As of now uh at the time of posting, this video uh. This will be the cheapest 5g smartphone in india. But again i noticed some peculiar cons also with this one. So let’s get on with this and first let’s talk about the pros and i won’t get into the physical aspects and other aspects of this in this video, because the video will become too long watch the unboxing video that has all the details. So let’s go with the pros and cons, and the first thing that i liked with this smartphone what they have done with the screen: it’s a 6.4 inch screen and guys it’s, actually a super amoled screen that is made by samsung, so it’s, a good quality screen That they have put – and i like the fact that in outdoor conditions, it can go pretty bright 600 net, so when you keep it on auto bright test, even in outdoor conditions, it’s fairly bright, but again, the second thing i don’t, like is: why do we have This extra chin over here uh, so i just don’t, get it. It looks so nice, but bottom. If you come and look at it, it looks a little bit. Weird next thing i like about this phone is the weight up. It weighs actually just 176 grams and the weight balance is done very well. It simply does not feel that heavy. Maybe i just came from the. What do you say the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, so i feel it’s very comfortable.

The weight balance has been done very well, but i i think so they are able to get this weight because mostly it’s a plastic build but in hand feel, i would say, it’s good and it fits easily in a single hand like this also, i forgot the Touch response is actually good, but guys again, the screen is a regular 60hz screen, not that 90 or 120 hertz in terms of ui. I feel the ui is able to handle everything you throw on it, not an issue it’s the new realme ui uh. This is a lot cleaner. I would say compared to the older ui uh closer to stock, i won’t say it’s stock, but closer to stock. As you can see, you have the app free and left. If you go, you get the google pain and everything, and i would say uh it handles the stuff actually very well. I was surprised how well it handled. I did not notice any jitteriness or lag, and that brings me to the processor – and that was one of the reason that i started testing this, because this is the first smartphone in india that comes with the new mediatek diamond city 800u. And i have to say, the processor is actually pretty good. It handles the ui without any issues and did not face any lag. And one thing i like this – and i was surprised i was very skeptical about it – is how would be the battery life on this? One considering it does not have a very big battery, just a 4 310 milliamp hour battery, but i have to say this: processor is very power.

Efficient. The idle drain is very low on this one and easily it’s lasting for about one and a half days earlier. I was also using it sunday, so it got me over two days of standby and over seven seven and a half hours of screen on time. In fact, let’s look at the uh. What do you say? Uh sot, as of now i think so i charged it day before yesterday and using it with two sims that’s atl, as well as the jio sim guys right now, it’s at ‘, as you can see, and it’s been one day five hours since of the charger Right now, the screen run time is three hours. 46 minutes. I did a little bit of gaming that’s why the srt is low. Otherwise, i think so for most users easily about one to one and a half days of battery life and sot. You can get about six to seven hours. In fact, if you don’t do gaming uh, you can get a lot more sod here. I saved the sod values here. As you can see this earlier, this was 46 percent i saved, even when it i charged it at low. I think so. This is the yeah at 12, just notice, this it’s about two days, seven hours since the charging – and i had a sot of seven hours – 54 minutes that’s almost eight hours of screen on time, but this was without gaming. So, in terms of battery life you don’t have to worry.

I was very skeptical. How would be the battery life, but the battery life is very good easily one day to about one and a half days you can get, and i also like the fact that uh you get that 50 watt fast charging in the box, it’s a 65 watt charger, But it charges at 50 watts and it charges very rapidly. So again in terms of charging, you don’t have to worry uh. The ram management is uh. Surprisingly uh good, i would it’s, i won’t say it’s the best or like stock android, but it’s a lot better. I would say, and many of the apps, for example, uh – that need to be in ram like truecaller uh, this my gate that i have and uh other stuff uh do stay in memory. They don’t get booted out. So that way i would say the ram management is better and if i compare it with the meat – and i some of you asked me definitely – the ram management is better than the me 10. I uh that’s just too aggressive so here, as you can see, i generally don’t close apps on this and most of them this twitter i used in the morning. It was in memory, as you saw so ram management is done well on this one and i would say, don’t go with the 8 gigabyte ram variant, because all these custom uis are slightly aggressive and ram. So you should be good enough, with even the six gigabyte ram variant now coming to 5g.

Again. Yes, this is marketed as a 5g smartphone that’s. The new trend these days with premium mid range smartphones, and, yes, it does support 5g on the sub 6 gigahertz and it actually supports four 5g pants. In fact, i would say it’s slightly better compared to the meat ni that just supported two 5g bands or even the oneplus, not that supported only one 5g bank. But again, if uh. If you talk about bands, then i would say the moto g 5g supports a lot more 5g bands. If i record 10 5g band, but i would say we exactly don’t know which bands will be used in india, but this one has four so better than me. 10I but again, uh not as good as the motorola 5g that had about 10, 5g uh, so that’s. Regarding the 5g and now let’s talk about the gaming on this one and i did play a call of duty and i shot a little bit of footage. So this is called, let me actually show you the settings and if you go to graphics by default, maximum is a medium and by default the frame rate will be set to medium, and you can also play it at high. But i noticed some minor frameworks at times on high so i’m, just keeping it on medium let’s play it and see, and in this medium, as you can see very comfortable Applause, Music Applause. So i played a little bit and i would say very comfortable gameplay on this.

