But not everyone was ready for that change and even now, it’s totally fair to prefer the old style and for those who fall into this category or just want to save some money. The iphone sc is a tempting purchase, hey how’s, it going i’m josh from 91 tech, and this is the iphone se from 2020.. How does it hold up a year later, first off just to specify this here? Is the second generation iphone se and came out in early 2020.? The price has remained the same since launch at 400 outright, though, if you go through a carrier or find a deal or a contract of some sort, it likely won’t actually cost you that much up front, but for clarification for this video i will be using that Figure to describe the pricing and when it comes to competition, it’s 100, cheaper than the 500 iphone 10r and then there’s, the 600 iphone 11, the 12 mini at 700 and then the iphone 12 at 800. out of all of apple’s lineup. My big recommendation is generally the iphone 11 or iphone 12 600 versus 800 is a decent difference and i think, depending on your price range, both phones are great, so i’ll have my full iphone buying guide linked in the description below if you’re curious. If you’re thinking about an iphone, sc you’re likely on a limited budget, but i really do recommend going up to the iphone 11 for only 200 more basically, not only is it bigger than the sc, which i know some will prefer, but the battery life is going To especially be way way better and the camera is a massive jump in quality.

But again because you know this is about the iphone sc, so you’re likely on a budget for only a hundred dollars more – and i know that can be a lot of money, but still you’re already paying 400 the iphone 10r. I really recommend over the sc. If you absolutely have to save some money from the iphone 11. it’s a good in between option, the camera is roughly equivalent to the sc with the 10r. But what really matters is that it has so much better battery life – it’s, not even close, but i might be getting ahead of myself here. So is the iphone sc worth buying right now, yeah, i would say it is actually, even though it might not seem like it so far. It absolutely is worth the 400 dollars that price point for a fully functional top of the line. Spec wise iphone running ios 14 and likely looking at or even more than four years of software support from here on out, well that’s ridiculously impressive, and i don’t think anyone can deny 400 bucks his amazing value for that. The issue is that you’re making? Quite a few concessions going for the sc, especially with the iphone 10r, only costing a hundred dollars more last year when the iphone 10r was 600 bucks and the sc still 400. It was an easier choice, so, with the 10r being reduced in price, i find it so hard to recommend the se, but if you don’t care about any of that or really just need to spend as little as possible or want to keep the home button or For whatever reason, the iphone sc is still very much worth the money battery life, i think, is its biggest flaw as this is a small phone and might not even last you the day, with good use and that’ll only get worse as the battery degrades over time.

But beyond that, this is a terrific smartphone one that might look a little older but performs like a flagship 400, for this is really a steal when you consider the value factor and that the performance is equal to the iphone 11 and is basically able to do Anything the over thousand dollar iphone 12 pro max, can do so practically speaking, yeah it’s just it’s really hard to argue against the value of the iphone sc whether or not you actually purchase it is up to you i’m going to keep saying it. I do recommend the 10r over it for only 100 bucks more. I just can’t see why you wouldn’t go for it, but if you really want that home button or who knows bsc is worth the money, but for those of you undecided or just want to hear about the phone let’s back up here a bit and talk about The design the sc may have come out in 2020, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the 2014 iphone 6 because it looks about the same from the front and on the back we see the perfection of the design, or at least a large improvement as We’Ve gone from aluminum to glass, while keeping the aluminum frame, making this phone very light and comfortable to hold as well as much more premium looking the glass allows for wireless charging and we also get some nice quality of life features and water resistance and fast charging.

The iphone sd is practically identical to the 2017 iphone 8, but the only visible difference really being the centered apple logo. Beyond that, the body is the same, and the color options are similar, although we don’t have the gold model anymore. Here we get black white and red, pretty simple, and for me the red was the obvious choice. It’S gorgeous and i absolutely love it. Also. Every purchase of the red contributes to charity, so that’s a bonus. One minor change in the design from previous iphones was the front bezels being black on the white model, something we actually hadn’t, seen on a home button iphone, at least since the 2009 iphone 3gs and the 2014 iphone 5c. Since the iphone 4 white iphones have always had white bezels on the front and as someone who prefers the black bezels, i appreciate this change, something i haven’t really talked about. Yet somehow is how small the iphone se is. It’S, a small phone, especially in the modern, smartphone landscape, it isn’t the smallest phone apple offers. Well, actually it is when it comes to the display by the numbers. The iphone 12 mini is actually physically smaller, which is extremely impressive. When you consider the power packed into that device, if you’re, considering the iphone sc, mostly for its size over anything else, the iphone 12 mini is a bit of a no brainer as it’s, basically the best of what apple offers right now and though it’s not cheap.

