see, that works well. Didn’T have a problem, and, while setting up it even prompts you for face, unlocking i don’t do that. But that option is also there. But this in display fingerprint scanner works very well.

And if you go under the hood and if you go to about the device, as you can see, we have the higher end variant that comes with eight gigabytes of ram. There is also the base variant will be six gigabytes of ram storage, the same guys on both 128 gigabytes and i haven’t installed anything and, as you can see out of the box, we are getting about 113 gigabytes of space free to you. I feel uh it’s strange. They didn’t launch a 256 on so i don’t know so anyways that’s what we have regarding the storage and typical uh real me, ui it’s a lot cleaner. Now i would say, with app free and stuff uh regarding uh junk apps and stuff uh they’re, uh, i’m, happy to say not a lot of junk apps pre installed on this there’s, some real me app uh, this flipkart app is there let’s see we can uninstall It directly from here so that’s, actually nice, so you can remove some of the extra apps at the saw. Loop is for video stuff, it’s, actually useful. I played around with this and some real me app so uh some extra apps, but not a huge amount of junk where that is pre installed. So that’s. Actually a nice thing, uh so and touch response is good. They say: it’s 180 hertz touch response initial impressions, the touch response looks to be actually uh good and the handset also is not that heavy uh.

But one thing to note is that at this price point i was actually expecting stereo speakers it’s, just a single speaker – that they have guys let’s just play one of my own videos, Applause. This is match volume Music. So i would say the speaker is adequately loud, but i miss the fact that it does not have a stereo speaker. They should have given a stereo speaker. It would have been a lot better, in my frank opinion and again guys. No 3.5 mm headphone jack. Also that’s the sad trend that we are having uh these days, that’s the same case even on this one and again you get to see some fingerprints here at the back, so i’ve used it with the case. I would suggest uh now let’s also look at the camera on this one, because that’s becoming a very important part uh. So let’s look at it and let me just fire up this app, and this is running on this diamond city 800 due so the performance should be actually good. It’S based on seven nanometer process, uh it’s, an octa core processor, so let’s look at it and uh generally mediatek processor, a lot of ai and camera stuff. So it looks like that. So the shutter speed is fast. If you notice the moment, i click it is going, and this is the right angle and because it’s 64 you can even zoom in, i would say, restrict up to 2x.

It goes even 5x. I won’t go there, but 2x is usable uh. Then we also have the portrait mode. Let me see if i can see it in real time. Yes, it’s actually visible in real time, and we also have a 64 megapixel mode, and, apart from that, other modes, also like pro mode, is also there on this one. The macro lens is hidden over here, that’s interesting, so you can go really close to an object using this ultra macro mode, but let’s just look at the front facing it’s supposed to be 16 megapixel again beauty mode is there by default. This will just disable it. So here we have it and again portrait mode. Also it will do that so smoothening and also disable. It looks good initial impression. So let me do one thing: let me actually shoot some sample shots so that you have a better idea regarding the camera. This was shot with the rear facing camera and outdoor conditions. The pictures come out to be really punchy. There is some color boosting, but again it looks actually pretty good. As you can see, these were taken with the wide angle lens again outdoor conditions now going to human subjects and regular shots. It come out good. This was the portrait mode and here it’s a little bit soft but regular shot as you can see, it’s better portrait slide softness is there. If you go to the wide angle the colors gets washed out, but in this picture again notice the colors are very off.

So the white balance is totally off and the wide angle it did a lot better now, moving to the front facing camera. Regular shots come out good, but when you enable the portrait mode there’s a lot of skin smoothing, this was taken with the regular mode. Now, moving to artificial lighting conditions, again, i see a little bit of softness and if you use the portrait mode there’s a lot of softness that’s going on this was taken in the regular shot, and this was again in the portrait mode, and this was with the Wide angle lens, in fact i would say, regular shots, even in indoor conditions, come out to be good, but portrait is a little bit soft, so guys uh that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this real me x7. So what do you guys feel about this real me excellent? Do let me know in the comment section uh below and again guys even the poco’s budget m3 was also just recently launched uh, and this was also known. So do let me know uh out of these two smartphones, for which one i should do the full review. First, let me know in the comment section below and let me know what do you feel about this realme x7 anyways guys if you are still not subscribed to the youtube channel, hit that subscribe button and guys take care catch.