One didn’t have a problem Music, as you can see, easily able to get kills, but again guys. The maximum graphics setting is actually a medium, and one thing i wanted to stress is even with gaming after gaming for about half an hour, the handset did not get very hot. So that way, i liked it yeah. So, even when the phone is being stressed, it does not get unnecessarily extra hot uh. Now let’s talk about the camera on this one. If you look at the back, i don’t like the stair to leave what it’s written so just go over the other color that’s. A lot more cleaner, but if you talk about the camera, the main camera is a 64 megapixel. Then we have ultra white, then again, 2 megapixel black, but here are some of the camera samples that i’ve shot with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera outdoor sample shots come out actually really good. They have that punchy colors. There is extra saturation, this is 2x zoom. This is that ultra white. This was that regular 1x. This is 2x digital zoom, and this is that 5x. I won’t use 5x but that’s. There others were taken in artificial lighting and it did actually pretty decent, but dynamic range, as you can see, is not good. We are enabled hdr uh. This was not good, but in the ai mode it did slightly better now going to human subjects.

Luckily, in indoor lighting conditions, they are good, but the portrait mode is actually pretty soft. These were taken with the front facing camera and the front facing camera performance is actually pretty decent, but again when we invoke the portrait mode again notice that excessive skin smoothening. This is short with the front facing camera and, as you can see, this is an indoor lighting conditions. So this is what you should expect in artificial lighting with the front facing camera now again recording with the front facing camera, but this is an outdoor uh conditions. So this is what you should expect with the front facing cameras recording in outdoor conditions. Now let’s talk about the cons with this smartphone and the peculiar cons, as i’ve told you, and the first con that i had with this smartphone is i don’t know why real me does this it’s? Because this is not a budget centric phone? This is strictly a premium mid range smartphone. Now this smartphone simply does not support carrier aggregation it’s not like what do you say? 5G speeds are uh. What a 5g or 4g speeds are bad on this one. I did testing as i’ve told you i’m using atl and even jio and i’ll show you some screen shots with a10. I could actually get some pretty good results. Uh. This was with the reliance jio jio i didn’t get that good results uh. This is wi fi guys. Some of you were asking me speeds on wi fi.

Also, as you can see, 142. My internet connection is 150 megabit on wi fi. I could reach about 140 to max it out so wi fi it’s, not an issue. Some of you were asking and yeah. This is with airtel guys airtel. I got a speed of 60.9 megabit uh down, but still it does not support carrier aggregation. So i don’t know why uh realme has omitted carrier aggregation on this. One yes it’s, strictly not needed, but again, if you’re an area, the connection mobile data connection is not good carrier, aggregation definitely helps, and that is simply missing on this one uh. Another thing that i noticed on this smartphone is: it does support wi fi calling, and i tested it right now on wi fi and if i make a call, it will be on that wi fi calling and you can go into the settings and enable it and Disable it, but i find it silly that in the quick toggles even i went to the additional toggles, we don’t have a quick toggle over here to disable or enable wi fi calling you have to go deep inside the settings to enable or disable. Sometimes you simply want to use the wi fi, but you don’t want the call to be on the wi fi calling. Maybe your wifi connection is fluctuating. So only thing you can do is right. Now disable this uh, your wi fi to disable wi fi, calling, i hope they add a quick toggle over here small things.

They can definitely add with the software update, but that is what i have noticed next yeah. The thing is, if you look at the back, i don’t know what, on this day, to leap. Yes, this color looks good, but again guys. This is entirely made up of plastic and just notice the fingerprints on this one. So again, uh use it with the case and it’s, not glass guys, so they cheaped out there. I would say, and also when you talk about the class uh, we don’t know uh. If what type of uh glass protection, they are using gorilla, glass or what so that is a little bit vague, i would say there they did some cost cutting. So if you’re using the smartphone use it with the case that comes inside the box, that will protect it better and even you won’t get this silly fingerprints next thing i really hate on this smartphone is this: smartphone simply does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack And it does not even have stereo speakers, so i feel like it’s, very perplex link. This is not a super high end smartphone. You could have at least given the stereo speakers or a 3.5 microphone jack don’t. Get me wrong. The speakers are fine on this one. Uh, if i go over here, i’ll play one of my own videos. Let’S play the unboxing of this video let’s. Do the unboxing and have a first look at this new realme x7 smartphone, and this is sort of a premium.

So the speaker is good enough guys, but i miss that it does not have a stereo speaker and yes, you have that 3.5 mm dongle in the box, but instead of the dongle they should have just given a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Uh. Next thing is regarding the storage on this one, and this is also very strange. It comes in two variants, as i’ve told you, but both of them have 128 gigabytes of storage, the six gigabyte ram variant and even the 8 gigabyte ram variant. So the variant is just the ram. Six to eight storage is the same, and we do not have a micro, sd card expansion hybrid slot, because both uh, it simply does not have a. What is a micro sd card slot on this one? So again, storage is not expandable and you don’t even have another variant. They should have another variant with 256 gigabytes of storage for people who use the phone very heavily, so you are stuck with 128 gigabytes or so i won’t say it’s bad uh. I would have granted a lot more if it had only 64 gigabytes of storage. I would say: 128 gigabytes of storage would be more than enough for about 90 percent of the user, but again, if you’re, a very heavy user, you like to store a lot of data. The lack of that microsd card can be evident so guys. These were some of the cons that i have noticed with this smartphone and guys.

If you are going to buy the smartphone, i would suggest to go with the lower variant that comes with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage that’s for about 20 000. Before any discounts, you can get some discounts and i feel that’s sort of value for money. But again, as i’ve told you uh, this is not a perfect smartphone and guys again. None of the smartphones in this price range is perfect. The meat ni also has its own share of issues, so you got to decide if this is right for you or not. Overall, i would say, as a regular smartphone it’s a good smartphone. I was worried with the battery life of this one. The battery life is actually pretty decent on this one, and also the performance of the new mediatek 800u processor is actually pretty good uh, so guys that was my review of this realme x7.