At seven hundred dollars it is the cheapest way to get an iphone 12. and with that phone you’re, getting the oled display and it’s just gon na be a really good experience, it’s the best small phone on the market when it comes to any smartphone and it’s. Not even close the sc’s display comes in at a size of 4.7 inches with a resolution of 750 by 1334 and pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. This is pretty much the same basic retina panel apple uses for their lower tier iphones, with it being about on par with the iphone 10r and 11, albeit smaller, because it is lcd it’s not going to look as vibrant or as sharp as say, the iphone 12. But it more than does the job this phone again, though it is really small. I can’t get around that for me personally, it’s too small, but for some that’s going to be an appealing feature, so just keep it in mind. The biggest issue with the small size comes in the battery life, which i did already mention: it’s a small battery at only 1 821 milliamp hours, meaning that with moderate usage, the sc should get you the day. But if you’re, someone who uses your phone heavily or maybe streams, video or plays games or does anything really intensive, you’re going to want to keep a charger nearby for average use i’d say charging it nightly. Should do you fine, at least when you first get it? Although, as the battery does degrade over time, that could change but forget about all that let’s take a look at the camera, something that’s a bit difficult to judge with the iphone se on one hand, as you can see here, the results don’t lie.

These are actually good photos. The phone manages to be fairly consistent in taking nice shots, especially if you have generous lighting everything looks sharp and the hdr is about as great as you would expect. We also get a software driven portrait mode that can be a bit inconsistent, but ultimately can take some nice shots. If you keep at it, it does only really work with people, though so so far, so good the photos seem fine. Why would this be difficult to judge? Well, the issue here is that the iphone sc actually uses the same sensor as the iphone 8 from back in 2017., it’s 12 megapixels, and can film 4k at up to 60 frames per second, so by the spec sheet it sounds good, but the sensor itself is Smaller than newer iphones, which means worse, low light performance and there isn’t any night mode photography here. So when it comes to indoor photos or photos at night, the sc can really struggle producing a grainy mess of an image in the worst of cases. It definitely takes nicer photos than the iphone 8, though the selfie camera here is pretty darn decent at 7 megapixels it’s not going to provide anything spectacular addition more than meet the expectations of its users. It also does allow for portrait selfies even without face id. So that’s kind of neat and it does a surprisingly decent job overall, the iphone sc takes great everyday shots, but if you’re someone who wants really consistently great photos, you should be looking at the iphone 11 or better, especially if you want to take a lot of Photos inside like indoors, if you’re concerned, about that a better iphone is just the smart choice.

That being said, considering the sc is a 400 smartphone. The fact that it holds up as well as it does is absolutely amazing, and it really lends to the overall value of this phone. But what really boosts the iphone sc in terms of value is that a13 chipset, as well as three gigabytes of ram. This phone is fast extremely fast and it runs ios 14, like a champ performance, is about as smooth as it gets, and the experience is of flagship quality. All in the package of a small, 400 smartphone, it’s, very impressive, and this is a phone that’s, going to last a long time down the line. Just look at how that first, iphone sc from 2016 did it’s even still supported on ios 14. All these years later, with the iphone sc you’re, getting a fully capable iphone one that can do nearly anything, but you are going to be missing out on some of the newer nicer features. You’D get with more expensive options. The phone is small, the design is older. The camera is good, but not great, and worst of all, the battery life is mediocre at best. If these are concessions, you feel like you can make, then by all means the iphone sc is a great pickup and will do you well in 2021., any of you out there using the iphone sc right now, how’s it working for you make sure you. Let me know in the comments down below it’s nice to see apple put out a budget friendly option for once, and also just a phone for those who prefer to keep things simple.

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