This was the mid range killer and flagship device from the mid mid range category. Today we are going to see the full review of this particular device how it works with the real life yeah. All the specification, whether are they really matching with the company, is created, hype or claimed before we get into depth of this video. Please do subscribe. My channel, and also please like the video and share with your friends, start this video with this device. Realme 3 pro. I have got this hands on so this is the blue clad. I have got it okay, this is the device. So when the down you have a speaker uh, then your charging port, then three point jack. Your mic and the uh left hand side only volume, locker button is there also you have got a sim tray. Okay, on the top, you have one another mic: okay, on the right hand, side you’ve got a power button. This is all about the device. Okay back side, you have got a real me branding fingerprint sensor. Two camera sensor, one led light: okay, it’s all front tuber. One single camera and the speaker on top it’s real me three pro sorry here i this is smooth because of the narrow 710 processor. This is the notification panel. You’Ve got too many shortcut options. This very good part of real me ui. Let me put the brightness to the highest here’s, the highest brightness. Let me put it back to normal.

Also how the camera interface is here. You can see night video photo portrait and more. That means what are there time lapse: slow motion, experts and panorama. You have hdr mode as well, and this is front your video photo portrait and more. What is there in more panorama and time lapse? I will show you sample photos fast with different mode and conditions and then i’ll go to videos with different modes and conditions so that you guys can have a better understanding of how the cameras perform. Yeah. Both the back cameras and front cameras is recording during night time with indoor light conditions i’m slowly moving the camera so that camera focus can be able to judge here. Applause right, this is i’m recording on front camera, video mode, normal mode, hope this video is going to be useful for you guys. So please do like and share this video and please do subscribe. My channel.